Wednesday, April 8, 2020
60.2 F
Wednesday, April 8, 2020
60.2 F

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Note: Please click here to learn more about our data on emergency calls in Beaver County.

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Weather By The Hour


Rain in the morning and overnight.
12pm 62°F 8 mph
1pm 64°F 9 mph
2pm 66°F 10 mph
3pm 67°F 11 mph
4pm 68°F 10 mph
5pm 67°F 9 mph
6pm 66°F 7 mph
7pm 63°F 4 mph
8pm 59°F 3 mph
9pm 56°F 3 mph
10pm 54°F 4 mph
11pm 52°F 5 mph

Apr 9

Light rain in the morning and afternoon.
12am 52°F 6 mph
1am 52°F 7 mph
2am 53°F 8 mph
3am 54°F 8 mph
4am 54°F 9 mph
5am 54°F 10 mph
6am 53°F 11 mph
7am 52°F 12 mph
8am 50°F 14 mph
9am 48°F 15 mph
10am 46°F 16 mph
11am 44°F 17 mph
12pm 45°F 17 mph
1pm 48°F 17 mph

Upcoming Public Meetings

Meetings We Have Attended

City of Beaver Falls General Meeting 3-10-2020

Public Comment (Agenda Items) – None Increase to Planning/Zoning Fees Payment of Bills Repository Purchases Mycelia Development Street Closure BCCS Road Closure Department Reports Public Safety -...

Coverage From The Town

The Last Of A 10-Man Aircrew – A Beaver County Veterans Day Story

Albert Tripodi’s Army Air Force squadron was limping back to England after successfully bombing a Merseburg, Germany, oil refinery in 1944. His plane had...

Work To Transform Beaver Falls’ Main Thoroughfare Starts Monday

Work to transform Beaver Falls’ main thoroughfare starts Monday. The $6.05 million project to overhaul 3.24 miles of Seventh Avenue, from the end of Route...

Beaver Falls School District Sells Carnegie Library Building For $1 – Trustees Asking For Support

The Big Beaver Falls Area School District has sold a building housing the Carnegie Free Library to its board of trustees for $1. Library...
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