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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Tag: CJ Betters

Hopewell, Potter, And Greene Reveal Which Side They’re Taking In Betters’ Lawsuit Against County

Newly filed court documents show that Hopewell, Potter, Greene Townships are siding with the County of Beaver in a lawsuit that was filed against...

County Jail Inmates Accidentally Mow Developer CJ Betters’ Grass

Courthouse employees were abuzz today after a group of inmates from the Beaver County Jail were seen picking up sticks, raking, and mowing a...

Hopewell, Greene And Potter Townships Petition Court To Intervene In CJ Betters’ Reassessment Lawsuit

The townships of Hopewell, Greene, and Potter have filed a court motion seeking to intervene in a lawsuit filed against Beaver County by local...

Chief County Assessor: Solicitor’s Condo Will Be Properly Appraised For Tax Purposes

A $371,000 condominium purchased by County Solicitor Bernie Rabik last year that is still assessed at just $850 will see a proper appraisal done,...

Investigative Report: Chief County Solicitor’s $371,000 Condo Still Appraised At $850 For Tax...

Beaver County Chief Solicitor Bernie Rabik is now living in a condominium on a golf course in Hopewell Township he purchased last year with...

“Racist Landlord” Video Featuring Local Real Estate Developer Goes Viral On The Internet (NSFW)

A video titled "Racist Landlord Goes Off On A Tenant!" that appears to feature a local real estate developer and business owner is going...