Monday, November 30, 2020
42 F
Monday, November 30, 2020
42 F

Ambridge Borough Community Dashboard

911 Center Dispatch Logs

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Weather By The Hour


Rain throughout the day.
9am 42°F 7 mph
10am 43°F 8 mph
11am 43°F 8 mph
12pm 43°F 8 mph
1pm 42°F 9 mph
2pm 41°F 10 mph
3pm 41°F 10 mph
4pm 41°F 10 mph
5pm 41°F 10 mph
6pm 40°F 9 mph
7pm 40°F 9 mph
8pm 39°F 9 mph
9pm 40°F 8 mph
10pm 39°F 8 mph
11pm 39°F 8 mph

Dec 1

Snow (1–3 in.) until evening.
12am 38°F 9 mph
1am 36°F 9 mph
2am 36°F 10 mph
3am 35°F 10 mph
4am 35°F 11 mph
5am 34°F 12 mph
6am 33°F 13 mph
7am 32°F 13 mph
8am 31°F 14 mph
9am 30°F 14 mph
10am 30°F 14 mph

Upcoming Public Meetings

Meetings We Have Attended

Ambridge Borough General Meeting 1-14-2020

Note: An executive session was held prior to this meeting regarding personnel matters. Public Comment Bobbi: Question about the work being done on 11th street. Cathy:...

Coverage From The Town

Jury Finds Ambridge Police Chief Not Guilty Of All Charges

Ambridge Police Chief James Mann has been found not guilty of all ten felony and misdemeanor charges filed against him by state police. Prosecutors...

Transgender Activist Pleads To Simple Assault – Felony Charges Withdrawn

A prominent transgender activist from Pittsburgh has pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges of simple assault after prosecutors withdrew an additional 13 felony and...

Head Of Ambridge Chamber Of Commerce Slams School Board President – Calls District “A Sinking Ship”

The president of the Ambridge Regional Chamber of Commerce is lashing out at the community's school board president after a third district director resigned...
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