Monday, November 23, 2020
40.2 F
Monday, November 23, 2020
40.2 F

Ohioville Borough Community Dashboard

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Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
7pm 37°F 6 mph
8pm 36°F 5 mph
9pm 36°F 5 mph
10pm 35°F 5 mph
11pm 34°F 4 mph

Nov 24

Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
12am 35°F 5 mph
1am 34°F 5 mph
2am 33°F 4 mph
3am 33°F 4 mph
4am 32°F 3 mph
5am 32°F 3 mph
6am 31°F 2 mph
7am 32°F 2 mph
8am 33°F 2 mph
9am 35°F 1 mph
10am 37°F 1 mph
11am 39°F 2 mph
12pm 41°F 3 mph
1pm 42°F 3 mph
2pm 43°F 4 mph
3pm 43°F 4 mph
4pm 42°F 4 mph
5pm 41°F 4 mph
6pm 40°F 4 mph
7pm 39°F 5 mph
8pm 38°F 5 mph

Upcoming Public Meetings

Meetings We Have Attended

Ohioville Borough General Meeting 2-4-2020

Public Comment (Agenda Items) – None Public Works Finance - Discussion about purchasing new tables and chairs for the meeting room. Legislative Committee – None Public Safety...

Coverage From The Town

Ohioville Water Customers Still Seeking Answers As Investigation Into Bills Continues

The Ohioville Municipal Authority is continuing to investigate claims of vastly inflated water bills in its four-community coverage area. Estimates of 70 to 100 people...

Ohioville Water Customers In Four Communities Will Have Four Years’ Worth Of Bills Reviewed After Problems Found

The Ohioville Municipal Authority plans to review billing records from over the last four years after recent complaints revealed three inflated monthly invoices caused...

Ohioville Borough Forced To Cancel Meeting After Council Members Failed To Show

Ohioville Borough was forced to cancel its public meeting this week after it was unable to gather enough of its elected officials together in...
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