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State Rep. Matzie Calls For PA Attorney General To Investigate Brighton Rehab

State Representative Robert Matzie (D-Beaver/Allegheny) has asked the Pennsylvania Attorney General to conduct an investigation into Brighton Rehabilitation & Wellness Center.

In a statement sent to, Matzie revealed he has asked Attorney General Josh Shapiro to investigate allegations that the facility in Brighton Township “performed drug experiments on patients under the guise of clinical trials.”

The statement was part of an announcement of legislation proposed by Matizie that would require the PA Department of Health (DOH) to conduct inspections of nursing homes in the state. The proposal, which was first reported by last week, came just two days after one of his constituents filed litigation against the DOH seeking similar protections.

Ambridge resident Jodi Gill’s federal class-action lawsuit was sparked by concern for her father, Glenn, who is an 81-year-old resident of the Brighton Rehab.

“I have been urging the state to look into conditions at Beaver County’s Brighton Rehabilitation and Wellness Center since the last week of March,” Matzie said. “Recently, the facility entered into an agreement with a temporary manager, but the virus continues to spread, and the death toll mounts. The residents, families, staff, leaders in the community and the public at large do not trust that the company is being transparent and doing all it can do to mitigate the spread of the virus.”

But it’s not just my county. The pandemic has hit hard statewide, and the nursing homes that care for our parents and grandparents – our most vulnerable citizens – are ground zero. Staff and residents are being infected at much higher rates than the general public in confined, high-risk environments that have become pressure-cookers. With nursing homes accounting for nearly two-thirds of Pennsylvania’s total deaths, inaction is not an option.”

Matzie is currently circulating a co-sponsorship memorandum seeking support from other legislators for his proposal.

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