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WATCH: The Interrogation Of Convicted Killer Sheldon Jeter Jr.

Sheldon Jeter Jr. was convicted in June 2021 by a Beaver County jury on charges of first degree murder for the shooting death of 30-year old Tyric Pugh. But a year before his conviction, just one day after Pugh’s body had been discovered by passersby, Jeter was seated at a table in the Beaver Barracks of the Pennsylvania State Police.

Jeter lied to investigators that day — untruths which were quickly exposed when troopers revealed to him they had gathered surveillance video directly contradicting his statements. Among that footage was video from a camera installed on a house belonging to one of Jeter’s relatives. That camera was pointed across the street, squarely at Jeter’s home.

(Read the charging affidavit filed by State Police when they arrested Jeter for murder)

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