Friday, February 26, 2021
25.7 F
Friday, February 26, 2021
25.7 F

Ambridge Borough Community Dashboard

911 Center Dispatch Logs

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Weather By The Hour


Possible drizzle overnight.
8am 28°F 3 mph
9am 32°F 5 mph
10am 35°F 7 mph
11am 38°F 8 mph
12pm 40°F 8 mph
1pm 42°F 7 mph
2pm 45°F 7 mph
3pm 46°F 7 mph
4pm 47°F 9 mph
5pm 46°F 9 mph
6pm 44°F 9 mph
7pm 42°F 9 mph
8pm 41°F 9 mph
9pm 41°F 10 mph
10pm 40°F 10 mph
11pm 38°F 9 mph

Feb 27

Light rain in the morning and afternoon.
12am 37°F 9 mph
1am 37°F 9 mph
2am 37°F 8 mph
3am 38°F 9 mph
4am 39°F 8 mph
5am 39°F 8 mph
6am 39°F 7 mph
7am 40°F 7 mph
8am 40°F 7 mph
9am 41°F 6 mph

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Meetings We Have Attended

Ambridge Borough General Meeting 1-14-2020

Note: An executive session was held prior to this meeting regarding personnel matters. Public Comment Bobbi: Question about the work being done on 11th street. Cathy:...

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