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Brighton Rehab Stops “Counting Test Results” Now “Presuming All Staff And Residents May Be Positive”

Editor’s Note: After days of keeping reporters in the dark about the number of patients at their facility who have tested positive for COVID-19, or who have died from the virus, Brighton Rehabilitation and Wellness Center has released the following statement to the media. In the statement, the facility says it is “beginning to shift away from counting test results.”

As has been seen in communal settings and densely populated cities around the world, and in many communities, COVID-19 is virulent. There is mounting evidence that persons may be able to transmit COVID-19 without symptoms, and that persons may carry the virus without ever getting sick. Likewise, it seems that negative test results do not mean a person will not develop symptoms. Upon consultation with the Department of Health, and consistent with practices of facilities on the cutting edge of prevention and treatment, we are beginning to shift away from counting test results, and presuming all staff and residents may be positive, while continuing to isolate and aggressively treat those who exhibit symptoms. Thinking about the virus in this way allows us to be more protective of asymptomatic staff and residents.

All CDC and DOH guidelines are continuing to be followed. All direct care staff are wearing N95 masks and all appropriate personal protective equipment. All residents are wearing masks during care as appropriate.

Our staff of big-hearted professionals continue to care for the residents to the very best of our abilities, and to help them stay strong and in touch with their families. We mourn for those we have lost, and the estimated tens of thousands who have passed around the world. Together with our community, loved ones, and friends, we anticipate and pray for a day when vaccines are available and the pandemic subsides.

Sincerest regards,
The Team at Brighton Rehab & Wellness Center

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