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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Tag: Franklin Township

Franklin Township General Meeting 10-21-2019

Approval of Minutes Public Comment Mike: Apologized to board for being misinformed with his comments at the last meeting. Robert: Issue with water damage to...

Franklin Township General Meeting 9-16-2019

Public Comment Heather: Has issues with a trailer park. She alleges it is dilapidated and there is constant drug dealing and illegal activities occurring in...

WATCH: Franklin Township General Meeting 8-19-2019

Supervisor Curtis Steffler was absent for this meeting. Approximately 18 citizens attended. Public Comment Steve Elliot: Raised questions about the discharge of firearms in the...

WATCH: Franklin Township General Meeting 5-20-2019

Public Comment - Mike: Complained about a toxic environment within the township - Steve: Discussion about 2015 Property Maintenance Code - Curt: Upset there is still no...

WATCH: Franklin Township Supervisors Meeting 4-15-2019

Public Comments - Citizens wanting to talk about police issues. Claims that multiple police officers have quit in the past week and the township...
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