Approval Of Minutes [01:15]

Police Report [01:25]

Financial Report [01:40]

Correspondence Report [02:55]

– The borough’s insurance representative cannot attend any of the rest of the 2019 year’s meetings due to a personal issue.

– New guidelines established for the WIC Program, borough plans to post a notice on their website to notify residents in their borough who may now potentially qualify.

– Census Bureau would like the borough to participate in updating its 2020 residential address list.

Public Comment [06:15]

Joe Weatherly: Has an issue with people parking on West 3rd Street.

Mike Rolowsky:

– Brought up an issue he has with on-street street parking. Also has an issue with Ross Avenue, saying the road is collapsing due to a storm drain issue.

– Asked about the new burning ban ordinance, which led to a lengthy discussion. [17:45]

– Discussion about the borough’s recylcing plans, including a “Second Saturday” initiative.

Reed: Has an issue with a neighborhood yard that has long grass and trailers parked on it that have not moved recently. Discussion about sending the land owner a letter explaining about local ordinances.

Richard Pegg: Is having issues on his land with water runoff from a nearby property. Alleges the neighbor has their French drains aimed at his property in violation of a borough ordinance.

Brett: Is having an issue with High Street Ext. on-street parking. Cars are being parked on the road, which is only two cars wide, raising concerns about safety and traffic.

Jim Brooks: Has interest in a building for sale in the borough and asked questions about zoning issues.

John: Has water runoff issues with his property. This lead to a discussion about road plans for the 2019 year [42:30]

Christine: Wants to know when the streetlight near her house will be replaced. Also expressed concerns with a lack of streetlights in areas of of the road she lives on.

Dave: Thanked the Board for the work they are doing for the community.

William Sapp: Believes letters should be sent out to citizens warning them about changes in ordinances.

Parks and Recreation [59:05]

– Discussion about the state of local fields, concerns that lack of maintenance will lead to the fields becoming unusable as has happened the past.

– A discussion about noise ordinance issues

Sewers [1:10:00]

– Discussion about the cost of fixing sewer lines.

Ordinances [1:17:25]

Buildings and Grounds [1:17:45]

Streets [1:18:45]

– Request for approval to purchase 55 gallons of Tack-Coat, which is used to line a pothole before it is filled in with cold patch. The cost of this is $165 total. A lengthy discussion took place about whether this is a good idea considering all of the issues with the streets, and if it makes financial sense.

Finance and Litigation [1:33:30]

Mayor’s Report

– None

Old Business [1:34:15]

– Discussion about PennDOT’s “Agility Agreement” which works as a barter system.

– Discussion about a citizen wanting to buy land, which lies along the boundary line between West Mayfield and Chippewa.

New Business [1:46:15]

– Details about the “Second Saturday” recycling program.

– Board reads letters sent to them by local citizens and groups.

– A letter from the DEP identified a water runoff issue that needs addressed. The borough discussed if the issue was with their land or land belonged to White Township, which also received the same letter.

– A discussion about whether the borough should implement a storm sewer tax as seen in other municipalities like Beaver and Brighton Township.

– Discussion about issues council members have with roads near and around their homes.

Motion to Pay the Bills [2:20:10]

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