Thursday, October 1, 2020
62.2 F
Thursday, October 1, 2020
62.2 F

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Weather By The Hour


Clear throughout the day.
2pm 63°F 11 mph
3pm 64°F 11 mph
4pm 64°F 10 mph
5pm 63°F 9 mph
6pm 61°F 8 mph
7pm 57°F 5 mph
8pm 54°F 6 mph
9pm 52°F 5 mph
10pm 51°F 5 mph
11pm 49°F 5 mph

Oct 2

Partly cloudy throughout the day.
12am 48°F 5 mph
1am 46°F 5 mph
2am 45°F 5 mph
3am 44°F 5 mph
4am 43°F 5 mph
5am 42°F 5 mph
6am 41°F 5 mph
7am 40°F 5 mph
8am 41°F 5 mph
9am 43°F 5 mph
10am 47°F 6 mph
11am 50°F 6 mph
12pm 52°F 7 mph
1pm 54°F 8 mph
2pm 56°F 9 mph
3pm 57°F 9 mph

Upcoming Public Meetings

Meetings We Have Attended

Economy Borough General Meeting 2-11-2020

Pension Update – Bill Vescio Public Comment Karen: Act 14 notices and why the borough is not more organized with them. Mclellan: Upset that heavy...

Coverage From The Town

Life for a Gig Economy Freelancer in the Pandemic: Economy Man from Italy Adapts to a New World

Editor's Note: This article is part of's ongoing series, "The Beaver County Coronavirus Chronicles," the county's historical experience of the pandemic. Click here...

Councilman Files Complaint Against Economy Solicitor Over Resignation Controversy

The Economy Borough council member who was barred from participating in a key meeting over a resignation controversy has filed a complaint with the...

Newly Elected Economy Borough Councilman Barred From Key Meeting Over Controversy

A newly elected Economy Council member believes he was barred from the board’s first meeting this month and missed the opportunity to be a...
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