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Tag: Franklin Township

Misdemeanor Assault Charges Withdrawn Against Police Officer

A Franklin Township police lieutenant is no longer facing misdemeanor charges after prosecutors withdrew the charge this week. Matthew Stephen Straub, 29, of Chippewa Township,...

Beaver County Police Officer Arrested On Assault And Harassment Charges

A Beaver County police officer has been arrested after allegedly harassing and physically assaulting his wife. Matthew Stephen Straub, 29, of Chippewa Township, is facing...

Franklin Township General Meeting 10-21-2019

Approval of Minutes Public Comment Mike: Apologized to board for being misinformed with his comments at the last meeting. Robert: Issue with water damage to...

Franklin Township General Meeting 9-16-2019

Public Comment Heather: Has issues with a trailer park. She alleges it is dilapidated and there is constant drug dealing and illegal activities occurring in...

WATCH: Franklin Township General Meeting 8-19-2019

Supervisor Curtis Steffler was absent for this meeting. Approximately 18 citizens attended. Public Comment Steve Elliot: Raised questions about the discharge of firearms in the...

WATCH: Franklin Township General Meeting 5-20-2019

Public Comment - Mike: Complained about a toxic environment within the township - Steve: Discussion about 2015 Property Maintenance Code - Curt: Upset there is still no...
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