This is a timeline of the events leading up to and since the May 13 murder of Rachael Elena DelTondo, 33, of Aliquippa, as well as ongoing possibly related Aliquippa city and police corruption investigations.

Information gathered as part of the Beaver Countian’s exclusive investigative reporting effort is based on public records, official comment, firsthand observations, interviews and personal accounts. Any information obtained from confidential sources has been corroborated by at least two independent sources.

This timeline will be continually updated.

Timeline Last Updated: Thursday, June 14th, 2018 at 11:21 a.m.


DelTondo’s friends tell the Beaver Countian that she worked for a year as a permanent second- and third-grade substitute teacher in the Aliquippa School District.

DelTondo’s mother, Lisa, says it was there she first encountered Sheldon Jeter Jr., then an elementary student:

“She never had him as her own student, that was another lie. He was one of a group of boys there whose teacher used to say, ‘If you’re good today you can go down the hall to see Miss D. after class.’ They thought she was beautiful because she was.”

An incident involving Jeter Jr. many years later would become part of a story told by news outlets around the world.


DelTondo’s short life began unraveling as her relationship with Frank Catroppa, 36, fell apart, her mother believes.

Catroppa says later during press interviews the two had a relationship for about eight years in total. DelTondo’s friends say it had been on-again/off-again.

The couple was engaged during a trip to Paris in June 2015. Wedding plans informally came to an end in October 2015. The engagement formally ended on Valentine’s Day 2016, when DelTondo returned her ring to Catroppa.

The two remained friendly and continued speaking into October 2017.

Frank Catroppa and Rachael DelTondo in Paris / photo via Facebook

FEB. 6, 2016

Aliquippa Police Sgt. Kenneth Watkins and Officer Fran Conkle find DelTondo with Jeter Jr., 17 at that time, at 1:52 a.m. sitting in a steamed-up parked car in the area of the old Aliquippa hospital.

Police allege DelTondo told them the teen was her former student who was upset and had called her because he needed to talk. Police say she tells them she doesn’t want her fiancé, Catroppa, to know where she was because he would get angry.

Police file no incident report and no charges.


A report is created about the incident, which occurred more than a year earlier. Police Chief Donald Couch later tells the media it was done “in case someone got wind of it.”

Footers on all the information indicate the reports were printed out on May 2, 2017 at 3:11 a.m.

OCT. 26, 2017

An anonymous email containing the incident report and alleging a police coverup goes out to a number of people, including DelTondo’s employer (the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School in Midland), county and state agencies, media outlets including the Beaver Countian, and her friends.

The email includes sensitive personal information from state and federal databases available only to law enforcement, and strictly forbidden to be released to unauthorized individuals. Among the information are Social Security numbers, birth dates, signature images, telephone numbers and home addresses.

Couch later claims to the press that confidential information about DelTondo had been handed out in error, along with the incident report, to a member of the public when requested. Couch refuses to name the person.

Aliquippa police reiterate that an investigation of the incident involving DelTondo and Jeter Jr. revealed no wrongdoing and no charges were filed.

OCT. 27, 2017

A second anonymous email is sent to the Beaver Countian alleging, “The reason this report was not filed in February 2016 with the Aliquippa School District, Children and Youth Services and a mandated report to the Department of Education was because it was an attempted cover up.”

NOV. 6, 2017

DelTondo is placed on administrative suspension with pay from her job pending an investigation by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. PA Cyber Charter School says Jeter Jr. was not a former student there.

DEC. 8-12, 2017

The Beaver Countian publishes an extensive investigative report revealing the leak of the sensitive justice network files by the Aliquippa Police Department:

Investigative Report: Sensitive Justice Network Info Leaked Out Of Aliquippa Police Department

In reaction to that report, the Pennsylvania State Police Beaver Barracks in Brighton Township opens a criminal investigation into the leak by Aliquippa police. Beaver County Emergency Services Director Eric Brewer confirms to the Beaver Countian that his agency is cooperating with the criminal investigation.

Pennsylvania State Police Open Criminal Investigation Into Aliquippa Police Department

A parallel Justice Network (Jnet) administrative investigation is launched by state police out of Harrisburg.

Files leaked out of the Aliquippa Police Department


DelTondo begins speaking with the Beaver Countian as a confidential source. She says she is cooperating with state police and the Organized Crime Section of the state Attorney General’s Office. She also tells the Beaver Countian that she had begun receiving a series of death threats and she fears for her life.

According to a later affidavit filed by police as part of the search warrant for Jeter Jr.’s home, it is also alleged that in December 2017 that DelTondo began a “serious relationship” with Rashawn Bolton, 31, Jeter Jr.’s half brother.


State police in Harrisburg conclude their administrative investigation into the Aliquippa Police Department. The department is given administrative sanctions, including a probationary period.

The criminal investigation into the Aliquippa police remains open.

FEB. 8, 2018

The Beaver Countian learns from multiple confidential sources that Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker is refusing to speak with state police as part of its investigation of the City of Aliquippa and its police department.

Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker Refusing To Cooperate With State Police Investigators

FEB. 12-16, 2018

The Pennsylvania Statewide Investigating Grand Jury hears testimony about alleged corruption in Beaver County, according to multiple confidential sources.

Statewide Grand Jury Convening Next Week On Alleged Corruption In Beaver County

MARCH 2, 2018

The state police execute a search warrant at Aliquippa City Hall and seize documents and computers, including those from Walker and City Administrator Samuel Gill.

Six of the eight pages of the search warrant are sealed and part of a grand jury investigation, according to then-State Police Lt. Eric Hermick.

State Police executing warrant at Aliquippa City Building / submitted photo

MAY 13, 2018

DelTondo is shot multiple times and killed in her parents’ Aliquippa driveway at 10:45 p.m.

Police say she’d been out for ice cream just prior to the shootings with the minor daughter of city Police Sgt. Watkins and Tyrie Jeter, 26, Jeter Jr.’s brother.

MAY 14, 2018

Aliquippa police execute a search warrant for Jeter Jr.’s cell phone, call records and geolocation data.

The Beaver Countian publishes a report revealing that DelTondo had been interviewed by state law enforcement and was a confidential journalistic source for the Beaver Countian.

Woman Murdered In Aliquippa Was A Beaver Countian Source Who Had Assisted State Police

MAY 14-15, 2018

Aliquippa Police Capt. Robert Sealock sends a letter to Couch, alleging that Watkins acted unprofessionally and could have contaminated the DelTondo crime scene. Sealock writes that Watkins was off-duty and didn’t listen to other officers telling him to stay out.

Couch puts Watkins on paid administrative leave to “preserve the integrity of the case” because of his daughter’s association with it.

Aliquippa Police Chief Seeks Administrative Leave For Officer Following Deltondo Murder

Aliquippa Police Say Deltondo Murder Crime Scene “Could Have Been Contaminated” By One Of Their Officers

MAY 16, 2018

DelTondo’s former fiancé Catroppa meets with members of the press, including the Beaver Countian. The businessman once nicknamed the “Wolf of Aliquippa” tells reporters, “When you’re with somebody for eight years, that’s quite some time. You just hope to see that they at least get justice. It’s a sad, sad case.”

His attorney Stephen Colafella adds, “We wanted to be very, very, clear publicly that Frank Catroppa has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with what happened.”

Reporters interviewing Frank Catroppa and his attorney Stephen Colafella / photo by John Paul

MAY 17, 2018

Aliquippa police execute another search warrant at Jeter Jr.’s home and remove bags of evidence. The search warrant alleges that DelTondo was in a relationship with Jeter Jr.’s brother, Bolton, for the last six months.

Courtesy Shutter Up /

Michael F. Santicola, the attorney of Jeter Jr., now 20, tells the media that DelTondo and his client also had an on-again/off-again romantic relationship. Santicola says Jeter Jr. had nothing to do with DelTondo’s murder.

MAY 18, 2018

DelTondo’s mother, Lisa, speaks out for the first time since her daughter’s murder in an exclusive interview with the Beaver Countian.

“She looked very angry in the coffin,” an emotional Lisa says. “She always had a big white toothy smile on her face in life, so to see her look that angry was very hard. Very hard.”

A Mother’s Grief – Slain Aliquippa Teacher Was “Scared Of Everyone” Following Threats

Rachael DelTondo / photo via Facebook

MAY 21, 2018

State police indirectly confirm to the Beaver Countian that an investigation into possible Aliquippa police corruption remains ongoing, contradicting Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier’s previous statements to other media outlets.

EXCLUSIVE: State Police And Witnesses Contradict Statements By District Attorney About Ongoing Investigations

City police execute a search warrant for Facebook data from Stephanie Watkins, the wife of police Sgt. Watkins and mother of the girl who was with DelTondo shortly before her death.

The media learns that police executed additional warrants for Stephanie Watkins’ daughter, Jeter Jr., and Rachael DelTondo, including the search of Facebook private messages, wall postings, friend listings, future and past events, video listings, status updates, shares and other information for days before and after the murder.

MAY 23, 2018

A judge orders further search warrants issued in the case will be sealed at the request of police.

DelTondo’s mother, Lisa, says that Jeter Jr. was “obsessed” with her daughter, and wanted to marry her. Before her death, DelTondo also told the Beaver Countian she had no intimate relationship with Jeter Jr.

Jeter Jr.’s attorney, Santicola claims they had a sexual relationship and calls her a “frequent flier.”

EXCLUSIVE: DelTondo’s Mother Says Young Man Was “Obsessed” – His Attorney Says It Wasn’t About Love

MAY 28, 2018

Lisa DelTondo calls for an outside agency to investigate her daughter’s murder.

Mother Of Rachael DelTondo Renews Calls For Outside Agency To Investigate Her Daughter’s Murder

MAY 29, 2018

The Beaver Countian reveals that multiple subpoenas were served for the state grand jury investigating corruption in Beaver County, and specifically in Aliquippa.

GRAND JURY ACTION! Subpoenas Served In County Corruption Probes – Aliquippa On The Hot Seat!

JUNE 2, 2018

DelTondo’s mother, Lisa, says she’s told by county detectives that it may be months before an arrest occurs in her daughter’s death.

It Could Be Months Before An Arrest Is Made In Rachael DelTondo Homicide Investigation

JUNE 6, 2018

Aliquippa Council unanimously votes to put Police Chief Couch on paid administrative leave. Councilman Matthew Mottes says he has been cooperating with state investigators and says he has firsthand knowledge that Couch is a subject in a state police investigation.

Assistant Police Chief Joseph Perciavalle is named acting chief, and says he plans to recuse the city department from DelTondo’s murder investigation and seek help from the state police.

Aliquippa Police Chief Placed On Administrative Leave – Target Of State Police Investigation

Aliquippa Councilman Accuses City Solicitor Of Misleading The News Media

Aliquippa Police Chief Don Couch being placed on suspension / photo by John Paul

JUNE 8, 2018

Acting Aliquippa Police Chief Perciavalle is arrested and charged by Beaver County Detectives on charges of felony distribution of sexually explicit material to a minor, felony unlawful contact with a minor for sending obscene material, and misdemeanor corruption of minors.

Perciavalle is accused of sending an obscene text message to a minor, who sources say is the 17-year-old daughter of Aliquippa Sgt. Watkins. The smartphone the messages were allegedly found on was confiscated from Watkins’ daughter as part of DelTondo’s murder investigation.

Perciavalle leaves on vacation when this happens. Council is expected to take action on his official status June 15.

Acting Aliquippa Police Chief Joe Perciavalle Arrested By Beaver County Detectives

EXCLUSIVE: Acting Aliquippa Chief Says Txt Msg Was An Accident – Calls His Arrest By DA’s Office Retaliation

Acting Police Chief Joe Perciavalle / photo by Bill Waddell for the Beaver Countian

JUNE 9, 2018

Aliquippa Council names Capt. Robert Sealock its second acting chief of police.

City Of Aliquippa Appoints Its Second Acting Police Chief In Less Than A Week

JUNE 12, 2018

It’s revealed that Aliquippa Police and Beaver County Detectives, at the direction of DA Lozier, searched the Beaver County jail cell of Wayne Cordes, who is awaiting trial on unrelated charges.

Cordes had previously told the Beaver Countian that he received a letter a few days after DelTondo’s death that allegedly contained details of how she died.

County detectives also raided the office of Cordes’ defense attorney, Gerald Benyo Jr., and he was placed under a gag order regarding the DelTondo case. Both raids were conducted with sealed search warrants.

EXCLUSIVE: Mysterious DelTondo Murder Letter Leads To Raid Of Attorney’s Office – Court Gags Defense Lawyer

JUNE 13, 2018

Acting Aliquippa Police Chief Robert Sealock recuses the department from the DelTondo murder investigation and planned to contact the state police.

Acting Police Chief Sealock Removing Aliquippa From DelTondo Homicide Investigation

Cordes’ defense attorney files a motion asking for sanctions against DA Lozier, claiming Cordes’ Constitutional rights and state laws were violated in the jail cell search.

Defense Attorney Seeks Sanctions Against District Attorney Lozier Over DelTondo Murder Letter Raid

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. just how the hell do you send an ANONYMOUS email ? all the crap on cell phones, etc can be retrieved, but not an email’s origin? WTF ??

    • Not when the email account is created and the email sent using a proxy server that doesn’t maintain any logs… like most based in Hong Kong. Best bet would be to try looking at any metadata included with files that were attached to the email.

      I seriously doubt though that the perpetrator(s) were bright enough to know any of this.

      • you must be a Tech person, most of the general public would not even have a CLUE as to how to do this. but thanks for the input. and see my comment further down on this page.

  2. i seen somewhere (wpxi?) that there is another warrant for Deltondo, Watkin’s daughter, and Jeter’s facebooks now

  3. Is anyone else picking up on Watkins’role in this? I find it very curious that she would drop Ms. DelTondo off prior to taking Jeter to his drop off. Why didn’t DelTondo just ride along? Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that Watkins has a love interest in Jeter and wanted some alone time with him. Why, then, tell Ms. DelTondo to ‘take a walk” till she returned? Was it Watkins’ intent to make sure DelTondo remained outside until she and Jeter were well away from the scene? It seems more practical that Ms. DelTondo would go inside her parents’home and wait there till she returned. After all, she was a 33 year old adult, not a minor that her parents might not allow to return out for the night. Why the suggestion to take a walk till Watkins returned? If Ms. DelTondo had gone inside, she may well be alive. Does anyone else find this questionable??? I also have some serious questions about the timeline regarding when Ms. DelTondo was dropped off, the time shots were fired, and Ms. Watkins’texts to DelTondo.

    • Totally agree. Why tell her to go for a walk? Why come back and pick her up? It was 10:40 on a Sunday…in Beaver County. Where were they going? It’s not like they were heading out to a bar for the night. And all things considered one out of the two of this is barely 18. That whole last hour of the story and text exchange from the daughter are just bizarre.

      Also, even if Watkins wanted to be alone with the other Jeter, she wasn’t gone for that long. The time stamps on the texts show that she was texting Rachael that she was on her way back at 10:50.

      She has to know something or had to have seen something. She pulls away at 10:40 and shots are fired at 10:44? There is only one way in and out of that street, right? No one notices a strange car parked on the street? (I notice that stuff all the time) No one sees a guy running away or a car speeding down or up the Broadhead? No cops coming to the scene notice any car out of the ordinary? I doubt that if there was a get-away car that it was driving leisurely down the road.

      • Out of all the cops in that corrupt town. I’ve never heard his name come up. With all these warrants, sounds like they are slinging shit to see what if anything sticks. Something sticks, they have their scapegoat.

      • I am not sold one way or the other on the texts from Watkins being suspicious. However, being familiar with Rachael’s neighborhood, I also find it very hard to believe that the killer (or plural killers, let’s keep that possibility open) got away completely unseen. The neighborhood is very open and flat, with no large trees or shrubs. The houses are not far apart from each other. And it’s a very quiet neighborhood. If you shoot off 10 or 12 rounds in that driveway, you had better believe someone, or more than one, is looking out of a window within a few seconds. (Unless a silencer was used, I suppose.)
        The police report indicating that Sgt. Watkins invaded the crime scene also pointed out that the DelTondos (Rachael’s parents) tried to enter the crime scene after it was taped off. Did they only learn of the murder when the police showed up? If they didn’t call 911, then who did?
        If the killer(s) drove away from the scene, I would say there are 2 ways out of the neighborhood, the obvious one being out to Brodhead, and the other being down 21st Street to Kennedy. But I, too, find it hard to believe that the getaway car was driven in a slow and sedate manner. If the driver sped away, not only could the car have been spotted in the neighborhood, but it could have been picked up on surveillance cameras on a bigger street.
        If someone tried to get away on foot, they might be able to do it, but there’s a good chance they would be spotted after shooting off all those rounds.
        Also, in regard to the “crime of passion”, does a crazed ex-lover meticulously plan all these details and THEN go on a shooting rampage? And if so, how does this person slip away completely unnoticed?
        In regard to these points, I think that there is witness testimony that hasn’t become public yet. Either it’s out of the public eye to avoid spoiling the investigation, or it’s out of the public eye to avoid HELPING the investigation.

      • I’m not in any way implicating that Rachael did drugs, but what if the occupants in the car where going to engage in an illegal activity (like meeting a dealer for weed) and Ms. DelTondo didn’t want to tag along. I can understand the “Go for a walk” (we will pick it up then come back). That may explain why she never went in the house. She wanted to avoid the explanation as to why she was home again, momentarily. We all know how parents are, no matter what age. This is just an alternative theory.

      • maybe they went somewhere, where someone handed them a gun. maybe they used it, them maybe tossed it back to that person when the deed was done…quietly drove away , and quietly got rid of the evidence . if they were to be stopped by the cops , they would be ” clean”, and say they were on their way to pick up rachael. the texts support this!

      • Also up Grant Street hill, then right turn to Grand Avenue, down Grand and drop shooter off at the MPI club where his/her other car is waiting. I would suspect that the MPI club has an external camera, but probably wasn’t working that night.

      • Skeptical, you claim you notice strange cars all the time
        So what exactly do you do that changes things when you notice the car? Have you ever done something that changed, prevented, aborted or altered an incident with your keen perception?

      • Really sky? A car pulls up in front of your house in a quiet neighborhood, and you don’t notice that? I live in a neighborhood that doesn’t see a lot of traffic. That’s what I am getting at. If a car pulls up and parks in front of my house, I am going to look. If it’s a car that I don’t see often, then I take notice. Even if my 9-year-old sees a car parked in front of our house that he hasn’t seen before, he asks whose car it is. No need to be a jack ass. You are just looking for a verbal altercation.

      • Skeptic, you are the one claiming to have the awareness of a secret service agent. You argue that no one had seen a car or person leaving the area. You simply do not know what, when or who saw what. It is still being investigated, you have no clue what has been reported to the police, PSP or those investigating. Everyone notices cars, or other vehicles, people and such in their area, street or neighborhood, but my question was simple, what do you do when you notice a strange car? take down the plate number, register the model and make, get a description of the occupants? What do you do that changes anything? Typical Monday morning QB, telling us all what you would do. So when your 9-year-old asked about a strange car parked outside, what did you do? Please tell us Mr. Secret Service guy.

    • if this girl had death threats , and was ” scared of everyone” as her mother said…why in the hell was she still hanging around /dating/calling/texting such a Questionable Cast Of Characters?? she may have seen too much/heard too much/talked too much and realized she was in way over her head. hence the “source to JP.”.to leave a trail in case something happened to her…? just wonderin’.

    • We are reacting as if all these texts were written when Deltondo were still alive. She could have already have been dead. In a teenagers mind writing the texts are putting her away from the crime scene. We only know what Watkins is telling the police.somewhere the truth is out there and it’s not going to come from a teenagers mouth

  4. People on facebook are saying that Watkin’s daughter is not a minor and is a Penn State graduate. Can anyone confirm this or is there another daughter??? All of the media is saying she is a minor.

    • There are 2 daughters. Dont know why they are hiding the other. Watkins uses this line to protect his daughter in all situations – that she is only 16. Lie. Someone told me they are pretty sure both his daughters are 20 somethings.

  5. My thoughts are that this was a planned conspiracy. I think the Watkins girl knows more than she’s telling and maybe the shooter got away because nobody was looking to find a shooter. There is a gun to be found somewhere. A shooter lying in wait at that particular time isn’t something that happens without co-ordinating information in conjunction with others.

    • Yep and add the fact that Watkins father tried to break into the crime scene. I “heard” he was trying to get Rachael’s phone but the “I heard’s” are only that, not fact. I thought this girl was very suspicious from the beginning. We can all speculate and cast our opinions but until actual facts and evidence come out, it’s just conjecture. I just hope it ends soon for the sake of the family and friends.

    • john q for the win even the news video shows cops beating the shrubs around the home . someone definitely was sitting in wait this was an organized hit not a random crime of passion which generally occurs spur of the moment.

    • The leaving of crime scene for her was way too close… Either she is VERY lucky or she knew something. I lean towards the latter for many reasons. Why deactivate your Facebook account? Jeter didn’t. If she was getting harassed or whatever, then change privacy settings. You can easily make yourself unsearchable and even set your page so that no one can post on it. Deactivating or deleting does nothing. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. It is extremely easy to pull deleted cell phone calls and messages, posts, etc. I did it with a $2 app when I needed evidence for my divorce.

      @Wind- When it comes to “I heard” statements, I tend to believe where there is smoke, there is fire. There is usually a basis for an “I heard.” I agree that they may not be fact but they are probably not fiction either. “I heards” need to be investigated, too, and I think that is exactly what is happening. I think that is why they have finally taken Watkins’ phone. The “I heards” are pressuring them to make moves that they don’t want to probably make because of the big time players involved.

      Now they are sealing parts of the case from the media? What don’t they want to get out? Are they afraid star witnesses are going to be gunned down? They weren’t afraid of that before.

  6. I don’t see any of the quip Pd is capable of making a fake email! They know who did it, the chief and county gave him a slap on the wrist and moved along. I know a couple of those goons from school days and let me tell ya, they aren’t the sharpest crayon in the box!! They thought by leaking that file, that it would give them a reason to say, it could have been anyone, that file was leaked!!👮‍♀️
    Why aren’t the quip Pd office computers being seized, and all phones! If they don’t have anything to hide, prove it!

    • Seriously? This is Murica. I’ll throw the card down white cops don’t get treated like African-Americans in this country.

    • Ok so why the hell was she texting Rachael at 1041 when they were together and she didn’t drop her off till 1044? And they said 10 mins after the first message she said be back soon… ok so that’s 1051 now….and at 1057 she text her and said be there soon! At 1048 the 911 call came through of shots fired. This all doesn’t add up. Why did you drop Rachael off in the first place if you were coming back to get her??? And how did you pick up your daddy and make it back to the scene so quickly? And y pick up your daddy to go back to Rachael’s house? This girl and her family know much more curious to see what the location is going to show! Just goes to show all the corruption funny how this is the cops daughter…. the same cop that found her and Sheldon in the car 2 years ago ….. same cop that probably leaked the info…. same cop that crossed police lines and contaminated the scene…. same cop that’s on paid leave….. same cop who’s wife and daughters fb and phones have been warranted now. Like wtf this seems like the dots just might be connecting!

      • there was something interesting on dateline….about time-tracking on cell phones….kid’s alibi was that he was home texting a friend while a murder went down. the time proves this. BUT…it was discovered that there is a App that lets you put a delay on sending the text so the time is therfore, in real time, incorrect. i am not too adept at this stuff, but it DEFINATELY needs looked into..

      • They have officer Watkins phone too! The moms name was on the account from phone company so her names in the warrant for that, they don’t want the community to know mr Watkins phone is being looked into as well!

      • And it is crazy, crazy suspicious that she came back with her dad when she was supposed to come pick Rachel up alone after dropping Tyrie off in quip. Maybe she dropped Tyrie off and picked her dad up right after he shot rachel!

      • just for the hell of it, i asked five people what time it was. big difference between them. some phones , watches, clocks are never the exact same…this could allow for the time descrepency…

    • @dotell.. you stated, “I don’t see any of the quip Pd is capable of making a fake email!” If you ask around you’ll find that there are probably 2 officers capable of sending an anonymous email. First 1 comes to mind is none other than thieving mr know it all weasel PooooDik.

  7. Also, can’t wait to see what the Watkins search warrant has to tell! And why just for the phones/FB, why not the daughters car like Jeters, why not the home like Jeters!?

  8. Is it possible that this young woman was cooperating in an investigation and that her planned meeting with the Grand Jury was real? If so and you are the investigator connecting the dots on corruption, wouldn’t you need to know who has been corrupted and who did the corrupting in order to get convictions? If you are the investigator, wouldn’t you then need a witness or witnesses that could speak to both sides of the corruption?

    • (disgruntled) and a few people affected by the grand jury investigation but never mentioned much – sam gill the mayor – and the lunatic bob williams. authorities seized their computers right? would that have been a reason? im trying to think of ‘their’ unavoidable reason to resort to murder miss deltondo. what could have been so life threatening? was she an embarrassment? (the fiance and his possible business dealings/corruption). was she in the way of someone’s intentions with FC, was someone doing him an unasked favor? as far as the minor story, sheldon wasnt a student remember, and there was nothing to report so it couldnt have been disciplinary action against watkins or conkle because nothing happened and he wasnt a student. what else could have been a reason? couldnt have been the cops worried about getting in trouble, couch already covered and excused that. what else? who else? whos entire existence was in so much jeopardy because of Rachael that they had to end her life?

      • and yet its all in the letter to the inmate right? the author says if they know what really happened I wont go to jail , why would a witness go to jail

      • Sam gill sucky city admin and chief ass coverer for DeeeWan has been mentioned many times in comments with Dewaaan Couch Pudik Tepler and McFarland and laughably Twin Ass Coverer Bro Deeeonald. Our shitty Mayor refused to be interviewed by psp or anyone else for that matter. My guess is the same goes for gill. DUUEEWAN is in denial that his Quip peeps are ready to toss his ass outta the city with all his ass coverers and thieves.

  9. Just my thoughts—-
    I have a hard time understanding the Watkins girl timeline. She drops off DelTondo, then sends a text saying go for a walk, then sends numerous other texts saying, I am on my way and almost there. Then miraculously show up with her dad.
    It just seems fishy.
    They need to look into the whole Watkins family.

    • i can kill you FIRST…. then send you a text 5 minutes later..” hey we are on our way back to pick you up!” Do not make these text /timeline things as absolutes. they can be misleading..

    • what if someone sent rachael a death threat – she text watkins to tell her, watkins replies back im on my way, im almost there , maybe got her dad after rachael told her ??

  10. They waited 14-15 months to write an incident report, “in case someone got wind of it.”? Then, illegally email copies a few months later. Something doesn’t add up. Do they write an incident report on every person they encounter where no signs of a crime are evident? The Watkins name comes up too many times, and now they issue a warrant for the wife’s electronic footprint. Too many questions to ignore.

    • Now I’m not a cop so I don’t know but I’d imagine a cop writes up an entire tour/duty report for every shift every day. If not they damn well should its on the tax dollar and should be accounted for.

      • I’m also not a cop, but I doubt very seriously at the end of an uneventful day they write up a summary:
        0800 to 11000 hours sat in my cruiser. No speeders.
        1105-1130 got more donuts and coffee. Didn’t have pay for the coffee.
        1130-1200 sat in cruiser eating donuts.
        1200-1230 sat in diner for lunch. Saw a funny looking guy looking at me. Burger and fries with pie (apple)
        1230-230 sat in cruiser, at intersection, no one ran a red light or stop sign.
        230-235 went back to the coffee shop to pee. Got a cream filled on the way out.
        235-430 stopped by girl friend’s house took a nap, left cruiser running. (happens more than you might guess)
        430-500 went back to station, sat around till 5. clocked out.

    • actually they write up a call For Service report for every call or phone call that comes in for each shift, or they are supposed to anyway.

  11. You all know Quip is hiring for the police department. Some of you amateur gum shoes should apply and atleast get paid for your detective work. Any reason no one blamed “Doug” yet????? I am sure he is involved one way or the other.

    • I don’t know if anyone commenting is ready to sign up to sell coke and kill innocent people yet! Maybe, after the investigation actually shows the truth, then maybe there will be more than one opening for officers in quip!

  12. The more I read and hear about this, the more I believe narcotics are lynch pin in this investigation. I don’t believe that this girl knew anything about the borough. I do believe that she had a great deal of knowledge of narcotics trafficking just by the company she kept. Has anyone thought that maybe she was going to be an informant against a drug dealer she was close with? Does anybody think that the j net release was done to discredit her possible testamony? If that was the case then those dots connect back to the police. Then that would make more sense why this off duty Watkins showed up so quickly. There’s also the possibility that the shooter went into a house close by so not to get caught. I just can’t see some one shooting 10 times getting into a car driving away and not being seen. I could see some one running a half block through back yards and ducking into a house to ditch the weapon. Hang out till the heat was off.

  13. What judge allowed search warrants to be sealed? AND WHY? It’s bad enough the APD is doing the “investigation”. Keeping things quiet wreaks like a rotten potato… and we all want to know whom else to watch out for.


  15. FINALLY! The FBI is involved and they are relooking at Frankie ! Guess he thought he was off the hook with that fake ass sad interview. Never seen him look so fake in my life! Congratulations Frankie you got a “F” on that interview guess some seen more they you then I thought. 😂 So now the FBI will connect the dots and see that Rachael knew a lot of course duh #1 she was engaged to Frankie and dated him for 8 years funny shortly after she started talking to PSP Jojo got arrested on a narcotics pullover and then now she’s dead this really is a simple investigation. It would be nice to think that maybe she is alive and safe in a witness protection omg that would be a blessing and I’m wishing for her family that that is true but if it’s not well I think they just might get justice for Rachael! Finally the corruption won’t get swept under the rug with the FBI involved they should be able to clean up Quip ALOT! Maybe reverse some other cases and put the real criminal behind bars for Officer Naims murder also!

      • Call the Pittsburgh Field Office (in phone book) and they will get you the people to talk too. You aren’t alone. Many have given them testimony on these vermin in Aliquippa and the court house thieves.

    • ! i wondered the same thing with witness protection and tried to find out if the coroners office made a statement , they usually do, on May 13, that would be wonderful! i hope so. you make some good points

    • i somewhat agree…she dated him,for 8 years, could have heard a lot.maybe FC was scared and wanted to shut her up..maybe FC was behind the leaked report of her with jeter jr. maybe FC was also a little more than miffed and possibly the butt of jokes that his former sweetheart now had a hot new black boyfriend. maybe FC figured out a way to pin this on the blacks. he would have the ways and means to arrange things…so odd that a lot of the people lived in the same small area, including his mother..

  16. Hmm you do seem to know the area well except a few interesting facts such as there is a you guessed it a beaver county K9 officer that lives a block away if your heading to grand ave a certain detectives father PATRICK lives at the top as you turn on grand not to mention the street leading around the bend from where she was shot is well holy hell in a hand bag is THE MOTHER OF Catroppa! Voni ding ding can you smell the shit on the aliquippa PD’s knees!

    • Your comment about Catroppa’s mother is pertinent.

      He claimed he was at his apartment, but there was no electronic activity on the key fob to his building that cooperates the time he claims he was there.

    • Putting the pieces of the puzzle together keep coming back to lover scorned. Official end to the engagement was the week after steamed car incident when Rachael gave ring back. Did Watkins tell Frank and set this all in motion causing Frank to ask for the leaked report to ruin Rachael’s life. Rachael retaliates and becomes an informant to get back at what was done to her. Things then become way out of control and her life is threatened to keep her mouth shut as many lives now are to be ruined besides the scorned lover.

      • No, I’m calling bs on that theory. Watkins and his daughter are deep in this. From what I understand, the fiance moved on and wanted nothing to do with her.

  17. Don’t be too shocked if it turns out these two “Girls most likely to…” had someone on their “to do” list pulling the trigger in this. One getting way over her head , somebody getting “disrespected” and one of a hundred “responsible gun users” acting way out of line and taking RDT out in a rage. All these conspiracy theories about investigations and inside knowledge like it’s “Silkwood”. Sounds more like a bunch of flirty little ding-a-lings that watched too much reality relationship TV. Lots of “playas” in these generations. All this “drama” these young kids get into and somebody got way “too real” in dealing with it.

    It’s a very sad story, but everybody has a gun and, sooner or later, someone is going to use one.

  18. Catroppa told police he left his Robinson apartment, picked up food to take to his mother’s Aliquippa home and remained there until 4 p.m. From there, he went to his girlfriend’s mother’s home in Center and stayed there until after 5:30 p.m. He then returned to his mother’s home to pick up food before returning to his apartment at the Ridge at Robinson.

    He told investigators he was there with his girlfriend for the rest of the night, according to the warrant.

    Investigators said in the warrant that Catroppa’s key fob data showed no log-in times for his apartment or the building on May 13. They said no security cameras show his apartment, so they couldn’t visually verify whether he had been there.

    The search warrant, executed May 19, said some of DelTondo’s family members and friends alleged that Catroppa and his friends and associates had been following DelTondo after she and Catroppa broke up.

    DelTondo’s mother, Lisa DelTondo, told police that her daughter had received death threats on social media as well. The warrant does not specify from whom.

    • That warrant about the key fob was debunked on HLN by a panel of lawyers. I really think taking the ‘fiancé did it’ is the wrong path. Just my intuition.

      • What the HLN panel actually said was that the search warrants in this case have been so poorly worded that that any findings from the search at Catroppa’s apartment complex would have probably been inadmissible.

    • Rachael’s girlfriends quit hanging around with her too! Friends she had loafed with for years… Grown Women don’t want to loaf with Teenagers! So why was a 33 year old hanging out with kids??????

  19. there’s no way he did it himself i agree, but for him needs to be looked in to. HLN proved he can’t get into his apartment with a fob and that its ‘common’ that someone could have opened the door from the outside for him. could be, it was a holiday, – but that was assumed and FC has plenty enough money to turn the story in his favor by asking for a favor. He knows alot of people. I just dont think he would go that far but others for him might.

    • I know all the parties involved. While I agree there is a boat load of corruption within beaver county. Mainly the DA’s office. In my opinion Frank Catropa is in no way part of that lifestyle of corruption. I met him 15 years ago and hes the same even tempered person i met back then. You cant blame him or hold him accountable for his brothers actions or his godfathers actions in the community. Hes a good person. Who has went out and tryed to make somthing positive of his life outside of selling drugs and shooting people in broad daylight like his brethren. The real question that needs to be asked by the FBI, and State Police is way so many people have been arressted in our community only to have the cases thrown out or lost all together. Why certian convicted felons can continue to commit serious crime with little to no accountability. A few that come to mind are a road rage incident years back by a multiple convicted felon who shot a firearm in the direction of an old lady and who never spent one day in jail or the convicted felon who shot someone in broad daylight on main street in Aliqquipa only to post bond in five minutes and have the case annulled with no charges. That is a question that needs answered asap. Before Rachaels case can be solved, there are a long list of victims just like her family waiting for justice that needs to be addressed first.

  20. Well we also learned today that as long as Democrats are involved, the FBI won’t place any blame on them. No wonder the feds have never done anything noteworthy in this county.

  21. Wherever FC supposedly bought food for his momma more than likely has a camera with a time stamp. And the fact that the convenient location of his mom’s house and detective is interesting. Shoot, run and lay low then drive away slowly. Way too many unanswered questions of people of disreputable character and no morality. I wouldn’t be surprised by who ends up stuck with this murder. having your fiancé run off with a brother got to really frost FC’s ass and make him the butt of his fellow coumadas. maybe he just lost his mind temporarily. I sleep well knowing Stonewall has got his hand firmly on the rudder, guiding us against all adversity to truth, justice and the American way. OR, is it the MonacaQuippa way? Don’t touch that dial.

    • What is the “talk” around town on who asked for the steamed car leaked report? Shouldn’t the person from the police department who leaked it be held accountable especially since this ruined Rachael’s career let alone was illegal? Start there to solve this murder. I read early on that Rachael had an attorney representing her in the matter. Why haven’t we heard from them? Hopefully they’ll be able to speak for her and help the state police solve her murder and give her poor family some satisfaction.

  22. So let me get this straight, Frank was friends with Rachael for 15 years, started dating her, got engaged, broke up, remained close friends, Got a new smoking hott girlfriend, business reaches multi million dollar status, report comes out that Rachael was caught with a kid and somehow you all think frank killed her cause the kid was black???? You guys are just weird. Maybe it was one of her current boyfriends at the time of the leak that got jealous.

  23. The hearing for Joseph “Jojo” F. Catroppa on drug charges was rescheduled for February 8, 2018. Was it held? What was the disposition of it?

  24. Raven, I hear the sound of the big broom sweeping JoJo’s problems away. Caught in Monaca but saved by the MonacaQuippa family. YOU would be swinging from Stonewall’s gallows. Me also.

    • Kanye, Frank is in tight with the cops. I can see them doing him a favor creating the report to be leaked. It has been said that Rachael and Frank were friendly UNTIL October 2017. Just happens to be when the report was emailed. Just a coincidence? The “kid” being black is irrelevant as is a hot GF or $$$. Other than he could pay someone to do it for him?

    • @equalizer… How do you write about things you know nothing about? First I knew both parties ! There engagement was broken over 2 YEARS AGO and they stayed friends. RD was dating other guys and so was he, FC moved and doesn’t live in Beaver County FC has a girlfriend for a long time now and RD was dating Rashad and I don’t know about Sheldon Jeter that’s her business !!!

      • youre crazy if that was true which its not dont you think she would have told him someone is threatening her life? dont you think your good old boy would have helped his great friend and ex fiance stay alive? did you see anywhere that she reached out to him? for help when the threats came in in December? again im not saying he did it himself but you know nothing about this guy and what he’s really like. he didnt get to where he is by NOT hurting people and or removing people out of his path – if he could – to pave his own way. ask anyone that worked for him ask them all not the local town entourage that worships him I mean real people with real talent who had real investments in their real jobs with him. you also dont know about how he DID have people followed and searched and looked at and phones tapped you really have no idea who he is and how he stays out of the lime light and could care less who gets blamed for his own doings from major companies on down to his friend of 15 yrs who lost her life. no respect for the ones that care about him just all show

    • Even if it were cancelled/delayed/continued/thrown out, etc., there would be a public record of the court action/dismissal. Where can that be found? (It’s unlikely that the Court Recorder would have it, if it did not happen.) Or, maybe it is just lying around in a cold case file box until it dies on the vine. After the article here about the rescheduling, there is nothing searchable or in the news. It has been 4 months since the rescheduled date in February, and it just died. Do you know who is swinging the broom, equalizer13? Criminal defense attorney Stephen Colafella was retained, replacing attorney Ronald Rojas who had originally entered his appearance in the case. Maybe touching bases with Colafella would be in order. Or not, because he would not be talking.

      • What I’d like to know is why Watkins hid the police report when he caught Rachael and 17 year old Sheldon in the old hospital parking lot at 2 in the morning? IT IS MANDATED by the state to report it and she’s the one who said it was her student ! If it was a man with a 17 year old or a different woman it would be a different story. Tell me WHY or how Watkins never got in trouble for it ! He hid it, Swept under the rug WHY ? I don’t care what they were doing .. It has to be Reported.. It’s the Law and yes why when the cop sent that picture To Watkins daughter why didn’t he report it ? Why does Watkins get to do whatever he wants with no questions ask ! Good for whoever brought it to light just shows how theysweep things under the rug for friends & family

  25. Excerpts from former BC articles: “Catroppa was arrested by the Monaca Borough Police Department on felony charges of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and criminal use of a communication device, according to court records. Monaca Patrolman Ronald Hogue filed the Affidavit of Probable Cause with the courts. This was no simple traffic stop. Hogue performed a through search and follow-up phone search and created extensive documentation. JoJo posted a $10,000 unsecured bond following his arrest.” Then, nothing.

    In my opinion: So, the arresting cop would have to be satisfied, no matter what happened — asked, cajoled, paid off, threatened, invited to a cook out, or something else — to drop the charges, or to just sit on the case. And, the $10,000 would likely be sacrificed. It’s all rather suspicious, and it is also possible that the whole thing fits into the current matter. How? I don’t know. Would knowledge of the matter be risky? Again, who knows? But it’s worth thinking about, along with all the other theories being put here.

    • Speaking of theories here, I hope they are all being looked at by investigators with a discerning eye. A lot of good information here.

      • Tried it. No Cases. Maybe the Quip cops went online and deleted it. Kidding. But I’ll keep searching. Thanks.

      • Bingo, John Q. Apparently, it will go to trial. This could have absolutely nothing to do with the current case, but it does provide background info.

        Formal Arraignment 06/20/2018 1:00 pm Scheduled
        Status Conference 06/20/2018 1:30 pm Courtroom 7 Judge Kim Tesla Scheduled
        Trial 09/04/2018 8:30 am Scheduled

    • did FC take his vehicle back from JoJo? since he was dealing drugs out of it and it belongs to him?

      Your affiant, on or about June 2, 2017 at 2005 hours observed a Joseph Catroppa operating a black in color Buick four door vehicle Pennsylvania ([license plate number]). This office has knowledge that the vehicles owner is a Frank Anthony Catroppa. This officer is involved in on going narcotic investigation through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Beaver County. This officer has knowledge that Catroppa is selling narcotics on a day to day basis.

    • Maybe he flipped? Happens all the time. This meathead is petty street level.. My bet he became an informant to dump those charges.

  26. As each day goes by, your family misses you more and more. Please dear God? Let yh find out who did this. The family is grieving hard.

  27. I would like to know what Watkins had to do with this girl, to sweep everything under the rug, unless his wife wasn’t pleasing him anymore plus i think his daughter is caught in the middle of it all. Politics in Beaver Co. are so corrupt you could be looking someone in the eye and they are so good at stabbing you, you have no idea it is going on.

  28. In all this mess and confusion, can somewhat enlighten me why the sobriquet “Wolf of Aliquippa” applied to Mr. Catroppa?

    • Some nobody wrote an article about him during the time that wolf of Wall Street was popular. Anyone that knows Frank calls him, big drawls, crank, big bank, or wouldn’t hurt a fly/has haters cause he is successful and your life didn’t turn out the way you planned. Blame the mayor and his Jeter cousins

  29. @sky your definitely someone that got fired from coast2coast and now spreads gossip and misinformation. Your a coward that smells of donuts

  30. Since just about every possible scenario has been guessed at here, maybe it is time for a voluntary polygraph test for all involved as potential persons of interest. The State Police could administer them. I am sure that all these people are truthful in what they are saying.

  31. All you crime solvers or should I say family memebers of the suspects, please stop you all look like pathetic fools. Ive known FC and RD for a very long time. Everyone that knows FC and RD know he had nothing to do with it. We also know that his alibi was verified. The news wont report that, they have him on camera going into the complex and not leaving until the next mornig, they want this soap opera to continue.

    FC is a great guy and extremely successful but for some reason you people think thats a crime. He helps anyone in need, including his community. We watched his hardwork prosper over the years and im very proud of him. Hes not a criminal and im sure he will prove you all wrong. Love you my freind and I say that with pride.

  32. Here are the parts where the feds will come into play…

    Completely unrelated to this case, any neighborhood police, etc. There are military unarmed drones that are generally over the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. They could easily happen to pick up any number of activities. The irony is, quite the number of local law enforcement already know about the drone programs, but perhaps not the local police?

    The feds also have the ability to pull every shred of data from almost anywhere. One cannot send on shred of data from apartment to a neighboring apartment without the feds always having a record of it somewhere.

    Part of the endgame. The police department will need completely cleaned out and re-staffed from scratch. Even a number of local politicians and town council might need replaced on this one. It’s quite EPIC to see how many people in the town knew of the circus while it was actually happening.

    This story is far from over; even after the arrest in the murder.

    By the way, next time anyone is in the neighborhood take note of all of the extra cameras that have since been applied. Even with these new local cameras; not one single vehicle or person on foot will enter or leave that local area without it being clearly locally recorded. Also be sure to note; both the state and the feds are now there locally 24/7

    • WTAE “Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier said he doesn’t see any substance to the Instagram post. He said Frank Catroppa is not a suspect and never was a suspect.

      Catroppa’s attorney, Stephen Colafella, did not respond to multiple requests for comment from Pittsburgh’s Action News 4.”

      EVERYONE is a suspect until her murderer is found. Can you believe this guy

  33. Keystone Kops. They can’t track the whereabouts of Jeter Jr.’s cell phone via cell tower rangings? Really?

  34. Why no updates? Why aren’t you interviewing people close to her?
    Your coverage was great and now nothing.



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