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Bob: Talked about issues with road damage from trucks

Steve White: Was upset that a plan such as the one on Amsler Ridge Road is in a residential area and not far away from where people live. Does not think the geotech report is relevant to the issues the public have.

Engineer’s Report [05:50]

– Joe Bower identified as the author of the geotech report

– The ridge was split into 8 zones with zone 1 being at the top of the hill and zone 8 being near the intersection of Big Sewickley Creek

– The plan involved creating and possibly expanding a retaining wall from zone 1 into zone 2.

– The plan recommends there be “monitoring” of the slopes to see if any movement is occurring. This will be done in at least zone 4 and suggested in zone 5 as well. Pictures of these areas were included in the report.

– Conclusion of the report was not to approve the plan until the discussed situations were dealt with and investigated properly

– PennEnergy representative said they would make a slope monitoring plan for zones 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Councilwoman Patricia Skonieczny [17:00]

– Councilwoman Skonieczny had conducted measurements and determined the trucks that Penn Energy plans to use would take up too much space on the existing road and would not allow for an ambulance to properly travel down the road. She also discussed how she thinks the council’s job is to vote to approve or deny the permit, and not be involved in all of the discussion about having the engineer conduct tests and try to comply with the recommendations of the geotech report.

– Skonieczny asks the solicitor if the individuals on council could be personally financially responsible if they vote to pass the permit without the engineer’s recommendation. He responded that it is possible [21:50]

Mayor JoAnn Borato [23:30]

– Discussion was had about whether council had read the blue binder report, which she said includes plans to widen Amsler Ridge Road.

– She said only three issues arose out of all the proposals presented, and she believes the issues are easily fixable.

– Mentioned that the geotech report was conducted to specifically address and fix issues surrounding the retaining wall, and nothing else. Previously conducted studies addressed the road and other issues brought up during the meeting.

Engineer’s Thoughts [28:00]

– Believes council should wait until plans are made and sent to them for review. After reviewing, they can move forward with fixing the issues that were recommended in the report before they reconsider the proposed permit again.

– PennEnergy representative said the company will develop a monitoring plan and have it sent into council, to be ready by the next meeting.

Read Economy Borough’s Geotech Report In Full Here

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Matt is a multimedia contributor. When he doesn't have a camera in his hands, he's often conducting research projects for the site.

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