Monday, November 23, 2020
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Monday, November 23, 2020
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Court Employee Tests Positive For COVID-19 As Trials Get Underway For First Time Since Pandemic Began

A Beaver County court employee tested positive today for COVID-19 and at least one other court employee is under self-quarantine as trials got underway in the courthouse for the first time since the pandemic began.

Two courthouse officials who spoke on condition they not be quoted by name told that a court stenographer received a positive test result today and a second stenographer, who may have had exposure, is now under self-quarantine. The sources said two other employees of the court administrator’s office are also home sick, although it is unclear if their illnesses are coronavirus related.

Beaver County Court Administrator William Hare confirmed to that a stenographer had in fact tested positive.

“One of our court reporters reported to us this morning, confirming a positive test,” Hare said. “We immediately notified (the county Human Resources Department) and that employee is self-isolating at home and is following doctor’s orders. As a precaution, we told a second court reporter to go home and to let their doctor know. We requested that employee let us know of any test results if they are tested.”

A third court stenographer has also been staying at home, Hare said.

“None of the court reporters had any contact with jurors who were brought in today,” Hare stressed. “We are not using any court reporters today, we are using the D.A.R. (a digital audio recording system).”

Hare told he does not yet have any information about the other court employees who called off sick.

County Commissioners were unaware of the situation before being contacted by early this afternoon, but were notified by the Human Resources Department shortly thereafter.

Commissioner Chairman Dan Camp told he could not discuss the matter more specifically because of employee privacy concerns.

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John Paul
John Paul
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