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Franklin Township General Meeting 9-16-2019

Public Comment

Heather: Has issues with a trailer park. She alleges it is dilapidated and there is constant drug dealing and illegal activities occurring in it. Four other citizens were attending the meeting for the same reason. The police chief says he will update these citizens privately after the meeting.

Chuck: Has an issue with shooting occurring in residential areas. Has a petition signed from people in the area that hear this shooting and disapprove of it, as well as pictures of where the shooting is happening. Has also drawn up a proposed ordinance for the township to adopt. He alleges this shooting is occurring on Chateau Drive.

Pete: Alleges he has a neighbor trespassing on his property and has not had any success in stopping it for the past few years.

Joe & Dennis: Discussion was had over trying to get the approval of a plan. Approval was made if contingencies are met.

Pat Wilson: Discussed noise complaints she had regarding McGuire Memorial. She alleges there are doors being slammed and yelling patients during the early hours of the morning. The township informed her they did a study and determined the noise levels did not exceed any ordinance in place, and there was nothing they could do.

Mike: Asked if the bucket truck was legal for the road. A discussion ensued, which involved questioning from a township supervisor as to whether the truck was being driven without plates, and if it was being used for personal reasons. Accusations were made that an employee of the township was using the vehicle to cut tree limbs.

Gary: He also has an issue with the trailer park mentioned by Heather in the beginning of the meeting. The trailer park is located along Lancaster Road in Franklin Township. Grass is supposedly growing over three feet high in front of some of the trailers and animals living in the trailers and grass are allegedly becoming an issue.

Approval Of Minutes [48:25]

Correspondence [48:45]

Planning Report

– None (no meeting)

Solicitor Report [50:20]

Fire Report [52:30]

Police Report [52:50]

Animal Control Report [53:20]

Road Report

– None

New Business [54:15]

– Approved MMO for 2020 pension plan.

– Trick or Treat will be held on October 31st from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Secretary Report [56:15]

– Mobile home inspection is due and needs a date set to have it completed.

* An executive session was requested regarding personnel matters, with no need to reconvene.

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