Special Treatment For Police Chief Defendant Represented By Sheriff’s Office Solicitor


A criminal defendant represented by a Solicitor for the Sheriff’s Office was granted special treatment during his appearance in court this week. Ohioville Police Chief Ronald Lutton managed to evade news crews on Thursday, after being ushered in and out of a courtroom through restricted entrances and secured hallways by a Sheriff’s Deputy.

Ronald Lutton appeared in court on Thursday for a preliminary hearing on allegations he bilked Ohioville taxpayers out of tens of thousands of dollars by forging documents and falsifying time sheets. The Beaver Countian and a camera crew from WTAE waited for Lutton to appear in front of Courtroom 3, where his case was scheduled for 9am. Lutton was never seen entering the courtroom, but court dockets were updated to show he had waived his preliminary hearing.

Sources who were in the courtroom for other cases say Ronald Lutton was escorted in through a secured door in the back of the courtroom by Sheriff’s Deputy Captain James McGeehan, and was quickly escorted back through that same door after making his brief appearance before the Magisterial District Judge.

Chief Lutton is represented by Attorney Myron Sainovich, who also serves as the Sheriff’s Office Solicitor.

Since Lutton was not in custody, the special accommodations saw the criminal defendant being walked past judges’ private chambers without being in handcuffs and shackles as is part of the standard security protocol. Defendants not in custody are normally made to sit in a public waiting room that has a glass front, and then enter Courtroom 3 through a set of double doors in the public hallway. Officials in the Court Administrator’s Office say they were unaware of the arrangements made for Lutton, and several defense attorneys characterized the accommodations as being “unprecedented.”

Ronald Lutton has tentatively agreed to a plea deal in the case which is said to include a long period of probation, restitution to the taxpayers of Ohioville, and a lifetime ban from law enforcement. A status conference in the case is scheduled for September 18th.

Chief Ronald Lutton and several other officials for Ohioville Borough are currently being sued by Ohioville Patrolman Nevin Beatty, who alleges he was retaliated against after exposing the apparent wrongdoings.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  • It can’t be true, the Beaver County court system would NEVER grant anyone special favors! <–(scarcasm abound, just in case you missed it…)
    It's all about who you know, and what strings you can pull when you fuck up royally, just like Lutton did. If it was just an everyday person like you or I, who essentially stole tens of thousands of dollars, I HIGHLY doubt that we would be recieving special treatment. Most of us probably wouldn't even be able to afford the bond they would set for us, let alone be treated specially by not having to deal with the public, and getting to use restricted entrances and secured hallways.
    But then again, if I had stolen that kind of money from the taxpayers in the town that I served, I'd probably want to use those special accommodations. That is alot of pissed off people.

  • It seems to me this chief got into trouble by not following the rules. But, in my opinion, there is a sense of entitlement from all lawbreakers in the first place. They generally think they are smarter, therefore better, than we average, law-abiding folks!

  • Not only are underhanded events going on on the first floor of the courthouse, now it’s starting to filter upstairs into the court system. What is going on in that place? Man, everyday it’s something else there. What ticks me off is that our tax dollars are paying for all this corruption. Thank heavens for JP to find this stuff out. You mean to tell me that no one in the Court Admin’s office knew this was going to happen…Come on. What about Mrs. Bowers, who’s always walking around. Isn’t she the one in charge of the hearings in front of the Magistrates? Just asking. You mean no one told her this was going to happen or did she, infact, know and allowed it. Bad, bad. I understand the hallways leading to the Judges chambers are of sacred ground. Guess not. And who gave that order for this man to be taken in and out that way. And who was the Magistrate that also allowed this? :thumbsdown:

  • As a police officer, I find it strange, I’am not allowed access to these restricted areas, but a law breaker, who appears to have had a change of heart and is pleading guilty, is allowed to hide behind a wall with his buddy Jimmy. I know Jimmy and Lutton are boys, but Jimmy, you have to choose either us “brothers” or your law breaking buddy. What’s next, John Joe is allowed to stay at home when ever he has to do the prep walk! Hopefully Lutton gets help for all his problems along with his horn dog son. :omg:

  • selective rules in this juridical administration….. But aslong as the PJ gets drive byes.his house for protection all its good, he has punted any case that has a remote distance of conflict, kunselman and reed have to be laughing there asses off at this, I could go further and deeper at thus cluster fuck but don’t want to open the window to much and paint innocent peoole that are close with this brush… But the PJ needs to step up put a certain one or two magistrates in line remove one and clean up his guys that have yeti many side deals.

  • So I felt compelled to give my opinion…its only my opinion.
    I do believe that each and every member of law enforcement has gotten special treatment at least once in their career, if not alot more frequently. Either by a free cup of coffee at their local convienience store or not having to pay a parking ticket at the court house or a discount on cell phone rates..etc. My point being that you can not begrudge Chief Lutton for wanting a little privacy during his ordeal. He is human and deserves at least some respect for his years of service. Remember, I am sure that the good he has done far out-weighs the bad. And it is also my opinion that the term “Brother” has lost some of its meaning. And by disrespecting a fellow officer or another human being for that matter, do you deserve to be considered a “Brother”? Its hard enough to maintain a brotherhood without having to deal with the “Rat Squad” and others that look to benefit from someone elses misfortune. So please be considerate and treat others as you would want to be treated. I am quite sure that part of being a “Brother” is respect.

    • Thief Lutton doesn’t deserve anything but contempt from the community he was supposed to be serving! Who knows how long this has been going on. When such a deal is made the public will never know what the truth is. Any good probably came with his hand in somebody’s pocket or the borough’s! Remember all his years of service he was and always will be a THIEF!

    • Simple solution to the “rat squad”….
      Period. Point blank. Don’t give them a reason to investigate you. How hard is that??

  • I feel sorry for the residents of Ohioville. They have been duped all the years by someone that they thought they could trust. The sad part is that residents still feel like Lutton “deserved” the money he took. Yea, how many of us feel like they “deserve” more than what we are getting paid? That’s the problem with our society……people feel they deserve things rather than earn them. Like I said, I don’t have a dog in this fight because I’m not an Ohioville resident, but being from Brighton Township, I can’t help wonder if Lutton has screwed us out of tax payer money while working on the road department.

  • Excuse me sir and food for thought, couldn’t agree more! Some of our “brothers” need to have a wake up call on what brotherhood is about. Those that do t get it, need to be filtered out!

  • Being in the “brotherhood” doesn’t mean turn a blind eye to those who abuse their power or break the law. We need more officers who work for the better of the community and not just for money and authority over others.

  • Brotherhood, Amen. Honest guys making an honest, albeit meager, living and obeying the law. And remember, you are not Lord Nelson and this is not Trafalgar.

  • What kind of brother “hood” is it that supports the cop that does break the law and condemns a real officer that did what he was obligated to do? You know like uh, to protect and serve and uphold the law! I’m sure that is the last thing the current brotherhood has on their agenda. Covering your ass is one thing, but to support a Thief lowers the integrity of the all the true officer’s. If anyone is worried about the Thief, he’ll probably make out like the bimbo in Industry that made off with a shit load cash only to pay back pennies on the dollar! Ohioville has the same solicitor so he should get a better deal, you know cuz he’s a brother! What a joke!

  • If it were truly the case of “enforcing the law.” This would be great, this isn’t what this is or ever was about from what I’ve seen. The Asst. Chief started all of this w/another officer in 2010. They were told by council to mind there own business! But they wanted to move up the chain to the elusive “Gold Star.” So lets keep tab’s on things, pass it off to a sucker (Beatty & Happach) Let them take the fall for it all. Have the Chief fired, then come out as the shining star. Thats what this all boils down too as it seems. Everyone wanted to move up, but couldn’t. So we find a way to do so no matter what. Now Ohioville has to figure out who to trust??? Good luck there as well. So the Brotherhood takes the black eye for snitches inside of its own. Where is take a bullet for you Brothers. Seems like alll of this is gone………….

  • @Why the Truth: maybe you should confront these snitches. Maybe they’ll see the error of their ways. Or perhaps you’re too afraid? It would be fun to sit back and see the confrontations.

  • Some of these posts disgust me!! An officer who reports another officer who is breaking the law is not a “snitch”. He should be promoted for showing integrity and risking the backlash. There has been too much “old boys club” in Beaver County for far too long. That’s why the sheriff’s office is in shambles. It’s time to clean up and put some young blood in these positions. These older guys are still trying to get away with the same policing they did in the 70′s and 80′s. Sorry old timers laws have changed to protect the people from that type of abuse of power.