Public Comment

– Mike: Complained about a toxic environment within the township

– Steve: Discussion about 2015 Property Maintenance Code

– Curt: Upset there is still no resolution to alleged harassment and bullying happening in the township. Discussion about his house and how he thinks the supervisors are out to get him. Worried supervisors will attempt to direct his duties as Chairman of Zoning Board.

– Mr Clyde: Complained about a bad working environment and his belief that the supervisors are getting involved in things they should not. Alleges the stress led to him needing medication to treat blood pressure issues.

Approval of Minutes [15:20]

Correspondence [15:30]

– Discussion about issues involving the subdivision of a parcel.

Engineer Report [32:35]

Solicitor Report [33:00]

Fire Department Report [34:00]

Police Report [34:30]

Animal Control Officer [35:20]

Road Department [36:00]

New Business [39:00]

– Motion to remove Head of Zoning Board. Motion failed to pass in a 2-1 vote.

Secretary Report [41:25]

Pay Bills [42:20]

Executive Session requested for personnel matters with no reason to reconvene.

Comment regarding the vote to remove head of zoning board happened at the end of the meeting.

Matthew LaComb
Matt is a multimedia contributor. When he doesn't have a camera in his hands, he's often conducting research projects for the site.

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Wow. A downer. Looks like you guys need some publicity to help clear the air. Next time, instead of a beginning prayer, have someone read the Times obituaries to lighten the mood. A toxic atmosphere? Nah. Who would think that?


Actually, this is a well-known governmental ruling strategy known as “Rule By Geezer”, or RBG for short. Sometimes, these self-entitled old farts meet an untimely end by taking an unplanned nosedive into their bowl of bean soup at the local truck stop before completing their terms. Then, new young farts take their place to eventually become old farts and repeat the cycle. Maybe videotaping the next tractor pull would be of more interest?


The guy in the center might consider having his wife dress him so that the buttons line up on his shirt. Or, maybe she does.


If you are wondering about why this bird’s feathers are ruffled, it appears that you have private citizens complaining about what could be deemed Official Oppression by publicly elected, hired, and appointed officials. And, that is a crime, whether it is in New York City or in a sparsely settled country place populated by farmers and country folk. If you have officials and even cops bullying people, that is a cause for alarm and action. Sorry, but “we are looking into that” just doesn’t cut it. Maybe one of them showing up with an attorney might.