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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Tag: Blackhawk School District

Blackhawk School Board Voting Meeting 12-5-2019

Communications – None Public Comment (Agenda Items) – None Finance Personnel Education Buildings and Grounds – None Athletics Administrative Liaison – None Food Service – None Negotiations –...

Blackhawk School Board Organizational Meeting 12-5-2019

Beaver County President Judge Richard Mancini was present to swear in new board members. * An executive session was had prior to the meeting to...

Blackhawk School Board Voting Meeting 9-17-2019

Public Relations Public Comment (Agenda Items Only) -None Presentation - A presentation was given by Eckles Architecture with potential plans for security upgrades at the high...

WATCH: Blackhawk School District Public Hearing on Northwestern School 7-9-2019

Editor's Note: Due to a technical problem, the first four minutes of this public hearing was not captured on video. During that time, the...

Blackhawk School Board Tells It Can’t Publish Meetings Without Permission (Surprise! We Did...

The Blackhawk Area School Board is demanding that not publish video of its public meetings without asking for permission and waiting for the...

WATCH: Blackhawk School Board Meeting 5-7-2019

An executive session regarding personnel matters was held prior to the start of the work session. - There was a motion to table the accepting...
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