WATCH: Beaver Police Dash Cam Video Shows Officer Deploying K-9 During Arrest Of James Edward Cicco (Warning Graphic)


This Beaver Police dash cam video depicts the August 18, 2016 arrest of James Edward Cicco by Beaver Patrolman Jeffery Wijnen-Riems. The video was released by the Beaver County District Attorney’s Office pursuant to a court order obtained by a group of concerned residents from the Borough of Beaver. It is being published here in full and unedited as it was received by the Beaver Countian.

The video shows a police dog attacking a suspect and may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Beaver Countian has been providing extensive coverage and investigative reporting since this incident first occurred in August of 2016. Below is an archive of our reporting on the matter, categorized by topic, with articles in each group listed in reverse chronological order.

Listen To Patrolman Jeffery Wijnen-Riems Joking About The Incident With 911 Operator:

On The Trial Of James Edward Cicco

MISTRIAL! Foreman Speaks Out After Judge Declares Hung Jury In Trial For Man Accused Of Fleeing Beaver Police K-9 Officer

Trial Day 2: Beaver Patrolman Wijnen-Riems And James Edward Cicco Both Take The Stand

Trial Gets Underway For Man Who Allegedly Fled From Beaver Police K-9 Officer

Dismissed: Judge Says No Evidence Man Resisted Arrest By Beaver Officers Or Taunted Police K-9 That Mauled Him

Beaver Solicitor Says Criminal Defendant Must Submit Right-To-Know Request For Exculpatory Evidence – Which They Will Deny

PHOTOS: Beaver Police K-9 Seen Mauling Handcuffed Suspect Charged With Taunting A Police Animal

Judge Dismisses Dozens Of Felony Charges Filed By A Beaver Patrolman Against Man Mauled By K-9 During Arrest

On The Fight To Gain Access To The Recorded Phone Conversation Between Officer Wijnen-Riems And 911 Dispatcher

Beaver County 911 Dispatcher Suspended For Making Fun Of Man Who Had His Chest Ripped Open By Police K-9

RECORDED CALL: Beaver Patrolman And County 911 Dispatcher Laugh While Discussing Man’s Injuries Caused By Police K-9

Commissioners Camp And Amadio Block Public’s Access To 911 Dispatch Audio Involving Beaver Police K-9 Over Egley’s Objection

District Attorney David Lozier Wants More Public Records Kept From The Public

Commissioners Met At 911 Center About Beaver Countian’s Right-To-Know Request For Recorded Audio

On The Fight To Gain Access To The Dash Cam Video

Beaver County Judges Issue Joint Ruling Ordering District Attorney Lozier To Release Beaver Police Dash Cam Video

District Attorney Accuses The Beaver Countian And Attorneys Of Being Engaged In A Conspiracy To Undermine Justice

District Attorney’s Office Files Court Motion Attempting To Prevent Jurors From Seeing Beaver Police Dash Cam Video

Judge Says Beaver Police Video Is A Public Record – Hearing Set For District Attorney Lozier To Argue Why It Shouldn’t Be Released

Legal Action Filed By Citizens Seeking Public Access To Controversial Beaver Police Dash Cam Footage

Clerk Of Courts Determines District Attorney Lozier Was Wrong – Beaver Police Dash Cam Video Was Properly Filed With Her Office

District Attorney Sent Letter To Judge’s Chambers Asking Him To Keep Beaver Police Dash Cam Video From The Public

Editorial: Our Efforts To Show You The Beaver Police Dash Cam Video That Officials Really Don’t Want You To See

The Beaver Countian Prepares For Two Important Hearings In Efforts To Inform The Public And Defend Their Rights

District Attorney’s Office Attempting To Prevent The Release Of A Dash Cam Video Showing Beaver Police K-9 Mauling

Miscellaneous Coverage Related To This Incident

Beaver Patrolman Submits Resignation From Department – K-9 Retired From Duty

Beaver Council Tables Resolution Proposed By Police Chief To Gag Borough Employees

In-Depth: Experts Speak Critically Of Beaver Borough Police K-9 Program Following Controversial Deployment During Arrest

Investigative Report: The Beaver Countian Uncovers Missing Audio During Analysis Of Beaver Police Dash Cam Video

Video: Prior Use Of Force Incident Involving Beaver Patrolman

Local Law Firm Notifies Beaver Borough They Are Preparing A Federal Lawsuit On Behalf Of Man Mauled By Police K-9

State Police Interview Witnesses – Review Dash Cam Video – In Case Involving Beaver Police K-9

Sources: Dash Cam Video Captured Incident Involving Beaver K-9 & Other Case Updates (WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Witnesses Allege Beaver Policeman Allowed K-9 To “Eat” Handcuffed Man (WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES)

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. i especially love the extra knee in the back while handcuffing him and the other one slamming him on the hood while in handcuffs. hate to say it but they are both pigs and should answer for it. i am by no way any expert on dogs but it appears to me that one is a menace or mishandled

  2. Worse, much worse, than even imagined. Every Beaver citizen must see this to know what happened and what has to be done about it. Sickening. Repulsive. Inhumane.

  3. Aww . . too bad for the criminal . . boo hoo. If idiots don’t put themselves into criminal activities and complied to officers they wouldn’t have to face the consequences. I do not feel sorry for any idiot who makes wrong decisions and who don’t comply to the law officer when caught.

    • You’re an idiot. He got out of the car with his hands up. That is truly excessive force. Regardless of what someone may or may not have done.. remember innocent until proven guilty! Hopefully you never have to deal with this cop, because if you do- I have a feeling you would be singing a different tune.

      • His hand were not ‘up’ as if surrendering; only in a position of ‘questioning’ why he was being stopped.

    • I tend to side with police on things like this, but I think you need to rewatch the video – nothing this dude did warranted the force that was used.

      He was charged with fleeing? Dude pulled over once the police flashed their lights. He then waited while one car passed him, probably assumed the other would as well and when it didn’t he kept moving. He turned into his driveway shortly thereafter and was attacked, repeatedly. The cop just ran straight to the guy’s door to yank him out.

    • Regardless of how poorly you think of someone, everyone has a right to be treated fairly under our laws. Committing a crime doesn’t erase your rights. This isn’t an issue of failure to comply. Try getting off that high horse and watch the video.

    • I am not familiar with the officer or the situation, HOWEVER, cops in general deal with the worst society has to offer…..often…….with a fair amount personal injury risk……for what? $12 bucks an hour and public scrutiny from everyone….the media, politicians with an agenda, the stay at home and wait for the monthly government check crowd……I’m not defending this guy, I’m not a cop, nor am I related to any police officers but here is a thought…..if you want more professional police officers call your local politician, tell the rep that you want higher taxes and you demand more highly educated and better trained officers…..until then understand that you get what you pay for……..

    • Sure he came out with his hands up after he was struggling with the cop (a.k.a not complying) and he set the dog on him. I don’t agree with the second instance of the dog being utilized, that was uncalled for. But the first time I have no sympathy for the dude

    • You ‘re an idiot ….. the cop ran up to the car all pissed off in a rage , opened the door and started assaulting the dude …. what part of that didnt you see ? What part of that isn’t proper procedure don’t you get ? Proper procedure would be walking up to the car asking for liscense and registration…. then saying why he pulled him over …. thats how you handle things …. this cop thinks he can assault whoever the fuck he wants , he thinks he is above the law ….. he thinks he is above procedure …. he makes his own rules …. and he’s been doing it for years and the borough turns its head …. its unreal …. if you pull me over for a traffic violation and you open my door and put hands on me ….. its over !!!! I will do what i have to do to defend myself ! And again i support police 100% …. my whole house is light up blue …. but i also recognize a bad cop when i see one and he’s been this way for years

  4. . . and we need a lot tougher penalties for crimes. None of this slap on the wrist bull. All murders, terrorist, molesters, drug lords should get a speedy death penalty. The rest . . hard time . . hard labor . . small time criminals fixing roads or cleaning communities. Probably 98% of people arrested deserve what they get.

  5. The K-9 officers should be fired for acting like a storm trooper instead of a peace officer. The guy never fled he never went over the posted speed limit and used his turn signal. Yeah he was in the wrong but not a murder suspect. The cop went overboard trying to pull the suspect out of the car instead of asking for his info at the window like any other traffic stop. My opinion.

  6. What I saw was someone ‘fleeing’ a police officer and resisting arrest, followed by a K9 Officer completely out of control.

  7. Dude broke the law and fled, his fault. However I doubt the officer gave him any commands based on how quick The Officer opened the car door and tried pulling the kid out but no audio to tell. 1The kid should of got out then 2 how couldn’t the officer get him out? But by the kid not getting out dog had to be used. However the dog doesnt seem to listen well n is out of control. Then cops act tough when he’s cuffed. Both parties are wrong

  8. I just don’t get why its ok to let a dog attack a person who is already cuffed and on the ground. That cop couldn’t even get the dog off. Well, it looked like he couldn’t. You don’t know what he was saying to it. I couldn’t even watch past 6 minutes.

  9. Suspect refused to pull over. Then when stopped he refused to get out of the car as instructed. People just listen to the cop. You don’t have to agree with the reason or think you have a right to ignore them. Thank god the guy was white or this would be all over CNN.

    • Nothing this guy did leading up to the stop warranted the officer walking up, pulling the door open and grabbing the guy out of the car.

      Since the audio is conveniently absent, there is no way of knowing what- if any- instructions were given. Based on the video alone, it doesn’t appear any instructions were given at all before the officer physically engaged the suspect.

      Then to top it off the officer doesn’t even appear capable of handling his service dog after deploying it for seemingly no reason.

      • “Nothing this guy did leading up to the stop warranted the officer walking up, pulling the door open and grabbing the guy out of the car”

        Except for the part where he refused to stop his vehicle and the part where he decided to return to his vehicle rather than getting on the ground, just saying.

  10. It makes you wonder why they keep going back into the vehicle,like something illegal going to appear? Gangsters, and that ‘vicious’ dog needs put down.

    • So what…he wasn’t endangering anyone. I’ve been pulled over and did the same thing…did the cop run over to my car and try to yank me out of it? No, he asked for my license, insurance and registration.

    • If a police officer is behind you, and lights you up, you pull over as soon as it is safe to do so. He passed twenty places he could have safely pulled over. You don’t get to drive home to mommy. He bought what happened.

    • It was less than a mile….. it doesn’t warrant the cops reaction. This cop has cost the taxpayers before and it will probably cost them again. I don’t have a dog in this fight and I stand behind law enforcement but what I won’t stand behind someone with a badge who has some sort of power trip. Besides this didn’t even happen in Beaver but in Industry Pa. I’m done flame on……

    • That’s the problem. Everyone thinks this trial was about the cop. It’s not. It was about if James broke the law or not and he did. You can see him not pull over. You can see the cop hand the other cop 2 pill bottles that he got out of th car. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I don’t think James deserved to be mauled; however, he is not innocent.

    • If you read the article…… it didn’t happen in Beaver, it was in Industry, so there were exactly 2 businesses that he passed. One was Nahas and they were closed. Check your facts before you start running your mouth!

    • Nahas was on the right in the video, so he was headed into beaver. He passed Dollar General, which means there were all sorts of things on both sides. Need me to name them?

      Watch the video before you ‘start running your mouth.’

      (We’re all on phones or keyboards, so you couldn’t even get THAT right.)

      • Mr. Pollack, are you aware that there is a Nahas Furniture Store on Pa St Rt 68 West in Industry? Are you aware that the next business is on the left and it’s a Pizza Shop that was also closed? Are you aware that the house that he pulled into was his home and less than 100 yards from the stop? Are you also aware that the speed limit up to the point that he stopped is 45 and then changes to 35?
        I’m just a proud, stupid Beaver County resident.

      • Nahas is on the right, JR’s in on the left both are in Industry. Maybe you need glasses So check the video cause you are dead wrong Mike. Hard being wrong about somethings, but you are wrong this time…

    • Doesn’t matter he had absolutely no right to use EXCESSIVE force the situation didn’t warrant it at all. I got pulled over in the middle of bucktail hill and didn’t pull over until it was safe. Officer asked for license & registration. Didn’t rip me out of my truck or sic a damn dog on me

    • Brandi Nichole the laws a bit more involved than that. Cops have protocol, based upon your rights. There is no “he broke the law clause that warrants excessive force or punishment.

      • Mike Pollack I don’t know if you need your ass kicked by a cop, as Mike Morgan suggest, but you do need you Directional Navigation realigned , the Police an Cicco were headed toward Midland , Beaver is BEHIND them, I live near there an travel that road 3 to 4 a week, an have lived here all my life, Trust but Verify , travel the route for yourself .

    • I never said that just James was at fault here. If you read my comments I state that James didn’t deserve to be mauled. However, so many are acting as if James did nothing wrong and I have to disagree with that. If I was so scared to pull over, I’d stop at one of the well lit stores that were open that way there may be more people to witness what happened. There also may be store cameras. I understand everyone is different but in my opinion James caused some of this.

    • Mike Pollack Dude; they wrote 50 charges against this idiot; 2 of which he was tried for and guess what? A mistrial, he’s Scott free because of this moron cop. If Riem handled the situation appropriately then Cicco would probably be in jail right now. But no that’s not going to happen because he screwed this arrest up so bad it will likely become a civil suit. Capisce?

    • Brandi Nichole C’mon do you think he was thinking clearly? Is he a piece of dog crap? Yes, Did he break the law on many levels? Yes. Was this stop handled and subsequent arrest done lawfully? NO…that’s the problem!!!! You CAN NOT have cops attacking people because they felt butt hurt in a fit of rage because the guy didn’t stop immediately. If you can not see the rights violations here then you need to review the 4th and 5th amendments. We have laws; everyone has to follow and abide by them including the police. Now I’m done with my civics lesson; read the laws and constitution and understand them before you reply. Read my post above; this PoS is walking free because this cop can not control his temper. Now this PoS is going to sue…believe it because none of the charges stuck.

    • In a situation such as this you can’t really say “well he was actually guilty of the stuff that happened to make it to trial”. This isn’t about individual charges anymore, its about the events that took place before those charges- as well as many others that were dismissed- were ever leveled.

      The issue that is important to the community isn’t whether or not some junkie is going to get the appropriate slap on the wrist that he deserves, its whether or not you have an officer violating the rights of citizens through a clear abuse of power and negligence in the use of force against a suspect in a traffic stop.

      In some respects this is sort of like “jury nullification” where despite the preponderance of evidence a jury gives a contrary verdict due to the circumstances of the case.

  11. It’s very important that those who have been given power over others have and follow rules. That’s just basic common sense and the rule of law essential for democracy

  12. I watched the video twice. First dog attack, the officer took a full ten seconds forcing the dog to stop attacking the subject. The second one, after the man was placed in handcuffs, it took the officer sixteen seconds to release the dog. The officer did not have control of the dog, ever. Then the officer did not secure the dog resulting in the second attack. I liked the little knee to the kidneys, works every time when someone is disabled beforehand. Not once did any of the cops pull out the drill, and how long does it take for a thorough pat down of the subjects right leg? One last comment, how could a police officer rush to the car and try to yank the guy out? If the officer didn’t know who he was pulling over, wouldn’t he be more cautious? The subject took a bit long in pulling over, but I think I would do the same if someone was tailgating me. The cop needs to be fired and the subject already paid for his crimes by being mauled.

    • Excellent observation, Trina Gonzalez….and I’ll bet he radioed control center with the plate number while he was tailgating him to see who the driver was and that’s where it all comes together. I’ve seen a few handlers with their K-9’s and they have a command to follow from their handler to cease and desist in a situation/confrontation. Why didn’t that occur? I totally agree with you, the cop needs fired and the subject already paid for this crimes by being mauled. Hope justice is served!! Good reporting, JP!!

  13. It’s a crying shame that Beaver won’t let Bo wear a flat brim at work. How’s he suppose to spit game at hot babes without his brim??? Also, I find it funny that McCoy shows ups 20 minutes late to the call. Probably fuckin with his radio off again… smh

  14. From what I’ve seen watching this video is: 1. Citizen choosing to pull into his driveway instead of a lighted parking lot ( if its because of fear from a previous arrest than that is for a court to decide ) 2. Multiple broken policies and procedures of law enforcement 3. A K-9 dog who is not obedient or fit for duty and lastly 4. A K-9 officer who cannot handle his duties as a dog handler and there for should be transferred/removed from the K-9 unit. If the officer has numerous policy and procedure failures he/she should be barred from law enforcement until he/she is seen fit for full duty or relieved/fired permanently. Law enforcement major duty is listed on the door, PROTECT AND SERVE , in this situation it definitely did not happen.

  15. Where are the two white capped brown plastic prescription pill bottles that were supposedly right on the front seats near the middle console? I don’t see them in anyone’s hand(s) or being examined, yet, they were the main evidence in the case.

    • Raven I would love to agree with ya but i cant, if you go to mark 17: 09 you can see Wijnen-Riems hand it to the other Patrolman he’s reading label, and at 17:23 to 18:45 it appears several times in his hand,
      ” just sayin” , but i still think it was planted, maybe just me, i would like to see Wijnen-Riems Medical history to see if he was issued these type of pills, or if in recent drug bust did he recover these type of pills claimed to be found with Cicco , possibility of planting, reasonable doubt ?

      • Let’s not forget about the cop on the passenger side of the vehicle that we couldn’t see.
        I also believe they were planted.

  16. i dont think anyone is calling the suspect innocent. when did it become acceptable to turn a k9 on a guy who is cuffed behind his back? you have a badge, a gun, back up, a night stick and a k9. did i mention the guy was cuffed behind his back? an officer of the law needs to represent the parameters of what is legal and illegal, nothing more. he is not a vigilante and he is not a judge/jury. now he has exposed the city to other potential law suits. its very short sighted and the city of beaver residents will ultimately be the ones financially impacted negatively as the city will be sued. the costs of defending the department alone will be very expensive.

  17. For those looking to support the officer’s behavior in this video, I have an open mind. To get me on your side, you will need to explain a few things to me.

    The times I refer to are times into the video.

    2:39 – The officer opens the door and tries to drag the guy out of the car. I don’t see any evidence of a request from the officer, just an attempt to drag the guy out of the car. Clearly the guy’s seat belt is still on. How exactly does this officer expect the pull the guy out of the car if his seat belt is still on? Seat belts are designed to keep the occupant inside the vehicle in the event of an accident even if the door opens in the impact. If I were the guy in the vehicle, I would be quickly concluding that this officer isn’t right in the head. Explain to me why trying to drag a belted occupant out of a car makes sense.

    3:03 – The seatbelt is clearly off and now the guy with his hands up is getting out of the vehicle.

    3:06 – The officer returns to the car and the guy clearly knows that getting out probably isn’t going to avoid a physical confrontation so he foolishly closes the door. I am not exact sure what I would have done at that point but I probably would have locked the door and called 911 requesting a non-insane person join the situation. If I were that guy, I would be looking to avoid a physical confrontation because this officer looks “off” to me.

    3:22 – Clearly this guy has given up. In court the argument is that the dog won’t release until the suspect stops moving. I can assure you, any normal human being won’t be able to sit still while a dog is biting him. A physical reaction is an involuntary one. However, from 3:22 through 3:38 the only movement from the guy is due to the fact that the officer can’t get the dog to release. It isn’t the guy doing the moving. Is this all we can expect from typical K9 officers? Won’t release when instructed to? I am not impressed. Could someone please explain why all of this is OK? And you can’t blame the guy for moving – the movement is DUE to the dog.

    4:06 – This guy isn’t fighting at all. He lets the officer cuff one wrist and while providing the other wrist he is rewarded with a stomp (looks like to the head or back). Please explain why a stomp to the head or back is necessary to get the handcuff on the second wrist when the second wrist has been presented.

    4:16 – Why is the dog allowed back there? Clearly this dog does not respond to the officer’s commands. There is no logic reason for the dog to be around the handcuffed, face-down suspect at this point. Once again, the only movement from the guy is due to the fact that the officer can’t get the dog to release. It isn’t the guy doing the moving. Is this all we can expect from typical K9 officers? Won’t release when instructed to? This timeframe is the most troubling. I can’t see why the dog is back but my opinion is that the only way that this could happen is if the officer let it happen. I can’t prove it but it sure looks like it to me. This tells me there is intent to harm even though there is no reason for it. Please explain this one, if nothing else.

    5:21 – Oh good. Help has arrived. Officer #2.

    5:36 – Officer #2 “helps” the guy to his feet and for no good reason, bounces his face off the hood of the vehicle. He is not resisting or anything else. For those who think this is all routine and proper, please explain.

    Overall, I am stunned that it has already been determined that no wrongdoing has occurred here. However, if someone can explain why all of this abuse is proper from a legal perspective I am interested in the arguments for it.

    Seriously, someone educate me.

    And if you are educating me understand one thing – if you tell me that not pulling over immediately changes the rules of conduct then cite a credible source or don’t bother.

    I will say this – whether legal police procedure was followed or not in this video, if this happened to me or someone close to me, I would be looking for payback. I am not the only person who thinks this way. This is a point that the police need to consider very carefully.

    • I received all of the technical, fact-laced and informed opinions that I expected to this.

      As much as I want to side with police in questionable situations, I am 100% sure that no one with a knowledge of the law and police procedure can defend what happens in this video. The only defense is an emotional and biased one that cannot withstand the scrutiny of fact.

  18. From watching the video, as many times as the cops were in and out of that car I see lots of opportunity to plant drugs. Officers back and forth blocking the cameras view. We don’t know if they went in from the passengers door???
    That sick diseased minded bastard should be strung up. IN MY OPINION!

    • John Q look at minute 13:34 someone’s going to the passengers side , Planting of Pill bottle at this moment?
      and at 15:36 Wijnen-Riems comes from passengers side, i saw a lot of going in an out of the suspect vehicle before any Pill bottle was found , Some Cops are like petting a Rattle Snake , cant be trusted an ya never know when they’ll bite .

      • Mr. Squirrel, I agree. 3 different officers opened or was in that car at least 4 different times. After realizing how bad this situation really was, they could at this time very well thought the best move here was to start covering their asses, hence maybe planting something. In my opinion this was not only excessive force and police brutality but also illegal search. JW-R had no right to open that door the first time nor anytime subsequent. The video and the phone call with the dispatcher is just plain sickening.

      • John Q I totally concur , if you notice the patrolman on scene seem to hesitate at times to go into the vehicle , are they second guessing themselves , ( they need a cover up some how ) if they have a Legal arrest then they have probable cause to search the vehicle for Inventory purposes . but they seem to hesitate knowing this, or are they waiting for the Pill bottle to be placed so it can be discovered an shown to the camera ?
        Is this why JW R claims his mic didn’t work, are they talking about probable cause for the arrest an search, ? realizing they don’t have it, What about Bo Blinn’s mic, it should have been working, able to pick up the conversation ? I smell a cover up !

        When JW R was attempting to remove Cicco from the car , I believe he was saying ” how dare you peasant not bow down to me ” I’m a cop, you must stroke my Ego .

        My personal opinion , Cicco knew once the second police car was behind him, with lights on, he realized he was being pulled over, after realizing he Spike Braked a Cop, then made a split second decision to go home because if having past experience being stopped with a suspended drivers license he knows his vehicle is getting towed, thus the cost of towing, impound fee’s , daily storage, an being that it will be Monroe towing service , the kick backs hand to hand exchange of money to the police, the bill would be in the range of $300-$400 , where any other towing service would be $50
        (side note), Pennsylvania residence have the RIGHT to have their tow company of choice tow the vehicle , not the polices choice , there are a few exceptions, wrecks, blocking roadway . ect .
        All in All this was excessive , taken to a level it didn’t need to go, a violation of human rights.

      • You make a good point again Mr. Squirrel. 3 cops and no audio from anyone. Yes it does look to me like there was a conference taking place, which very well could have been waiting for delivery. JW-R has an extraordinary success rate of drug detection and capture for same. I find this to be mostly unbelievable given the crime rate in Beaver. Can all these traffic stops really be that lucky for him?

    • OK, I’ll bite. If he had pulled over immediately and the exact same thing had happened, would you still be OK with it?

      …and in your response, be careful because there is no response that won’t make you look like someone taking a position rather than providing an unbiased opinion.

      • Then why present a loaded question designed to paint awake in a bad light when they answer?

    • Imagine if Jeff wijnen-Reims wasn’t a sadistic asshole. A grown Bully using a badge to throw his weight around. Imagine if he didn’t have a long history of lawsuits, imagine if he had just arrested this suspect.

  19. Omg!!!!! This officer just opens his door…and try to pull him out…unreal !!!! How did he know that he didn’t have a gun….I have NEVER seen a cop just yank a car door open like that!!!…. Not safe on any account….for the officer or the man!!!! This officer was pumped up…acting reckless!!!! Scary….Scary……Scary…..!!!!!!!

  20. Open letter to Danny Madgar and Tom Hamilton:

    We all know you’ve seen this already and have done nothing. Now the people of Beaver will see and we’ll want to know WHY you’ve done nothing. Wijnen-Reims is a sadistic asshole. You can’t change that, he probably can’t change that, so I blame him less than I blame you for having done nothing about the countless lawsuits, and for this. I will continue to blame you both if he remains employed as a cop in this town.

    The town of Beaver deserves better, it’s time to step up and do your job.

  21. This viewing on YouTube and Facebook will allow a wide audience, and hopefully it will be seen on Pittsburgh or even national television stations. That will add perspective to it, and likely, in my opinion, people will see that this is not just an emotional reaction of a small town.

  22. If only Jeff took a deep breath before he got out of the car and said, “What would Mastramico do?”.

    • Right on John. The knee to the mans back was justified? True the cop didn’t beat his ass but from the approach to the knee to the back the cop was out of line. At minimum, the cop should be fired. The dog should be euthanized and Beaver should be held financially responsible for the conduct of the dog and the officer that needlessly escalated the situation.

    • This is your chance to make your case, John. Please respond to my post above point by point. Convince me that your position is the right one.

    • Libtard??? lol, not in the slightest bit. In fact far from it. So the guys’ a scumbag, nobody is refuting that. What has everyone up in arms is the cops belief he can go around and do as he pleases without restraint. Riem obviously has some sort of anger issues and not worthy of the badge.

    • The scumbag had an opportunity to shoot dumb ass in the face. He’s lucky he is still alive. Everything from the beginning of the video is suspicious. The police officer is lucky they aren’t burying him. That was the worst approach to a vehicle I have ever seen.

  23. He pulled over… his hands were up… he did NOTHING to warrant what that asshole cop did to him. These cops think they are above the law and think they can do what they want. Total bullshit. That cop needs fired. Now.

  24. I have seen that prick cop slam another person’s head off the windshield before. You get it the kid did not pull over but it is not the cops job to convict and serve the punishment… it is just that clear..

  25. For those of you wondering about Madgar, here is a quote from a 2011 Post Gazette article- “Sometimes lawsuits are settled because it is cheaper, and that’s what we’re advised by the insurance carrier,” said Chief Madgar, who characterized Mr. Wijnen-Riems as a quality officer with more than a decade of experience.

  26. Horrifying violence from JW-R right from the get go. This guy is a ticking bomb. Urgent mental health counseling is needed. Does anyone realize how much therapy this guy needs???

  27. I am not as mad at the cop as I was. It’s not like he beat his ass He is just too hot headed and clearly a power hungry asshole. The dog needs euthanized. Again, sell the dog to the China Palace for 10 cent a pound and put the officer on food stamps for a while til he gets some anger management. The way he approached the car is how cops die. He should be thankful if the guy just had a drill (though I doubt he did). My opinions has not changed after seeing the video… C-zar salad anyone ?

    • What chase ? I didnt see a chase … driving 25mph for 28 seconds is not a chase …. its not even close to a chase …. and the first time he pulled over within 9 seconds ….. then was confused because cop #1 drove past him …. you really are a special kinda stupid

  28. I just watched this video twice and do not understand the sympathy for this driver at all! He pulls over comes to almost a complete stop, then takes off again what innocent person does that? That’s eluding capture correct? Then when he pulls into the driveway the cop opens his door tries to remove him and he resists on camera correct? Cop gets his k-9. Then the guy opens the door and puts his hands up after he has already eluded and resisted arrest!! Are you people kidding me!! The cop is now supposed to believe he’s not a threat. Should he have given him a hug!

    • What video did you watch ? There was 2 cop cars …. the driver initially pulled over to let them go past him ….. till super cop decided to pull him over as well … at this point once the first cop drove past him and kept going the driver was confused as to what the hell the second cop was doing …. so he proceeded 200 yards to his driveway that was a safe spot to pull over ….. then the coo just runs up to the vehicle for no reason , opens the driver door and puts hands on the driver … wtf video are you watching ? This driver did nothing to warrant that kind of action …. the fact is this cop thinks he is above the law and has been doing this shit for years !

    • This is the same cop who shows up on an accident scene that the fire dept already has traffic handled on and tells firefighters to get the hell out of there or go to jail ….. the dude is fucking bipolar

    • The cop never once thought he was a threat or he would not have an up to the door like a idiot. He’s lucky he down have a 3/8 inch hole in him from the kids yellow drill or his back may have looked like a hole saw hit it. This cop needs to some fear.

    • Drew Figas the driver should have put his hazard lights on if he didn’t want to pull over on the side of the road. Doing so lets the police know that you are aware they want to pull you over but you want to get to a safe place to do so.

    • Yes it does actually …. like stated above the dude had no clue what the hell jeff was doing because the other officer passed him …. this whole thing is fucking ridiculous …. it should have never happened that way …. this officer may be a good dude to bullshit and have a beer with but he is not fit for police work ….. im sure at one time he meant well but throughout the years he has not handled stress well …. which is a job requirement he is not meeting

    • Did you not see the other cop car speed away? This to me thought they were going to another call? Why did they pull him over in the first place? This is just BS in my opinion. Why do you think no charges stuck? Cause the cop was wrong…..

  29. What was up with the first car. Lights on and took off. Cops and there games is why they have a bad rep. Hey a red light if I turn my lights on I can go through it. This guys going the speed limit. Let me ride his ass. Well that isn’t working, hey let me turn my lights on. And that’s the minor offenses. For the good cops that keep it real, thank you, for the cops described above quit please.

  30. You see that vehicle he was driving, the next time Beaver Police see him to pull him over it will be a BMW or Porsche!

  31. So this punk Cicco pulls over and the cops are behind him and he decides to drive away, then pulls into a driveway, after driving for a minute or so, if I was the cop I would of pulled him out of the vehicle, the punk is lucky he didn’t get shot or pistol whipped. I would of beat the crap out of him. WTG Jeff and for Madgar for sticking up for him, shame on anyone who is defending Cicco, I just hope he learned his lesson and decides to straighten up, or we will be reading about him again in a few months.

    • Wow, it seems the BC is becoming the new gathering place for mouth breathing trolls. It is YOU, oldboy, who needs to “learn his lesson”, about how not to be a communist. Go back to Russia commie, and take your KGB tactics with you. This is AMERICA comrade, where we have a constitution and things called RIGHTS! I hope this helps you and your red friends “learn a lesson” in how to be an American.

  32. It’s always fun to read the indignant musings of the self professed “law and order” types who also love to parade around in the Constitution when it suits them.

    The same people one might find voicing concerns about shadow governments, the federal reserve, gun rights and various other “constitutional crisis” infringing on their rights, literally cannot be bothered to see in real time the violations of the suspect’s rights caught on camera.

  33. And the State Police said he did nothing wrong? Will I am on my way through Beaver now, If you don’t hear from me for three days then Jeff is working tonight!!!

  34. there have been at least 9 separate incidents with this officer. this is from the beaver county times in 2006: Six people brought suit last year against police officer Jeff Wijnen-Riems, claiming police brutality in several incidents involving the officer……For me, that means that minimally someone at a higher level within the dept or within the city should have that moment of clarity to say “you know, maybe we should look at this”. I dont know if anything is true or not as i was not there but the #s are concerning to say the least. it deserved a look, no?

  35. Is anyone blind. That dog should be put down the so called officer locked up. Plain and simple. Anyone who don’t believe this was wrong has issues. Let a civilian do that with they’re dog see what happens. Wrong wrong wrong. Period.

    • Dog was ordered to do that. They respond to the handlers commands: Cop is dirty. He should be a mall guard. He should turn in his dog for a Segway. I know him. So I’m not making judgements off the cuff.

    • The cop is a piece of shit for doing any of it. The boy never even got out of the vehicle and after he had the dog bite him, he cuffed him while a knee in his back already in pain from the first bite , then the dog got him again. If this piece of shit with a badge isn’t incarcerated, it’s going to send a message to the public that all cops feel they’re above the law. Makes me wonder, how many of his arrest we’re legitimate or others he has abused. I encourage others to come forward,and the district attorney’s office to review his recent arrest. This should not be swept under the rug. If any civilian done this, they’d be in prison. Don’t let this send the wrong message.

      • Chris-Chris-Chris…….Where the hell have you been?! Our esteemed DA tried everything in his power to squash this tape from ever being seen by us, the little people. AKA-the public.
        The law enforcement in this county can and do anything and everything they want…because they can, without any consequences. Period.
        Loser Lozier is the BIGGEST disappointment by far in the last election. That mistake won’t be made twice.
        And as far as Wine-n-rims? Well, we can all hope he gets prostate cancer and dies a long and painful death. Karma.

    • Actually jeff had to fight with the dog pulling at it to get it to let go ….it should have let go on command …. the K-9 is not fit for duty just like its handler

      • The two commissioners Amadio and Camp denied the request to make the phone call public.

        Egley voted to release.


      • If you have “one bad cop”, and you have an entire department standing behind him in supportive SILENCE, then you do not have “one bad cop”, you have an entire department of bad cops.

        “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless.
        Not to speak is to speak.
        Not to act is to act.”
        ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

        “Silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor.” – Ginetta Sagan

    • That kid looks barely 100 lbs soaking wet…the officer lifted the dog and kid off the ground! I can’t even imagine that pain! Then slamming him into the SUV. He shook that thing like it was a toy!

    • @Acker also you can be thankful you don’t fall forward when you look down, you know, having that pumpkin head and jack-o-lantern horse teeth.

  36. Screw this sorry excuse for a cop. Pussy needs his dog to arrest a guy that is already on the ground????? No wonder they wanted this footage suppressed. I’m not a “keyboard warrior” either. I would tell this to his face.

  37. In my opinion Beaver Police and the DA should dismiss all charges and set Mr. Cicco free. That’s the best odds they are going to get. Then get on with the civil suit. If it were me, they could not offer me enough money to settle this out of court. I would take my chances in Federal Court with a jury. After the jury is privy to all of the evidence, it is a lock for Benyo and Cicco. I see a million dollars minimum, and that’s bargain basement. In fact I think a million would actually lean more towards an insult.

    • Beaver Police, Beaver Council and Beaver School District….you are about to receive an angry town at your door. My suggestion…save yourselves some dignity..make a decision!!!!
      Do you choose the residents and children at the school OR do you choose the police department??

      • It would be a catastrophic mistake for them to re-try this case against Mr. Cicco. This would only solidify their reputation as fools and idiots. If they would offer a settlement I would want a stipulation that JR-W never be employed in Beaver ever. Not even as a meter maid.

  38. Yes he should have stayed pulled over, but the bottom line is that the officer and dog used too much excessive force. The man was plainly coming out of the vehicle ready to surrender. It looks like the only reason he jumped back in the vehicle is because he was afraid of the dog. He clearly jumped back in and slammed the door shut because he was scared.

  39. Either the dog cannot follow order to release or the “officer” didn’t give that command.
    That looks like sadistic torture.
    The dog should be relieved of duty and the handler should be fired, prosecuted and then given a taste of his own medicine.

  40. The whole sequence is bizarre; they follow him, he seems to pull over, and another car passes, and it almost seems like it’s one of those fake cop pullovers; maybe that’s why the dude went to a safer more lighted area. The perp is not blameless here, but the cop went way overboard in the arrest, and his unprofessionalism in yanking the car door open shows he was in maniac mode.

  41. The public finally gets to view this video. AFTER the trial, and after a hung jury led to a mistrial. In the BC: “The foreman said the jury’s final polls showed they were split 11-1 in favor of conviction on the charge of fleeing a law enforcement officer, and 8-4 in favor of conviction on the charge of possession.” Apparently, any pretrial publicity had no significant effect upon it.

    District Attorney David Lozier slandered, in my opinion, four people in open court, “…describ(ing) allegations against those seeking to have the dash cam video released…(as) amount(ing) to a conspiracy to taint the jury pool in Beaver County to undermine the criminal justice system itself.” That’s right, a deliberate effort of conspiracy.

    Lozier: “What we are seeing is an ongoing intentional effort by the media outlet (the BC), Mr. Cashdollar, and Mr. Benyo.” (And by implication, those private citizens seeking to release the video to the public.) He suggested that it intentional effort to taint the jury pool. None of this was true. And it did not work.

    And, if any of these people are called for jury duty themselves, has not Lozier alienated them from participating in such a venture, thus undermining the system himself?

    Additionally, Attorney Lauson Cashdollar was stopped mid-presentation in a heated exchange about the video at a recent Beaver Council meeting, by Beaver Sergeant Ken McCoy, Local Chapter President of the Fraternal Order of Police. He said that Cashdollar could not talk about the video, because it was an open criminal case and trial. Cashdollar pointed out that he had every right to in an open public council meeting. The judges’ ruling allowing releasing of the video was printed and had been given to all council members beforehand. He said that the citizens of Beaver should view it and be informed about what happens on the Beaver police force. He finished his presentation without interruption.

    So, has the video caused the damage of the criminal justice system, claimed as being an intentional conspiratorial action, by Lozier? Does it have the potential to taint a jury pool? Should citizens be cut off in public meetings by the police as they attempt to discuss it?

    By what I am reading here, people seem to have had their minds preset on how they view and evaluate the video, whether it is before or after a trial. No one is saying that it has made him/her change his mind about what happened.

    The next trial will be the Federal civil rights trial of James Cicco, presented by Attorney Benyo. does this video make any difference? Probably not, in that the contents of it have been presented many times in many different ways.

    Worry more about why it was suppressed in the first place. That is your problem with the criminal justice system.

    • On what legal authority does Ken McCoy base his statement that a member of the public cannot discuss this topic at a public meeting even though the trial is not concluded? There isn’t any.
      Mr. Cashdollar was not a witness or a party to the criminal case. It would be improper for Officer McCoy or any other Beaver Police Officer to comment, but not a member of the public.

    • Raven, In GODS name I don’t understand Loziers thinking of trying to suppress anything, video, audio phone call, etc. A courtroom is where there is suppose to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Including all evidence, recordings video, audio and anything pertaining to the case. Otherwise how is it a fair trial?

      • He is a puppet, John Q. On a string. He probably hasn’t made a unilateral decision since he took office.

  42. The most troubling of all of this so far? An attempt by an officer of the law, in uniform and on duty, citing his affiliated position in a police organization, trying to suppress a private citizen’s commenting in an open meeting for the public. It was during a scheduled presentation in a 5 minute public comment session of the meeting — an obvious attempt to suppress the First Amendment right to free speech, and, imposing a restriction on freedom of assembly. That should trouble anyone who has any respect for the First Amendment. And coming from law enforcement? Doubly so.

    • These people have lost sight of the fact that they serve at the pleasure of the taxpayers. Their duty is to protect and serve. Instead they are attempting to make the courtroom the last place to find the real truth.

  43. For the folks claiming he could have pulled over multiple times ……. here is the actual times ….. officers first turn on blue and reds he pulls over in 9 seconds ….. after confusion pulls back onto roadway get to AK Nahas 9 seconds later …. probably still did not realize the cop was there for him because of what happened earlier….. finally pulls over at home after 28 seconds back on the road ….. smh ….. then super cop jumps out and attacks him …. also super cop put his hand on his weapon …. was he thinking about shooting this kid ? Smh … then decided no the dog will do …. im in a fit of rage so i’ll start a fight then get my dog ……unreal … this dude is a loose cannon and should not have a badge …

    • Lmfao !!!! You sir are a certified idiot ….. police chase ? What police chase ? Refused to comply ? Refused what orders ? The cop jumped out of the car and immediately attacked the dude in the car ! The only part i agree with is he is lucky he was not shot … because jeff is a loose cannon enough to shoot someone unjustly …. smh

    • Oh …. and a criminal ? So a traffic violation makes him a criminal ? So every time you get pulled over for speeding , running a red light , whatever the case may be , you think the officer has a right to unjustly attack you ? …. you really are an idiot

      • Speaking of criminals there you hypocritical, fat headed waste of a human- “*Rioja testified that a majority of the political work that she observed had been conducted in the Orie office during the legislative workday by senate staffers Joshua Dott (hereinafter “Dott”) and Kurt Acker, Esquire (hereinafter “Acker”). Rioja also stated that she had heard Acker state to fellow staffers on at least one occasion that if the Attorney General’s Office knew what was occurring in Orie’s office, that “they all would be in handcuffs”.” Now f-off back to the very large troll hole you crawled out.

  44. Wow, what I’m not understanding is why the k9 was allowed to continually maul the man well after he was defenseless and from what I could see….handcuffed . His behavior was weird and I’m sure after a minute or 2 it became irritating to the officer. But, as soon as the officer jumped out of his car, ran over, and snatched the driver out this car……I saw nothing less than bad intentions exude from the officer. I don’t even think the dog was necessary. He couldn’t even control that dog’s aggression

  45. Please tell me why the pig even had the right to pull the dog out when the guy was complying with pulling over and than showing the fucking Pig his hands in the air in a defenseless posture!… He isn’t obviously trained enough to be a fucking cop with a K-9 dog or the dogg woulda released the suspect without him having to rip him off the dam kid!!=== typical half ass shabby ass beaver county policing!!!

  46. The dog should be pulled from fucking police work as well as this half ass brainless scary ass little bitch ass cop!== cause obviously NEITHER of them are as trained as they both need to be and or Should be!!== typical scumbag beaver county pigs

      • The dog is unstable and unfit for law enforcement work. Hell, he’s unfit to be around the public. I’ve had cops tell me they’re terrified of that dog, cause he ain’t wired right. He should not be accessable to the public.

    • I blame them both because if you actually open your dam eyes the dog wasn’t listening to the dumb ass cop and he had to pry the Dogg off of him by ripping the dudes flesh off… Them Dogg’s are supposed to release on command,, but you obviously know Jack squat about I’m done here,,bye

    • Lea Kaz…that’s exactly what I was saying… He never attempted to make a command or call or heal or any of that shit…. He purposely WANTED TO RIP THAT DOGS TEETH out that’s dudes skin cause the cock sucker knew it’d be alot more painful and was probably expecting the dude to start freaking out when he was Ripping the Dogg off him so he can let the Dogg latch on for a second time

    • I don’t blame the dog, the cop is the one who is supposed to have control over his animal and maybe he wasn’t trained properly as a k-9 dog..normally dogs who are properly trained to release when spoken to do as they are told, but if the dog doesn’t understand the command of course he isn’t gonna release…6 months training is normally what they do so maybe he had less than that… Cop needs to be accountable for not only his actions, but that of his k-9 partner as well…

    • I’m a HUGE animal lover!.== I was never saying anything about the Dogg other than the fuckin Dogg should not be a police Dogg until it’s better trained and I was meaning that same exact thing about his asshole handler ,,both of them should be at a training facility ,, NOT IN ACTIVE DUTY!=== AND THE RETARD COP SHOULD BE FUCKING FIRED AND CHARGED… HES A TOTAL FUCKTARD WHO WANTS TO ACT LIKE HES SOME KINDA HARDASS CAUSE HES GOT THAT”IM A PIG”””WHO THE HELL ARE YOU”” MENTALITY!== AND THAT MENTALITY IS GONNA GET HIS STUPID ASS FUCKED UP ONE DAY WHEN HE MEETS THE QRONG MOTHER FUCKER!!!!=== BELIEVE THAT!!=.. AND YOU CAN ALSO BELIEVE ” IM GONNA LAUGH MY FRICKEN BALLS OFF WHEN IT HAPPENS TO HIS RETARD ASS!!!!… LOL

  47. I think the guy was confused after letting the first police car pass he stayed off the road when he saw another police car but it didn’t pass..cicccio made a mistake there by not putting his car in park but instead pulling back on the road when the officer didn’t shut his lights off. Later when he pulls into the driveway when the officer was trying to cuff him and he was resisting the police office must’ve said I’m getting my K9 so cicco jumped back into his vehicle for protection from the dog..The dog did what he was trained to do. The second time the dog attacks he escaped on his own out of the car most likely door wasn’t shut completely..both cicco did things wrong..I’m also shocked the officer searched his pockets with bare hands! Especially with the drugs on the streets these days and possibly a needle in his pocket! They were looking pretty close to what they were pulling out as if it was drugs like the charges say.

  48. A few things- first, no big deal, and I’m not the spelling police, but psycho cop JWR’s name is sometimes spelled “Jeffrey”, and sometimes “Jeffery”, depending on the article.
    More importantly, I will look past the brutality of this officer and the impact these sorts of incidents have on the public’s faith and confidence in law enforcement, because I’m very sure the new Beaver County Community and Law Enforcement Coalition will take care of everything (HA!). Instead, let’s look at the quality of the policing-
    #1, why does it take two officers, in two separate cars, to respond to a “non-emergency call made by a man who alleged his ex-girlfriend had vandalized some of his property”? #2- What sort of competent officer leaves on a call “forgetting to put his equipment back on.”? #3- How is it in any way, shape, or form acceptable for a police officer to testify that ““As long as the suspect is moving, the dog is not going to release,””?!?! Who among us can lie still while being mauled by a psycho dog and psycho cop?. #4- Shouldn’t a competent police officer be able to understand basic principles of the PA code? How is it acceptable to testify that he doesn’t know the law regarding pursuits? Judge Harry Knafelc got it right when he stated that “If he doesn’t know that from being a police officer for 20 years, he’s got a problem!”.
    Again, even if you look past the multiple previous lawsuits and payouts, and even if you look past this current brutality (the worst of the lot), how can you look past the MULTIPLE instances of shoddy police work that occurred in just this one incident? What if his partners safety actually depended on psycho cop having his taser and radio and vest?
    Bottom line- if he isn’t fired him for being a brutal psycho, he should be fired for being a shitty and incompetent cop.

  49. My personal recommendation is anytime you get pulled over if you see cops and behind your mirror you turn on your phone and you hit record you don’t have to hold the phone up to the Copper just put the phone on the dashboard turn the phone face down so that way the cop doesn’t know it’s on the only way you’re going to protect yourself from loss by doing it yourself just shame that cop can’t be trusted anymore

    • Agreed , there is also a Bambuser App that goes Live stream, in the event the police “Know” their being recorded an try to take your camera phone , ( which is a violation of the law ) an delete the footage , or steal the phone , an claim, sorry we lost it, here’s a receipt for your phone, have a nice day….

      I personally have 4 camera’s in both my vehicles , inside Cab facing forward, , both side mirrors, an one facing rear , ALL undetectable , the Lukas LK-9750 is a great camera, it detects motion, so if your not driving it will record anytime there’s motion, as long as there’s life in the cars battery , it records .
      it came in handy for a Cop Blocker Battousai , Turner vs Driver of the 5th circuit , police searched his vehicle while it was in a parking lot, he sued an won.

  50. Just saw this story on KDKA’s 6 o’clock news. They failed to mention the officer’s history of lawsuits for excessive force, but they did mention that Lozier will probably not retry this case. So it was all for nothing. Great job, law enforcement!

    • Hey, what’s up Seth Bojanac? You still livin at home with yer moms? (which would mean you are the literal definition of the troll sitting in your moms basement.)

  51. Ya this was just on KDKA they gave a shout out to the Beaver Countian and they interviewed Benyo’s head

  52. This proves my point that the men in blue and republicans are the dirtiest and most crooked s.o.b.s. on the planet.el chapo,the mafia,the kkk,bloods,crypts aint got shit on these crooks…not some of them,all.point blank..and dont give a damn what anybody thinks of talking facts…dirty fucks

  53. It looked like there was excessive force used. I was just wondering how many people who have commented that it appears to be excessive force also support the movement Black Lives Matter, I do?

    I also support the 99% of law enforcement that do good.

    • So you support a domestic terrorist group that openly calls for the murder of police officers?!
      Dallas ring a bell?! You should go by Dan Sonofbitch.

  54. They do what they want and don’t care about the law but let u break the law u go to jail they should be held to a higher standard but there not I ask for help one day and they taze me and put me in a choke hold and refused me medical treatment after I bag ed for hour s for help and did not put my hands on none of them but I am charged with bs and this is what I will say if I wanted to f them up I would of but I didn’t I just wanted help my video will b posted this week

  55. They try to tell people it is OK to drive to a well lit and populated area before pulling over. This is what they do to any one that tries to do that. These pigs are out of control.

  56. What did this guy do to get pulled over in the first place? If he’s a wanted murderer then I don’t necessarily think the officer’s behavior was unwarranted. If this was all for a routine traffic violation then the officer was way out of line.

  57. All of you need to just stop. The man failed to yield to an emergency vehicle, then wouldn’t stop, then proceeded to argue with the officer. Upon not listening, which is what gets 99% of people in trouble, he gets pulled out by the dog. When the man continues to flail instead of listening to police instructions, he hits the dog, which makes the dog re-engage, per his training. Maybe the dog could’ve been put back in the car after the man was handcuffed. But it all goes back to listening to police instruction.

      • Patricia I won’t resort to name calling , but damn women its hard not too…..

        For the Love of Mom and Country do you think we the people should bow down to a Cop just because they say something, STAND UP Voice your opinion , die on the hill you’re fighting for with Honor ,Dignity , an Self respect , when you know your right about something !!
        Most police have an attitude problem an show complete disrespect to the citizens just because they wear a uniform and expect to meet someone like you, a SHEEP!!

        This is America !!! stand up for yourself, brave men an women fought and died so you could have that right !! Honor them !!!

        Perhaps the suspect wouldn’t have been flailing around if this peace of shit cop didn’t drop his knee in his back !!! or have a dog tearing his flesh off !!! i would pay good money to see how you would respond to that treatment .
        This Cop lied repeatedly on his report, the Judges saw this an dismissed the charges , When the United States Supreme Court Justices tell the citizens of this Country NEVER talk to the police, there’s a reason why !! if you choose to continue being assaulted, insulted, disrespected , lied about , from a large majority of the police that’s fine, stay on your knee’s , wipe your chin on occasion , an be sure to keep a good supply of antiseptics.
        For the sake of humanity i hope you don’t have children an raise them with your Attitude , Ideology , if so expect them to come home crying a lot .

        See after all that i never once called you a derogatory name. I think i will reward myself with an Ice Cream Cone .

  58. PITTSBURGH – An insurance company paid $90,000 to settle two federal lawsuits last month against Beaver borough, its police department and one of its officers.

    Six people brought suit last year against police officer Jeff Wijnen-Riems, claiming police brutality in several incidents involving the officer. In court documents filed Dec. 21 in U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh, the two suits are marked as settled, with a judge writing that all parties had reached an “amicable resolution.”

    Attorney Paul Krepps of Pittsburgh, who represented Wijnen-Riems, said the total money paid by the borough’s insurance company was $90,000. Attorney Charles H. Saul of Pittsburgh, who represented the borough and police department, did not return a phone call Tuesday.

    In June, Lorri Stiles and her husband, Joel Koslicki, both of 431 Rotteck St., Baden; Christopher E. Green of 239 Taylor Ave., Beaver; and Robert Capo Sr. and his son Benjamin, of 790 River Road, Beaver, sued.

    Benjamin Capo said he was roughed up by Wijnen-Riems when he was taken into custody Sept. 28, 2004, for riding a bicycle without a light on Third Street in Beaver.

    Robert Capo said he was attacked by Wijnen-Riems when he went to the police station to check on his son. Green was at the Beaver police station on July 7, 2003, at the request of police who were investigating an incident.

    Green was taken to an interrogation room, where, the lawsuit said, Wijnen-Riems screamed at Green and accused him of giving police false information. Green was then handcuffed, and Wijnen-Riems slammed Green’s upper body into a window, which shattered, injuring Green, the lawsuit said.

    Stiles said that she was arrested Oct. 21, 2004, after she witnessed a fight at the McDonald’s restaurant in Vanport Township, and that Wijnen-Riems falsely accused her of being drunk.

    Also according to the suit, Wijnen-Riems called Stiles’ husband and told him that she was having sex with another man in the back seat of a police car the night of her arrest and that she had tested positive for Viagra.

    In August, Adam B. Colbert, of 105 Sixth Ave., Homewood, said that he was attacked by Wijnen-Riems in the parking lot of Thurday’s restaurant in Bridgewater on Dec. 12, 2004, during a fight there.

    Beaver Police Chief Anthony Hovanec said Tuesday that he hadn’t received any details of any of the settlements.

    He added that Wijnen-Riems remains on duty, and was not disciplined in any of the events listed in the lawsuits.

    Wijnen-Riems could not be reached for comment Tuesday. Krepps said the Beaver police officer was “eager to clear his name” through court proceedings, but the decision was made to settle the suit.

    Beaver Borough Manager John Barrett did not return a phone call seeking comment Tuesday.

    • A Beaver man filed a federal lawsuit today accusing a Beaver Borough police officer of a nine-year history of abuse, culminating in a May beating that ended in the plaintiff’s hospitalization and a broken glass window. Beaver police, though, disputed the man’s characterization of the incident and noted that he has a significant criminal history.

      Robert Michael Doyle, of Beaver, was accused of violating a protection from abuse order that governed his contact with his daughter, and Beaver Officer Jeffrey Wijnen-Riems came to his house, according to the complaint.

      When Mr. Doyle’s mother tried to explain her son’s visitation rights to Mr. Wijnen-Riems, he said, “blah, blah, blah,” the complaint continued. When Mr. Doyle stood up, Mr. Wijnen-Riems “charged after [him],” the complaint said, and “began to strike him about the head with his handcuffs. … [H]e slammed [Mr. Doyle] down onto a coffee table.” He then “slammed” Mr. Doyle’s “head into the side panel glass window of the door thereby breaking it.”

      Mr. Doyle claimed in the lawsuit, written by Ambridge attorneys Charles F. Bowers and James J. Ross, that he was treated at the Beaver Police Department by emergency personnel and then hospitalized.

      Beaver Police Chief Daniel L. Magdar said Mr. Wijnen-Riems was one of four officers to respond to Mr. Doyle’s house. Declining to provide details, he called their account of the incident “different.”

      “Mr. Doyle is very familiar to our department, and there were four officers total on the scene, and that’s not what happened,” Chief Magdar said. “We’ve dealt with [Mr. Doyle], as have several other departments in the area in the past.”

      Mr. Doyle, 35, pleaded guilty to a 2009 resisting arrest charge, a 2007 drug paraphernalia charge, and a 2003 charge of driving with a suspended license. He faces aggravated assault charges in the May incident, and a simple assault charge from March.

      Mr. Doyle’s attorney could not be immediately reached for comment.

      The complaint included a lengthy account of alleged altercations between Mr. Wijnen-Riems and residents, including incidents in 2001, 2002, 2003, and three in 2004.

      Two of the incidents spurred federal lawsuits that settled in 2007.

      “Sometimes lawsuits are settled because it is cheaper, and that’s what we’re advised by the insurance carrier,” said Chief Magdar, who characterized Mr. Wijnen-Riems as a quality officer with more than a decade of experience.

  59. Big Brother wont let me see the event that happen because I might have an opinion and voice my outrage to from all the chatter on fb sounds like a viololation of someones human rights!!! Im pissed cause my rights are being squashed that I cant view for myself the event that occured. Sorry this all occured because it sounds like no one gets out ahead!!!

  60. Kurt Acker, sir you are a boot licker for the “men in blue” no matter what they do. At lest come up some better facts to back up your blathering. Orie gang has you requiring remedial training on the constitution and the bill of rights. Moron. Save your strokes for your Johnson!

  61. I have to assume that the dog was trained as required by law. The PD and the city can’t afford to have a half trained four legged officer turned loose on suspects let alone a two legged loose cannon officer.
    All blame goes to the civil authorities who licensed the human officer.

  62. I cannot for the life of me understand how ANYONE in their right mind can sit here and even attempt to justify this coward POS “cops” actions.

    I 100% stand and support our HONEST, FAIR and LAW ABIDING men/women in blue. What I will NOT STAND for is a egotistical, pansy ass coward like Mr. Wijnen-Reims.

    I have ZERO respect for ANYONE, BADGE OR NO BADGE, that infringes on the rights of a fellow citizen. Especially one that chose to take an OATH TO PROTECT THEIR FELLOW CITIZENS. Just because you wear a shiny BADGE does not mean you are ABOVE THE LAW.

    Just because you have a K-9, DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to use that K-9 simply because it took someone “too long to pull-over at at safe area”! Which in fact, is NOT A VIOLATION to begin with!

    Mr. Reims, You sir should be rotting your cowardly ass away in a 8×10 concrete jail cell for the next decade or two. Maybe that will trim a few inches off that high horse you’re riding.. little bitch.




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