Op-Ed Contribution

Editorial: State Police Return To Their Roots As The Yellow Dogs Resurface


Sheriff George David has been placed on house arrest until his trial in July. The judge has ordered his personal arsenal of approximately 700 firearms be removed from his property. Townspeople once referred to them as the Yellow Dogs; groups of private police forces established by the Pennsylvania Legislature in the 1800s. Existing under the elected County Sheriffs in Pennsylvania, ...

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Op-Ed: Dishonest Representation


Editor’s Note: The following Op-Ed was submitted to the Beaver Countian for publication by the Beaver-Lawrence Central Labor Council. Unions are the only organizations whose sole purpose is to advocate for and defend working people and their families. Whether you work in an industrial facility, on a construction site, a class room or an office, the institution of collective bargaining ...

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Op-Ed: Protect and Strengthen Medicare Advantage

Congressman Keith Rothfus talking with seniors

Medicare Advantage is an option for seniors to get Medicare coverage through a private health insurance provider. More than 900,000 Pennsylvania seniors rely on Medicare Advantage for their health care coverage. Medicare Advantage is popular with seniors because many plans provide additional services that are not available under traditional Medicare. For instance, many seniors in Medicare Advantage take advantage of ...

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Editorial: In Support Of Efforts To Unseal Transcripts In Case Against Sheriff David

Sheriff George David // Beaver Countian File Photo

The Beaver Countian supports efforts by the Beaver County Times and the Pittsburgh Tribune Review to unseal transcripts of arguments presented in court as part of a Habeas Corpus hearing held at the beheast of Sheriff George David. Monday’s hearing saw Mercer County Senior Judge Francis J. Fornelli dismiss one count of intimidation of a witness against David pertaining to ...

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Op-Ed: Congress Should Meet Its Deadlines

Congressman Keith Rothfus

Getting things done on time is important. It is a value we teach our kids. Prior to joining the House of Representatives in 2013, I worked in the private sector negotiating contracts. If a client had to have something done by a certain date, it had to be done. Deadlines mattered. We all have to pay our mortgages or rent, ...

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Op-Ed: Time For Action

Congressman Keith Rothfus speaking with manufacturing workers.

As I returned to Washington, D.C. last week, two of the major stories in the national news were the record-breaking cold and the expiration of long-term Unemployment Insurance benefits beyond twenty-six weeks. Let me begin by saying I am open to an extension of unemployment benefits that is paid for and coupled with reforms. I am troubled that the conversation ...

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Op-Ed: The Twelve Days of Christmas for Twelve Years for All PA-12

Congressman Rothfus' Office Christmas Tree

What could you buy with one trillion dollars? The Christmas Index, published annually by Pittsburgh’s own PNC Bank, tracks the cost of items and services given as presents in the Twelve Days of Christmas carol. According to the Index, you could buy every single resident of Pennsylvania’s Twelfth District partridges in a pear tree, geese-a-laying, drummers drumming, and the rest ...

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