Tuesday, September 29, 2020
55.3 F
Tuesday, September 29, 2020
55.3 F

Independence Township

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Weather By The Hour


Possible light rain throughout the day.
10am 56°F 5 mph
11am 57°F 5 mph
12pm 59°F 5 mph
1pm 60°F 5 mph
2pm 61°F 4 mph
3pm 61°F 4 mph
4pm 61°F 5 mph
5pm 59°F 5 mph
6pm 58°F 4 mph
7pm 56°F 4 mph
8pm 55°F 4 mph
9pm 54°F 4 mph
10pm 54°F 5 mph
11pm 53°F 5 mph

Sep 30

Partly cloudy throughout the day.
12am 51°F 5 mph
1am 51°F 5 mph
2am 50°F 6 mph
3am 50°F 6 mph
4am 49°F 6 mph
5am 49°F 7 mph
6am 47°F 7 mph
7am 46°F 7 mph
8am 46°F 8 mph
9am 48°F 9 mph
10am 51°F 11 mph
11am 54°F 12 mph

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Independence Township General Meeting 10-9-2019

Public Comment (Agenda Items) – None Accept Minutes Treasurer Report Department Reports Unfinished Business – None New Business - Resignation of Township Secretary Announcements - Election day will...

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