Monaca Officer David Piuri
Monaca Officer David Piuri
Monaca Officer David Piuri / photograph via Monaca Borough

Monaca Borough Police Officer David Piuri is challenging Beaver Borough Officer Kenneth McCoy for the position of President of the Beaver Valley Fraternal Order of Police.

The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge 4 will be conducting its elections for board members next week.

Piuri’s campaign against incumbent President Ken McCoy has highlighted some of the turmoil that’s existed in Beaver County’s law enforcement community over the past few years.

McCoy’s tenure as leadership within the organization has been a controversial one. The officer rebuffed open calls for his resignation as FOP President shortly after his election when Christine Cilli, one of the married man’s girlfriends, was granted a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order against him back in October of 2012. The woman alleged McCoy had become suicidal and began stalking her while he was on duty. Several residents of the town of Beaver also came forward publicly by name, alleging the officer was keeping them awake at night coming and going from Cilli’s house in his patrol car. Beaver Borough suspended McCoy from duty and stripped him of his sergeant’s stripes as a result of the incidents. McCoy admitted no wrongdoing at the time but agreed not to challenge the Borough’s disciplinary actions against him. The officer was represented by attorney Myron Sainovich.

Officer Ken McCoy with Christine Cilli
Beaver Officer Ken McCoy with Christine Cilli

The Beaver Countian published a series of reports about the controversy at the time, including an in-depth interview with Cilli, who provided this publication with photographs and copies of disturbing text messages that Officer McCoy had allegedly sent her (See: A Story Of Internal Affairs).

McCoy is now seeking another 2 year term as FOP President. Monaca Officer David Piuri is hoping to prevent that from happening.

“I promise that I will serve the lodge with honor and integrity,” wrote Officer Piuri in a campaign brochure sent out to the law enforcement community that was obtained by the Beaver Countian, “so that our members feel represented and proud to be members of the Fraternal Order of Police.”

In the brochure, Piuri vowed to strengthen ties between the law enforcement community, the press, and the public if elected as President of the organization. “The FOP is supposed to be the voice of those who dedicate their lives to protecting and serving our communities, yet our lodge has been silent while important decisions that affect our members have been made, and while law enforcement officers have been unfairly represented in the local media […] I will increase community involvement of our lodge, thus building a better relationship with the people we are sworn to protect.”

Officer Piuri also wrote that under his leadership the organization would establish a committee to help officers deal with unfair labor practices and grievances filed within their individual departments, “I have spoken to many members of our lodge who question the importance of being a member of the FOP […] They say that all our lodge seems to provide is a summer picnic, a Christmas party and a couple of stickers mailed to them every year.”

All members of the Beaver Valley FOP Lodge 4 in good standing, regardless of their meeting attendance during the past year, can cast a ballot at the Beaver Borough Building on Thursday, May 29th from 11am to 1pm and from 5pm to 7pm.

The Beaver Countian will continue to follow this story.



  2. True question is why any real law enforcement officer period would want this slap dick in that position. MPOTEC, SHERIFF OR PROBATION ,wtf will he do for you nothing and anyone that supports him is clueless or uninformed of issues.

    Any deputy that rallys for him should be ashamed and would be the ones that VOTED TO DISBAND YOUR UNION and now just have a collective bargaining unit that’s it and no real protection other than the FOP, and McCoy didn’t fight against sheriff and movement why? CAPT. dint leave me or I will kill myself, THE former K9 former asst chief current fluffer caught in car demoted fucking low testosterone but still has stripes and should of been fired for drinking and womanizing on duty, THE currently waiting to be charged for a crime and currently part time on roster in beaver with McCoy lol midget deputy “I’m no rookie”, and THE old snake back stabber.

    They made sure a union got busted and nobody fought for the brothers and now the fund is almost bankrupt..

    Clap clap

    Never talked to other guy but three or four times. But has my support and give him credit got balls to say it like it is.

  3. Fuck me

    I got to pay my dues to vote but damn we actually got an election, for so long it was a waste to belong they ruined it, and it was just a deduction and a sticker I agree, this is fired up….

  4. ” one of the married man’s girlfriends”
    That’s classic and I hear there is pictures and info in those to…… some make some good food hey Kenny, you take them to cranberry to eat outside too…?

    Okay so basically now that every police officer is suspected of cheating cause of past history of things KENNY HAS PRETTY MUCH SCREWED everyone with his documented can’t deny confirmed adultery,
    Which all married officers are getting balls busted if they are to defend and support your election, which is understood they may be working the polls against this creep, why would he be so selfish and run again? Fuck police officers more? Make officers look bad in media? Rehashing personal matters that only hurt current family AGAIN? Sorry send really selfish!!!! And what’s worse he didn’t do anything good for lodge before or after the incident just made the cloud bigger over departments.

  5. Best of luck to you Dave. Hopefully, you will beat this scumbag. I am in shock and awe that the members of the FOP did not demand the scumbag resign after his scandal. You, the members, have the power. Not him.

  6. I’m shocked. I thought Ken McCoy was gone. I guess he’s been hiding out again behind the D&A Building in Vanport.

  7. this was a bad decision for kenny’s family and a bad decision for the lodge he never should of run again but we all know the only person kenny cares about is kenny

  8. HEY prime example is SHERIFFS dept, was stripped of UNION and now has nothing but bargaining CLUB , thats paid 50k to stuff that doesnt help its members..
    Dictatorship was put in effect and a few felt that was leadership running fear through its department by stripping its UNION, while some have good credit,families and homes to take care of, but a few GOT STRIPES out of the deal so all is good, what did FOP do? Collect a deduction 

  9. BASICALLY the shady adulterers, that give law enforcement bad name and manipulate the system, and use its residents for pleasure support McCoy.

    That’s the message these men have made, why WOULDN’T he resign long ago? Seems like he didn’t do anything for his members anyways.

    Now supported by people that do worse than him or equal or just the misinformed, seems to mister McCoy should protect for once the lodge before more similar stories come out and the cloud gets darker, then again that just might make him happy….



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