Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Tag: Kenneth McCoy

Monaca Officer Hoping To Oust Beaver Officer As FOP President

Monaca Borough Police Officer David Piuri is challenging Beaver Borough Officer Kenneth McCoy for the position of President of the Beaver Valley Fraternal Order...

Beaver Officer Reduced In Rank And Suspended Until 2013

Embattled Beaver Police Sergeant Kenneth McCoy will remain suspended without pay through the end of the year, then be reduced in rank from Sergeant...

Beaver Council Votes To Hold Officer’s Hearing In Secret

Beaver Council has voted to hold a hearing being held on the future employment status of Sergeant Kenneth McCoy in secret. The town's...

Judge Denies Motion By Beaver Officer’s Attorney To Prevent Hearing

A Beaver County Judge has ruled that a hearing by Beaver Borough to consider the future employment status of Sergeant Kenneth McCoy will proceed...

Beaver Borough Solicitor Issues Charges Against Officer

Beaver Borough Solicitor John J Petrush has issued a list of civil charges against Sergeant Kenneth McCoy, who will be the subject of an...

In Full: Officer’s Lawsuit Against Beaver Borough

Below is a copy of the Mandamus Action filed by Sgt Kenneth McCoy against Beaver Borough, seeking reinstatement and back-pay. Complaint in Mandamus Seeking to...
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