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CBS’ “48 Hours” Wins Legal Victory In Obtaining Evidence From Jeter Trial

Attorneys representing CBS News’ “48 Hours” have succeeded in gaining access to some of the evidence presented by prosecutors in the murder trial of Sheldon Jeter Jr.

Jeter was convicted in June of the brutal cold blooded murder of his life-long friend Tyric Pugh. Jeter was subsequently sentenced to serve life in prison without the possibility of parole.

BeaverCountian.com has been working with CBS News for an updated episode of “48 Hours” about the May 2018 murder of Rachael DelTondo. The case remains unsolved, although Jeter’s attorneys have publicly acknowledged he is considered a suspect by investigators.

Jeter has denied any involvement in either of the killings.

The episode is expected to include Jeter’s arrest, trial, and subsequent conviction for the May 2020 murder of Pugh in Aliquippa. BeaverCountian.com’s John Paul was the only reporter who sat in the courtroom through all of the trial testimony.

Evidence obtained by “48 Hours” includes state police interrogation videos in which Jeter can be heard giving conflicting accounts of the last time he saw Pugh alive. Surveillance videos obtained by investigators proved Jeter’s initial claims to be false.

A show air date has not yet been announced.

CBS’ legal action in county courts came after trial judge Kim Tesla made it clear he was not going to release the evidence presented in court in response to letters submitted by John Paul on June 21, and by CBS News’ Judy Rybak on June 22. Tesla then issued orders sealing transcripts of the trial and all exhibits along with it.

Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier had initially told members of the media that he was “ready, willing, and able” to release copies of the evidence to reporters after it had been introduced in court. Lozier later told BeaverCountian.com that Tesla had prevented him from doing so.

John Paul, KDKA’s Nicole Ford, and WTAE’s Bob Mayo worked together to help bring the legal action to fruition. KDKA and WTAE joined in 48 Hours’ motion as part of the media’s effort to make materials from the trial broadly available to the general public. Both stations are expected to air evening news reports about the release of the videos.

In a June 28 post to social media, Rybak told her followers this was the first time in her decade of working with “48 Hours” that she has had to file legal action to obtain access to trial evidence in a case.

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John Paul
John Paul
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