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Attorney Gerald Benyo Seeks Community’s Help In Bringing Ex-Wife’s Murderer To Justice

Editor’s Note: The following statement was submitted to by criminal defense attorney Gerald Benyo, whose ex-wife Sharon was discovered murdered in Chippewa Township on Wednesday. Sharon had been released from state prison just three weeks prior to her death.

On Wednesday I learned my ex-wife, Sharon Benyo, was found in a field near Chippewa. Sharon died in that field after being shot. I did not have any contact with my ex-wife for over 3 years, but the fact she had been murdered and left in a field hurt me deeply.

No matter what issues she had with alcohol and addictions, no one should die in that manner. I pray Sharon did not know that her life was about to end as the bullets left her murderer’s gun and that her death was immediate, so she did not suffer any pain.

I was married to Sharon for over 10 years. During that time, she continually fought against alcoholism and self-medicating. Sometimes she succeeded for several months. No matter how many times she failed to maintain her sobriety, she got hold of herself, pulled herself up and went back to inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation and tried again.

Sharon loved her daughter and her pets and was fascinated by the ocean and the sharks and sea turtles that made the ocean their home. She was never happier than being on the beach, next to the ocean and away from Beaver Falls and the people, places, and things that continually challenged her sobriety.

While we were together, Sharon worked hard to gain an education and succeeded in becoming certified as an esthetician. Sharon was also successful in starting her own eyelash and skin care business in Beaver.

Her daughter and I were proud of all of Sharon’s accomplishments.

My step-daughter and I are working with the Pennsylvania State Police to find the person or persons responsible for this murder.

There were many people who knew and liked Sharon and wanted nothing but good things to happen for her. To everyone out there who knew her, please help Sharon find justice by reporting any informarion about her murder immediately.

The Pennsylvania State Police and Chippewa Township Police have not finished their investigation or presented their findings to the District Attorney.

Sharon’s daughter and I are requesting that anyone with any information as to Sharon’s whereabouts last weekend and earlier this week, or any other information about her murder, immediately contact Chippewa Police Chief Eric Hermick at 724-843-8227 or the Pennsylvania State Police, Brighton Barracks at 724-773-7335. Newsletter

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