Economy Borough Council Formally Accepts Councilman Trecha’s Resignation


It was standing room only at the public meeting of Economy Borough Council last night. The nearly four dozen citizens in attendance had largely gathered to learn if Councilman Gregory Trecha’s resignation would be made official.

Council President Larry Googins presented Trecha’s resignation letter shortly after the meeting was called to order, and council voted unanimously to accept it. Googins then asked his fellow council members to begin compiling lists of names to be considered for Trecha’s temporary replacement. Council will appoint a member to fill that vacancy within the next thirty days. The appointed member will serve through the end of this year.

Economy Borough Resident Paul “Butch” Thompson, who is running as a Democrat for a seat on Council, was the only member of the public to directly address recent controversies. Thompson noted that Council President Larry Googins appeared in the same video that helped to spark a public debate about Councilman Trecha.

“Tonight I would ask you for the good of the community, to give this community a chance to start healing,” Thompson told Councilman Googins. “This community is being divided under your leadership … and I think the only way it’s going to start [healing] is if you resign.”

“That’s an issue that is two years old, and has been resolved,” Googins replied, insisting there was nothing racist about the video. “I was the victim of that prank.”

Thompson then turned his attention to Councilwoman Courtney Barthelemy, who recently came under scrutiny after a man filed a police report against her alleging an incident of road rage. “Let’s face it, you’re held to a higher standard,” said Thompson. “That police report, did you say those things or did that gentleman make those things up?”

Barthelemy refused to answer his question. “Sir, I have no comment on that,” she replied before referring the man to the last public council meeting’s official minutes. “That is my answer sir, I’m sorry if it’s not to your liking.”

An examination of minutes from the Borough’s previous council meeting showed nothing related to the alleged incident involving Councilwoman Courtney Barthelemy.


  • Oh my goodness! Just heard from a couple different people about Economy Borough’s council meeting. Who was the man in the orange shirt? Mr. Poling(the mayor) was seen in this man’s face and actually was poking him. Doesn’t the mayor know that you are never allowed to touch anyone in anyway? I hope this man went and filed charges against the mayor. Bullying someone like that should never be tolerated; especially by a public official. What kind of example is this mayor setting? Maybe the rules that he so vocally wants from everyone else doesn’t apply to him. Why does he think he is above the law? Economy Boro you deserve so much better.

    • registered democrat, I attended the Economy borough council meeting tonight. The man in the orange shirt was Courtney Barthelemy’s husband. Myself along with a group of residents witnessed Courtney’s husband taking pictures with his cell phone of residents standing towards the back of the council chambers. Actually, we saw, quite the opposite to what you heard about what took place at tonight’s meeting. It was Courtney’s husband who approached the Mayor. They were face to face but no physical contact or poking took place by either of them. Both the Mayor and Courtney’s husband were in a heated discussion. We walked toward the two and heard the Mayor ask Courtney’s husband if he had been drinking. Courtney’s husband appeared to be intoxicated. Courtney then approached her husband and told him to go home. Many of us believe the mayor should have been the one who called for a police officer to escort Mr. Barthelemy out of the meeting, and before Courtney’s husband entered his vehicle, a field sobriety test should have been issued as well as a breathalyzer. Courtney’s husband appeared intoxicated and reeked of alcohol. He was bullying the mayor. We heard him yelling at mayor Dave about JP from the beaver countian. Why is it, this same ring of people always attack the mayor trying to discredit him ? The people of Economy Borough obviously have entrusted Mayor Dave by voting him in for a third term by both democrats and republicans. I think some members of this group better concentrate on saving their own council seats, rather than focusing on negative un-truths about Mayor Poling.

  • Registered Democrat.I attend council meetings on a regular basis.I was at last nights meeting.After the meeting I was in a group standing out side.I witnessed the confrontation between the Mayor and the man in the orange shirt.Orange shirt was without a doubt the instigator.At no time did the mayor touch him or even raise his voice.As for if he had he be drinking more people than the mayor said he smelled of
    Alcohol .As for you in all your previous post you claim its a shame about all the gossip going around the Boro. Its time to look in the mirror.If you do not see it or hear it dont repeat it.Courtney response to the residents was a joke .Why can we leave politics out of this stuff and just address the issue ?

  • Uh, oh! Let me briefly address a few points…
    If there was any veracity to the allegations hurled against the Republican’s spouse, why on earth did the Democratic Mayor, as the head of the police department, not summon an officer to have the gentlemen’s breath analyzed? Second, why would our borough’s highest elected official lower himself to engage in a heated debate at a public meeting, as “lindylou” states? “Whatsup” and “energystar” repeatedly speak of the “man in the mirror.” To be an informed citizen, I researched our elected officials and their spouses on and it was very enlightening. One can gain access to criminal and traffic records, civil judgments, tax information, and bankruptcies.

    • Thank you so much Morningglory. I did indeed go on the web site that was suggested. What a eyeopener! I urge everyone to do the same. Investigate all the council members ,the mayor and all their Spouses. You will see who has dui’s, traffic citations etc. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Maybe they should concentrate on their own problems. By the way, lol, the mayor was doing the poking. Get your facts straight, although you are right about muzzling the Mrs. Everyone should make copies of the above web sites incase they are somehow deleted.

  • Goofy googy needs to go, Courtney is flash in the pan politician never will go further than council, if mayor DAVE gets those highlights removed he might have shot at something he is good Guy just keep muzzle on the Mrs mayor, but let me tell you if that Guy poked Poling that might have been the lady poking he would of done for awhile I think DAVE would dismantle that douce bag.

  • I disagree the bald fat guy in the orange shirt with b.o. isn’t the Republican’s spouse. I see her with her husband at Walnut Grove in Wexford every Friday at Happy Hour. You’re all wrong on this one.

  • I am sorry but I must be missing something here.Greg Trecha admitted he made the racist remarks not Dave Poling.Courtney Barthelemy was involved in the the road rage not Dave Poling . Why are people going after Dave. Trecha was a man and resigned,that ended. Barthelemy should step up and do the same and end that issue.Let Economy Boro move on and get out of the news.

  • To registereddemocrat and moringglory – Oh I do so agree. It’s very important people know the background of the people they vote to elect. I believe it is equally important to check PAST EMPLOYERS as well. You see, PAST EMPLOYERS can tell a lot about a person’s character. For instance, were they FIRED from their employer? If so, on what grounds? Were they FIRED from their employer before their last employer? if so why? Where they FIRED from the employer before the TWO LAST EMPLOYERS? if so, I believe this tells a story that holds credence and well worth paying attention to. People who can’t get along in the workplace that display a pattern of REPEATED TERMINATION of employment truly are questionable if they possess a moral compass which would not be characteristic for good government leadership in a community. Yes not everyone’s past is perfect, this is a given. What is more concerning is repeating the same behavior and not learning from past mistakes, failures, or past employers that found it imperative to terminate employment. Very good points indeed and ALL worth checking into.

  • Well well ladies and gentlemen ooh and children, you have done fine job of embarrassing yourselves.

    Sadly we have doctors, lawyers and other mixed professionals here and the example of leadership is very weak and actions are not being accountable.

    I will say this i’m glad doctor Trecha resigned it was over due, and I did vote for him at that point and as I did for Courtney Barthelmeny also feeling they would provide best unrest for borough,well lesson learned I was wrong and politics as usual.

    They followed Larry Googins lead and you see how far he is running from all of you now, I seen through him about 6 years ago as a pure manipulative politician, and his actions have continued and my respect for him is way gone.

    As for these idiots that have caused great embarrassment, look at what you have done and attention you have caused to this rising community…. Its not good.. Its bad enough the black eye this town had to live with being the school district, now this, dirty politics chaining to take high road then sending attack pieces about people and past business affairs that they couldn’t control, now attacking the mayor who is decent.

    Which brings me to this some years back I didn’t vote for him, but the last few times I did why? Accessibility, leadership and honesty! Our town has good police department (for most part) what is council majority doing pushing a good chief out why?

    The mayor fought to get wal-mart not just for the store but for what it would bring with it and other development, what seem like a pipe dream had become reality, I truly like his community leadership, vision willingness to move forward, and through this he took leadership by standing in front speaking for the Boro all parties, tax payers and residents. Some should take a lesson and some need to resign

  • What the hell is going on in Economy Borough?? What’snext?? Let check the skid marks out on all elected officials family’s and friends underwear

  • Another observation Googles said in article NAACP letter found no racist intent and it was from Frankenstein movie. The letter the NAACP sent is on beaver countian with Trecha’s resignation. The NAACP doesn’t state in letter anything about frankenstein movie. Googles must have been smokin baby Ruth candy bars he thought he was in a Frankenstein scene instead of a KKK one! Plus just so nobody breathes anymore smoke that Googles is blowin? Let’s ask him to show us where in a Frankenstein movie is there a burning cross.

  • Courtney Barthelemy, anyone who has ever known this woman on a personal level could predict, to the letter, her grandiose line of thinking and attitude. Being elected to Economy Borough council was a resume builder for Courtney. It also served as a score in the win box, where in Courtney’s world, competition serves as a opportunity to prove how great thou art to others and at the same time serves a license to whisper defaming gossips about others ( in the name of the good of the community) which is one of her favorite hobbies. The idea of ever owning up to anything less than a stage performance accolades of greatness review is something Courtney refuses to hear let alone the remote chance of any sense of humility by admitting wrongful behavior. The article in the beaver countian after a man filed a police report against her alleging an incident of road rage, is the perfect example of the “real Courtney” not the Marry Poppins character she hinds behind to those only in general acquaintance. Notice how she quickly diverts the beaver countian to first, defending x-councilman Greg Trecha’s behaviors and blames others, rather than accepting the fact that the doctors demise was due to his bad habits of publically displaying his contempt for anyone with a different color other than his own color (for lack of better words.) What’s amusing as I read Courtney’s published statements about Trecha, Courtney portrayed the doctor to me personally, as someone who was a immature goof-ball who rode her coat-tails to get elected. Now she’s defending this man? When called out on her own road rage insanity, she; of course, changes courses once again and this time shifts to the mayor, his wife, and their supporters by calling them godless people. Excuse me, but is this even in the library of rational thinking? If you really want a “eye opener” this quote Courtney gives to the beaver countian was taken right out of Ann Coulter’s new book, Godless: The Church of Liberalism.
    Courtney has greatly disappointed many residents here in Economy. She has yet to rise up and become the leader she pledged to be in her political mailers and flyers. Anyone can look good on a piece of paper, but the real test of leadership is standing up for what is good for the people who entrusted her. Leadership also requires courage to take a stand against your colleagues if you believe in what you are standing for is good, fair, and justified. If anyone takes the time to read at the voting record of Courtney Barthelemy in the online published council meeting minutes, on they will clearly see that Courtney has lacked any type of real leadership but rather has taken her marching orders from her mentors. She has never once stood up for anything away from the majority of council’s real agenda. Courtney reads the meeting agenda, 5 minutes before a council meeting. How on earth can anyone form a opinion, or take a position if they’re too lazy to even investigate matters that are extremely important to Economy Borough. Just because someone is a attorney doesn’t mean they are brilliant nor does it mean they have a true compassion for people or sense or a dedication to make a difference in the lives of others. It doesn’t mean someone has the capability of good direction when it comes to community leadership. It simply means they were a studious student, were able to pass a state bar examination, now can practice law.

  • I understand that Ms. Bathlemew actually tried to use her sexuality to sell herself politically while campaigning at a senior living community in Economy and New Sewickley. She stated that her rule of politics was to wear a short skirt to keep others’ attention. Sounds like a credible decision maker and elected official to me! Ha! Time to cover up your “assets” Ms. B and fly your broom out of the political scene!

  • I just wonder what the reaction of the public would have been ? If this was the story that appeared in the last report of the Beaver Countian. At the last Economy Boro meeting council woman Courtney Bartheleny gave the following statement.I would like at this time to apologize to Mr Meisfonier,Mr.and Mrs. Poling and the tax payers of the Boro. My actions and statements where in very bad taste.They where not lady like or those of an elected officer .I made a mistake and I Sorry.So at this time I will resign my position.I plan on taking anger management classes and being a better person.My hope is that everyone will forgive me.So that in the future I can again get a chance to serve the good people of Economy.

  • To the registereddemocrat, thinking about what you posted to your gal pal morningglory Yup great idea to Investigate all the council members ,the mayor and all their Spouses. How about any dead spouses?, you know, the old “berry street in baden days”. Wanna keeping going there?? Didn’t think so. Think I made my point. Now Fuck off.

  • Your motto is “Economy Borough – Where we love our children”. Hmmm – more like “Where we ACT like children” I would think.

    These comments have become so ridiculous and bizarre, I’m beginning to wonder why I’m writing also – except to say that I think you may all be nuts.

  • To act111 – Excellent point, the cop that took the complaint, has been kissing ass of council cause he wants to be (chief Chad Lively). The current chief was forced to retire this year from these jerks which is the majority of council aka Googins Army.
    Damn Straight a investigation needs to be done. Looks to me like wanna-be chief Chad hushed this complaint. I wonder if chad lively directed this guy properly in chain of command of the police? I say bring in the state cops.
    Cmon mayor, get tuff, cut no breaks, Chief Harrington and Mayor need to call for a investigation here. This was their public safety director named in the complaint. She is basically taking the 5th, the wanna-be chief Chad’s lips are sealed. This guy needs to identify the woman in the complaint and it’s all over.

  • Just read over the other article about the complaint, Courtney states, she was not questioned about the complaint. Blames mayor for some kind of political scheme or some shit! Ya right! Hey Mayor, was Lively questioned if he did his job?
    Did he question the chair of public safety? He better had!
    Something’s stinking in Denmark!.
    Complaint says, head of public safety, unless this cop is retarded, he should have cited her, or followed up on complaint, asked questions to the public safety director.
    Economy Boro wake the F up<<< the head of public safety tells this JP how does the public know, there must be A MOLE in the police department. This is a cover-up that needs turned over to higher authorities. WTF is wrong with you people.