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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Ambridge JROTC Instructor Carl Curtis Accepted Plea Bargain After Being Arrested For DUI

Ambridge Area High School JROTC instructor 1st Sgt. Carl Leslie Curtis entered Beaver Count's Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program after accepting a plea bargain...

Beaver County 2015 General Election Results

Beaver County Election Results

Beaver County 2015 Primary Election Results (Unofficial)

Note: 2015 General Election Results Can Be Viewed Here Beaver County Election Results - 2015 Primary Elections SUMMARY REPORT ...

Ambridge School Director & JROTC Instructor Found Not Guilty Of Summary Charges

An Ambridge School Director and a JROTC Instructor were both found not guilty yesterday of summary charges stemming from an incident back in September. Mary...

Charges Against Ambridge JROTC Instructor’s Wife Dismissed After He Refuses To Testify Against Her

Criminal charges against an Ambridge JROTC instructor's wife were dismissed yesterday after the man refused to testify as a victim in the case. Kathleen Curtis,...

Ambridge School Board Votes To Oust Kehoe As President

The Ambridge Area School Board voted to change their President during a public meeting last night. Mary Jo Kehoe was removed from her role as...