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Tag: Beaver School District

Beaver School Board Voting Session 1-20-2020

Note: Board member Robyn Johnson was absent for this meeting. Note: An executive session was held prior to this meeting regarding pending litigation. Payment of...

Beaver Area School Board Work Session and Special Voting Meeting 1-13-2020

Note: Board Members Wende Dikec and Merilu Hill were absent from this meeting. Curriculum and Staff Development - Added an app development class - Changes made...

Beaver School Board Work Session 12-16-2019

Approximately forty members of the public attended this meeting. Public Comment (Agenda Items) – None An executive session was held prior to this meeting. The reason...

Beaver Area School Board Organizational Meeting 12-2-2019

Election of Temporary President Election Results and Certificates Procedural Actions Seat Members and Roll Call Organization -Election of President (Mr. Peterson) -Election of Vice President...

Former Beaver School District Athletic Director Arrested By State Police On Felony Drug Charges

State police in Monroe County have charged Beaver Area School District’s recently resigned athletic director with transporting 22 pounds of marijuana and over 160...
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