Approval of Bills [01:40]

BOC Report [03:00]

– Recognition of workers in the borough for the work they have done.

Department Head Reports [03:25]

Solicitor Report

– None

Police Report [03:35]

– Police Chief recognized officer Darren Caruso of the Hopewell Township Police as officer of the year for 2018.

Engineer Report [07:35]

– Raccoon Creek Update

– Amphitheater Update

– A drawing was revised for Westfield Towers

Road Department

– None

Sewer Department [09:50]

Planning and Zoning [10:45]

Sewer Authority

– No discussion

Old Business

– None

New Business

– None

Public Comment [14:35]

– John: Handed a petition to council in regards to shutting down a gun range near Stone Quarry Road. He, along with others, believe the range is in violation of township ordinances and stated that if they are not satisfied with how council responds they will seek legal action.

– Edward: Discussed alleged violations of ordinances by the gun range, including noise ordinances, and stated he believes it is too close to residential zoning. Edward said in the past the township has claimed the range is “grandfathered in” and they cannot do anything about it. He said there are seven other ranges within ten miles of the 15001 area code and that this one is not necessary to the area.

– Council asks questions [23:50]

– Council notified residents that the DEP has already been fining the range for not cleaning up bullets that are fired and it contaminating well water.

– Karissa [28:15]: Has issues with flooding on the road she lives on. Also has issues with mud flowing down into her property from a house under construction. Council discussed legal issues with the construction site and what should have been in place to prevent that. There was also discussion about who owns the road and who is responsible for fixing the water issue.

– Jeanette [37:25]: Has issues with a sinkhole that is growing near a family member’s property. Also has issues with a logging company that is allegedly not cleaning up properly. Council said they have plans in place to fix some of these issues, and made plans to address the ones they were not aware of. Jeanette also asked for an update on the landslide that is sitting on Cane Road. The township did not have any updates.

Issues with allegedly illegal parking at the apartment complex she lives at. The chief of police said he has already made plans with the owner of the complex so officers can better enforce these areas. Cars will be able to be towed once this plan is set in motion.

Announcements [51:00]

* Township Commissioner Nick DiPietro and Township President Rich Bufalini were absent for this meeting.

Matthew LaComb
Matt is a multimedia contributor. When he doesn't have a camera in his hands, he's often conducting research projects for the site.

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