What Happened To Rachael? WATCH THE ENTIRE EPISODE OF “48 HOURS”


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  1. I seen you on the show Lastnight i said i follow them !! I hope you find the corruption out bc i myself believe it.. ive had run ins with aliquippa police.. they are not nice……

  2. John Paul and all at the Beaver Countian,
    Thank you so much for journalism. You are so needed in Beaver County. You cover so much and dig deep! I wish you would come out in paper form and at least make something that can be bought in our local stores. You are all that we truly have here anymore!
    Thanks again for your hard work and great coverage.

  3. I watched it. Interesting to say the least. Several unanswered questions were left hanging.

  4. I’m surprised they did not interview any of her current boyfriends, but that would mean a 60 minute show would have become a 240 minute show.

  5. “go for a walk, I’ll pick you up after”-that message was meant for the shooter but accidentally sent to Rachael. Explains that text don’t you think… Who was picked up???? Hmmmmm. Rocket science huh?

  6. Everyone thinks there is a big conspiracy with this but when you play with animals, sometimes you get bitten. I’m sorry but this is not the most important unsolved murder in this county.

  7. Looks like Rachael had a very jealous, mean friend who would betray her confidence. She would probably still be here if her friend hadn’t betrayed her. Karma will come around.

  8. She left a trail of pissed off boyfriends and cops. Her friend who was with her when she died is the key. She ratted her out either to her cop relatives or the prime suspect, the jealous ex-boyfriend. These folks read like they belong in the East New York projects.