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Op-Ed: Bible To Take On Lozier For District Attorney

Editor’s Note: The following is a campaign announcement submitted to by attorney Nathan Bible. Bible is running unopposed in the Democratic primary for district attorney. Incumbent David Lozier is running unopposed in the Republican primary, paving the way for a likely showdown between the two in the general election this fall. We are publishing Bible’s statement in full as written by the candidate:

I am writing to introduce myself and announce my candidacy for District Attorney of Beaver County in 2023. I am a lifelong resident of Beaver County having graduated from New Brighton High School in 2001. I have lived in Harmony Township with my wife Darcy and our golden retriever Winston for the past seven years.

I am running for district attorney because I believe in justice, fairness, and accountability. I believe the district attorney’s office should serve the people of Beaver County with integrity, professionalism, and compassion. The district attorney’s office should protect the rights of victims and pursue the truth in every case. I believe that state and local law enforcement should be able to work side-by-side with the District Attorney’s office instead of being at odds with it.

I have experience and qualifications in both practicing law and leadership which would allow me to do the job well. I am the founding partner of NBMS Law, P.C., with our office located in Beaver. I also serve as a part-time public defender. I am currently serving on the Beaver County Bar Association’s Board of Governors, and in the House of Delegates for the Pennsylvania Bar Association. I have been practicing law for twelve years and have tried numerous cases, both in front of a jury and in front of a judge. I have tried felony cases, misdemeanors, and complex civil litigation cases. I have handled hundreds of criminal preliminary hearings, plea hearings, and sentencing hearings. I understand the criminal justice system very well and would bring actual trial experience to the position of district attorney.

But more important than my qualifications and credentials, I have a passion for helping people. I have witnessed firsthand how the criminal justice system can affect people’s lives. I have seen how people are treated unfairly by the justice system, both as victims and as defendants. I have seen selective prosecution wherein some people are punished harshly, and others are let off easily. I have seen victims be ignored or forgotten altogether, while others are forced to relive the trauma by the process and the system. I want to get justice for those individuals who have been wronged. I want to mend the relationship with law enforcement and work as one unit instead of against each other. I want to make Beaver County a better place, a safer place.

If you elect me as your District Attorney, I promise to work tirelessly every single day to achieve these goals. I promise to listen to your concerns and needs and be responsive and accessible. I promise to collaborate and work with law enforcement and community organizations to prevent crime and promote public safety. I hope I can count on your support and look forward to meeting and speaking with you about my ideas to make our community a better place to live. With you’re help my candidacy for District Attorney will be a successful one and together we can make Beaver County better for all.

Nathan L. Bible, Esq.

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