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Here Are The Republican Candidates In Beaver County’s 2021 Primary Elections

Note: The following is a list of candidates currently slated to appear on ballots in Beaver County for the Republican municipal primary taking place on May 18, 2021. Among those on the ballot will be state and local judges, mayors, members of council, school boards, and other municipal offices.

The list was obtained from information released by the Beaver County Bureau of Elections, and is accurate as of the time of this report. Any objections filed to nominating petitions are still under a review period, and individuals have until March 24 to withdraw their candidacy.

(The list of Democratic candidates can be found here.)


Justice of the Supreme Court

( Pick 1 )
Justic of the Supreme Court KEVIN BROBSON
Justic of the Supreme Court PAULA PATRICK
Justic of the Supreme Court PATRICIA A MCCULLOUGH

Judge of the Superior Court

( Pick 1 )
Judge of the Superior Court MEGAN SULLIVAN

Judge of the Commonwealth Court

( Pick 2 )
Judge of the Commonwealth Court STACY MARIE WALLACE
Judge of the Commonwealth Court DREW CROMPTON

Magisterial District Judge 36-2-01 ( Conway, East Rochester, Economy, Freedom, New Sewickley, Rochester Boro )

( Pick 1 )
District Judge 6 Years EDWARD HOWE

Magisterial District Judge 36-2-02 ( Beaver, Vanport, Bridgewater, Brighton Twp, Glasgow, Industry, Midland, Ohioville )

( Pick 1 )
District Judge 6 Years DONNA DEROSE
District Judge 6 Years KEN STAHL
District Judge 6 Years WILLIAM M BRASLAWSCE
District Judge 6 Years DAVID CLARK
District Judge 6 Years KATE KELLY
District Judge 6 Years ROBERT DAPPENBROOK

Magisterial District Judge 36-3-04 ( Aliquippa, Frankfort Springs, Hanover, Hopewell, South Heights )

( Pick 1 )
District Judge 6 Years JEFFREY ASH
District Judge 6 Years COURTNEY BIBBEE
District Judge 6 Years BRIAN ROHM
District Judge 6 Years MARK C BUFALINI
District Judge 6 Years DAVID N HANNA

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