Community Dashboard FAQs

About Our Data On Emergency Calls In Beaver County

Each of’s community dashboards show calls made to 911 as categorized by call-takers at the Beaver County Emergency Management Agency.

This “blotter data” is obtained by in accordance with provisions of the Pennsylvania Right To Know Law. This data is not obtained or published in real-time, but is rather gathered from the prior day.

It is important to keep in mind that calls to 911 at times include mistaken or false reports. For example, a “shots fired” call may actually result from an individual confusing firecrackers for gunshots. Authorities may determine accusations of wrongdoing to be unsubstantiated.

We are presenting this data so the public can see work being done on their behalf by emergency services personnel each day. Statistical figures are not meant to be a per-capita analysis and do not take into consideration a municipality’s population. may use this data, and other data it is collecting but not presenting publicly, to inform its reporting and to follow up on calls that could be individually newsworthy. We are continuing to develop this feature and expect to provide additional information and functionality in the future.