Friday, July 10, 2020
79.6 F
Friday, July 10, 2020
79.6 F

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Note: Please click here to learn more about our data on emergency calls in Beaver County.

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Weather By The Hour


Rain in the evening and overnight.
12am 77°F 3 mph
1am 76°F 3 mph
2am 75°F 3 mph
3am 74°F 4 mph
4am 73°F 4 mph
5am 73°F 4 mph
6am 72°F 4 mph
7am 72°F 4 mph
8am 74°F 4 mph
9am 77°F 4 mph
10am 81°F 4 mph
11am 84°F 5 mph
12pm 86°F 5 mph
1pm 88°F 5 mph
2pm 90°F 5 mph
3pm 91°F 5 mph
4pm 92°F 5 mph
5pm 91°F 6 mph
6pm 89°F 6 mph
7pm 84°F 5 mph
8pm 80°F 5 mph
9pm 77°F 4 mph
10pm 74°F 4 mph
11pm 73°F 4 mph

Jul 11

Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
12am 73°F 4 mph
1am 73°F 5 mph

Upcoming Public Meetings

Meetings We Have Attended

Ambridge Borough General Meeting 1-14-2020

Note: An executive session was held prior to this meeting regarding personnel matters. Public Comment Bobbi: Question about the work being done on 11th street. Cathy:...

Coverage From The Town

Ambridge Police Chief: Officer Training “Very Lacking” – Policies “Very Lacking” – Dept. “Majorly Understaffed”

Ambridge Interim Police Chief John DeLuca has issued a scathing assessment of his own department, telling borough officials the agency is "majorly understaffed," its...

Ambridge Business Called In Private Militia Group To “Stand Guard” During Protest

An Ambridge business owner called in a private militia group to protect his establishment on Sunday and warned that any protestors who approached his...

Ambridge Council Hires DeLuca As Interim Police Chief Over Mayor’s Objections

Ambridge Borough hired John DeLuca as interim police chief Thursday night after a process that the borough mayor and some members of council said...
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