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– None

– Motion was made and accepted to approve the Dampman/Syka Subdivision.

Committee Reports [02:00]

Manager Report [03:05]

– The township received a request to forgive the taxes owed on a property in the borough. The potential buyer got approval from the school district to forgive the taxes and is looking for township approval. The motion was made and accepted.

– A quote was received regarding SCSI License plate reading cameras for intersections throughout the township. The township also received a letter from the District Attorney saying he would pledge $5,000 from drug forfeiture funds to help pay for them. A motion was made and passed to start moving forward cameras.

– Discussion was had about Laserfiche Retention Filing Systems. Township has gotten good reviews from other local governments in the county that use them and is going to start exploring the possibility of utilizing their services.

– Police department discussed its recent active shooter training.

Payment of Bills [10:50]

Solicitor Report [11:15]

– No report

Supervisor Business [11:20]

Public Comment

– Sarah Pannell introducing herself as a candidate for County Controller

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