WATCH: Chamber of Commerce Releases Video Highlighting Beaver County’s History And Future


The Beaver County Chamber of Commerce has released a promotional video highlighting the county’s rich history with a hopeful outlook on its future. The Chamber said it is optimistic the video will “instill pride and hopefully inspire new businesses and residents to relocate here.”…

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John Q Taxpayer
John Q Taxpayer

If you are a friend or family, Beaver County is open for business.

Uncle Wah Wah
Uncle Wah Wah

That’s a very nice video. A couple years back, the county commissioned a survey of what people wanted to see in the county and I thought that BC should look to models like Cranberry, Washington County, and become suburban residences for Pittsburgh and build on the rivers, the parks and open space that we have as a lifestyle lure for recreation and amenities. Those are things that other counties don’t have as selling points for new residents from outside the area that we could offer.

I HOPE that this new cracker plant doesn’t return BC back into the dirty mill town model of the past. I think that’s a lifestyle that we should put in the rear view mirror. I also hope we can get past the high school ball and dollar store mentality and broaden the area out a little with new interests and a less parochial view. It’s like being in a vacuum here sometimes when you see all the things going on in the neighboring counties and even depressed areas like Boardman in terms of shopping, restaurants, night life, etc. Don’t take the work clothes off and head out of the area with your paycheck. With an influx of new money, we should look to get in on that.