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A Look Back At’s Reporting From 2019

As prepares for another year filled with eye-opening investigative reports, heart-touching stories, and innovative site features, here’s a look back at the work we did in 2019 to keep you informed.

Officials pledge allegiance to the flag during an Eastvale Borough public meeting in June 2019 / by Matthew LaComb

We Attended 155 Public Meetings In 2019

Beaver County is home to 54 municipalities, each with its own local government and elected officials who spend the public’s tax dollars. It had been many, many, years since a reporter showed up to most of their public meetings. In some instances, officials told us they hadn’t seen a reporter at a meeting in more than a decade.

We made the decision in 2019 to start prioritizing coverage of these municipalities. The videos we captured of meetings, along with our synopses of what occurred, gave the public unprecedented insight into local governments in Beaver County. multimedia contributor Matthew LaComb attended an astounding total of 155 public meetings in 2019.

See:’s Public Meeting Archives

CBS News’ Erin Moriarty and’s John Paul / photo via CBS

We Brought National Attention To A Local Tragedy’s John Paul spent a year working closely with a group of talented CBS News journalists out of New York City, including nine-time national Emmy Award-winning reporter Erin Moriarty, to report about the murder of Rachael DelTondo.

We examined accusations of public corruption in Aliquippa and its police department. We also explored controversies in DelTondo’s personal life, including her breakup with fiancé Frank Catroppa and her association with a young man named Sheldon Jeter Jr.

The prime-time episode of 48 Hours aired in May 2019 and was watched by more than 3 million people during its initial broadcast.

See: CBS’ Erin Moriarty Speaks With About Upcoming “48 HOURS” Episode On Rachael DelTondo

– Watch The 48 Hours Episode “What Happened To Rachael DelTondo?

Key Figure In DelTondo Case Revived By Medics After Being “Thrown From A Vehicle”

We Introduced Community Dashboards With 911 Call Logs

Along with increasing our coverage of public meetings, 2019 was also the year introduced our “Community Dashboards.”

Our automated systems monitor hundreds of social media accounts run by local governments, police and fire departments, school districts, and other official sources of information, to update these pages daily with news about happenings in each of Beaver County’s towns.

We also gather and publish information on every call made to 911.

These dashboards are the result of significant development work done by, and we continue to innovate behind the scenes with plans to make these dashboards even more powerful for our readers. Expect exciting new features ahead in 2020.

See: Launches Community Dashboards With 911 Call Logs For Every Town In The County

Hazmat workers in Rochester on July 12 / photo by Matt LaComb for

We Were There When Others Weren’t

When a green fog began to spread across the valley late one night in July, was the only local news source providing real-time coverage of what turned out to be a serious chemical fire that forced a community to shelter-in-place. We continued to report the story in the days and weeks that followed.

See: (Archived) LIVE UPDATES: Hazmat Response To Chemical Release In Rochester

Rochester Boro Failed To Make Quorum In First Meeting After Chemical Fire Forced Residents To Shelter

State Continues Remediation Work At Site Of Rochester Chemical Fire

Rochester Fire Chief Mike Mamone III / photo by Ken Lager

We Brought Attention To A Crisis Situation In Emergency Services

Our reporting on the chemical fire in Rochester started to reveal some very troubling truths about emergency services in Beaver County and so many other counties throughout Pennsylvania. contributing editor Lori Boone dug deeper and her three-part report forced the community to face a terrifying possibility, “What if your family called 911 in an emergency, but no help arrived?”

See: Who Will Save Us? A Video Introduction: Sounding The Alarm

Who Will Save Us? Part 1: The Volunteer Firefighter Drain

Who Will Save Us? Part 2: Free Isn’t Without A Hefty Price

Who Will Save Us? Part 3: We Pay Police & EMS – Why Not Firefighters?

Sheriff Tony Guy / campaign photo via Facebook

Sometimes Our Reporting Made Officials Pissy

You can’t do the type of work does week after week without ruffling some feathers. As in years past, 2019 saw some interesting reactions by public officials in response to our reporting.

See: Sheriff Guy Having Clerks Questioned About Interactions With

Blackhawk School Board Tells It Can’t Publish Meetings Without Permission (Surprise! We Did It Anyway!)

It’s National Constitution Day And Ambridge School District Is Threatening To Sue Us! Contributor Refuses To Sign Baden Borough’s Paperwork Before Recording Public Meeting

Treasurer Connie Javens Withdraws Lawsuit Against Commenters Ahead Of Court Hearing

Republican commissioner candidate Jack Manning (left) with Republican Commissioner Dan Camp outside of a polling location in Center Township / photo by Matthew LaComb

We Carried On A Tradition Of Investigative Journalism continued its strong tradition of investigative journalism in 2019, publishing stories that took readers behind the scenes in ways no other publication in the region could.

Our vast network of sources provided Beaver Countians with windows into private political meetings, confidential executive sessions, and even secretive grand jury proceedings.

See: Inside The Attempt To End Jack Manning’s Candidacy For County Commissioner

Official: Ambridge School District Erupting Into “Chaos” – Superintendent Says She’s Leaving

Details From An Ambridge Officer’s Sexual Harassment Complaint Against Chief Mann

Aliquippa Solicitor Cooperating With State Police – Subpoenaed To Appear Before Investigating Grand Jury

First Assistant District Attorney Resigns After Filing Complaint Against DA Lozier On Behalf Of Female Prosecutor

Prosecutor Got Ethics Advice About District Attorney Lozier’s Handling Of Aliquippa Case

State Investigators Inquiring Into Company Owned By County Controller And Staff

Controller Wants His Employees Removed From County Time Card System After Learning About State Investigation

County Controller’s Office Was Contacted By State Police After Amadio & Camp Fired Financial Admin Last Year

Editorial: To Those Anonymous Sources A Public Thank You For Private Deeds


Our Premium Subscribers Enabled More In-depth Reporting In 2019

From reassessments to reefer, we took an in-depth look at a wide variety of subjects to provide new insight and historical perspective about issues facing Beaver Countians today.

See: Will A Reassessment Rebellion Be Repeated In Beaver County? Revisiting The 1982 Revolt

Dairy Farming On The Decline In Beaver County: “You have to have it in your blood”

It’s 420! Here’s A Stoner Holiday Story About An Iconic Picture From Beaver County’s Past

The Clock Is Ticking! Aliquippa Has Just 3 Years To Get Finances Under Control Before Facing A State Takeover

Serenading Cicadas! Beaver County Will Erupt With Up To 1.5 Million Per Acre In May

LGBTQ Community Gains Unprecedented Support In Beaver County

Mayor Dwan Walker waves a grand jury subpoena in the air during a council meeting.

Random Stories From 2019 That Made People Ask, “What The Hell?”

Aliquippa Council Chaos – Meeting Gets Heated As Mayor & Manager Flash Grand Jury Subpoenas

Fight Breaks Out At Democratic Petition Signing In Aliquippa – Police Shut Down Political Event

Commissioner Dan Camp’s Testimony Before Congress Was Largely Plagiarized

Ambridge Police Officers Issue Vote Of No-Confidence For Borough Council, Town Manager, And Solicitor

Felony Charges Dropped! Brighton Twp Man Gets Probation In Multimillion Dollar Illegal Gambling Operation

Former Beaver School District Athletic Director Arrested By State Police On Felony Drug Charges

Commissioner Sandie Egley Uses State Of The County Address To Talk About Corruption – Going To FBI And State Police

Chippewa Twp Police Chief Says Local Facebook Group Admin Is “Putting Our Community At Risk”

No Casino For Beaver County – PA Gaming Control Board Denies Mount Airy Application

County Commissioner Candidate Has An Active Protection From Abuse Order Against Him

Beaver County Times Reporter Lobbying Commissioner Camp For Free Office Space In The Courthouse

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