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Friday, December 1, 2023

State Troopers Urge Voters To Dump Lozier – Endorse Bible For DA

Beaver County is in desperate need of a new top cop, according to a prominent local police union.

The Brady Paul Memorial Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, representing Pennsylvania State Police Troopers in Beaver, Butler, Mercer, and Armstrong barracks, voted unanimously last week to endorse challenger Nathan Bible for Beaver County District Attorney.

The endorsement is a powerful rebuke of incumbent district attorney David Lozier, who also failed in a separate attempt to garner the endorsement of Fraternal Order of Police’s Beaver Valley Lodge, which represents more than 300 officers from more than 30 local law enforcement agencies.

Lozier and Bible appeared before the troopers’ union on September 27, answering pointed questions from law enforcement officers. A public letter announcing their decision was released Thursday, providing a full-throated endorsement of Bible:

“During the meeting, (Bible was) asked questions pertaining to the role and direction of the DA’s Office. The questions addressed regional policing, prosecution of cases, prosecutorial decisions of ‘serious police incidents’, and working together towards safer communities and successful prosecutions …

“(Bible) answered the questions in an honest and ethical manner that mirror the core values of the members we represent. (Bible) presented (himself) as a strong supporter of independent decisions by local government, strong supporter of prosecuting criminal violations, supporting victims and advocating for individuals that need rehabilitation, when appropriate.

“Based upon (Bible’s) representation and the answers (he) provided, the members feel (he) will facilitate a productive, professional, and well-respected District Attorney’s Office for the citizens of Beaver County. As a result, the members of the FOP unanimously endorsed (him).”

Municipal elections will take place on November 7.

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