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Blackhawk School Board Voting Meeting 9-17-2019

Public Relations [02:30]

Public Comment (Agenda Items Only)


Presentation [04:10]

– A presentation was given by Eckles Architecture with potential plans for security upgrades at the high school if the district decides to refinance their bond.

– The school board raised questions with the architect, including how much this would all cost out of pocket for the district, as well as if they could get bids for other upgrades in the future.

Finance Committee [20:10]

Personnel Committee [22:00]

Education Committee [22:30]

Buildings and Grounds

– No Report

Athletics Committee [23:25]

Administrative Report

– None

Transport Committee [24:00]

Food Service

– No Report

Negotiations Committee

– No Report

Policy Committee [25:00]

– Updated policies regarding medicinal marijuana usage.

Board/Staff Enrichment [25:20]

Beaver County Career and Technology

– No Report

Intermediate Unit

– No Report

PSBA Legislative Committee

– No Report

Public Comment [26:15]

Abbey: Discussed her personal experiences at Northwestern School regarding the health of her son. Abbey also discussed her concerns with slow police response to a recent football game.

Melissa: Gave the board letters from ten families that could not attend the meeting, expressing their want for the Northwestern School to be closed.

Dave: Gave information on a mold study done inside of Northwestern. Also discussed a study done at the Blackhawk Intermediate School (BIS).

Sue: Was a teacher at the Northwestern School. Said the school had high levels of Radon. Discussed health issues other teachers from the school have suffered in the past years.

Diane: Came with intent to represent the teachers and make sure their opinions are heard.

Dick: Concerned with the future of teachers and their pay/pensions going forward.

Rachel: Is running for school board in Region 1. Addressed concerns brought up at the last board meeting.

Leah: Concerned with health risks for the children and teachers if Northwestern is used again.

Dean: Had discussion regarding a bond. Asked school board questions about delayed refinancing.

Barb: Says the space at Northwestern is not needed due to shrinking student counts. Also expressed her concerns with health issues.

Melony: Says you cannot blame illnesses on the school. Asked if the schools have been tested for the problems everyone is accusing them of having.

Adam: Part of the CAC committee. Addresses accusations made towards the board members.

Kimberly: Alleges nieces and nephews were sick when they went to Northwestern.


– None

School Directors [1:20:45]

Dr. Frank Makoczy: Addresses ideas and concerns with the Northwestern School.

Robert Postupac [1:30:00]: Discusses health issues concerning Northwestern School. Discusses a loan taken out. Says people would be appalled by the things discussed and said at privately held meetings.

Melissa Ziegler: Asked the architect what the company determined when they conducted the health tests. Says she believes Northwestern is a sick school and that she does not want another student or teacher in that building ever again.

Bonnie Goehring: Addressed the concerns brought up by citizens regarding the water quality with a lengthy discussion about water testing and potential consumption of the water.

Robert Postupac: Says he walked through the school with other district employees and was pleasantly surprised with the state it was in.

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