Wednesday, January 29, 2020
30.8 F
Wednesday, January 29, 2020
30.8 F

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Note: Please click here to learn more about our data on emergency calls in Beaver County.

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Partly cloudy throughout the day.
1am 31°F 5 mph
2am 30°F 4 mph
3am 29°F 4 mph
4am 28°F 4 mph
5am 27°F 4 mph
6am 27°F 4 mph
7am 27°F 4 mph
8am 27°F 4 mph
9am 28°F 5 mph
10am 29°F 5 mph
11am 31°F 5 mph
12pm 33°F 5 mph
1pm 34°F 5 mph
2pm 35°F 4 mph
3pm 35°F 4 mph
4pm 35°F 4 mph
5pm 34°F 3 mph
6pm 32°F 4 mph
7pm 30°F 4 mph
8pm 29°F 3 mph
9pm 28°F 3 mph
10pm 28°F 3 mph
11pm 27°F 3 mph

Jan 30

Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
12am 27°F 3 mph
1am 27°F 3 mph
2am 26°F 3 mph

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Meetings We Have Attended

Ambridge Borough General Meeting 1-14-2020

Note: An executive session was held prior to this meeting regarding personnel matters. Public Comment Bobbi: Question about the work being done on 11th street. Cathy:...

Coverage From The Town

LGBTQ Community Gains Unprecedented Support In Beaver County

When Branden Mikal Dudek left San Francisco in 2007 to return to his childhood home in Ambridge, deep purple lesions covered his skin, cancer...

Meet The Gills Elected To Serve On Ambridge Borough Council And School Board

A pair of proud liberals running in Ambridge countered the conservative wave of countywide winners Tuesday. Jerome and Jodi Gill have been elected to...

Arrest Of Prominent Transgender Activist By Ambridge Police Sparks Controversy

A prominent Pittsburgh-area transgender rights activist was arrested in Ambridge on Wednesday for an alleged attack, but she claims she instead was assaulted because...
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