Public Works

– Reached a dollar amount for floats at the lift station, $2,000.00 total.

– Grass cutting will begin today in the parks.

– Installation of drains at brush creek park will be delayed due to the ground being too soft to bring in the vehicles needed to complete the job.

– The damaged shelter at Brady’s Run Park will not be demolished and will not regain electrical capabilities. Structural damage is set to be repaired.

Solicitor Report [5:20]

– North Sewickley Township and Marion Township want to meet with county officials to discuss issues they have concerning Brush Creek Park. These issues include roads and police coverage.

– Executive Session was requested regarding personnel matters.

BOC Report [7:30]

– Commissioner Dan Camp discussed his meeting with the chiefs of police and the District Attorney about the possibility of a new K-9 being added for the county. Discussion over what townships around the county have K-9s. Commissioner Egley suggested they give the grant money to a different department that already has a K-9.

The Departments already with K-9s are: Aliquippa, Beaver Falls, Beaver Falls Fire Department, Hopewell, Monaca, New Sewickley, Sheriff’s Department (all dogs excluding the Sheriff’s are drug dogs).

– Commissioner Sandy Egley discussed the Energy Efficiency RFD and how many calls the county was getting in a short period of time. Discussion about storm water bill notice received from Brighton Township.

– Egley expressed concerned about students and local areas not having internet access and recommended the use of an app called “Test IT,” which will test internet speeds and send data to the state about which areas need better broadband. This can also affect any chances for relevant grants the county may receive.

– Egley also expressed her concern over spam calls being received by the elderly. She would like to stop the fraud calls that are causing elderly to send money to scammers.

– Egley discussed a meeting she attended about the CCBC Comprehensive Plan.

Audience Participation [22:10]

– Solicitor for the Beaver Valley Chief of Police Association discussed issues over police having to pay at the shooting range. Says that there were “verbal agreements” from as early as 2006 that said law enforcement would not have to pay for the use of the facility.

*An executive session was requested by Commissioner Egley regarding personnel matters.

Matthew LaComb
Matt is a multimedia contributor. When he doesn't have a camera in his hands, he's often conducting research projects for the site.

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Gray Squirrel
Gray Squirrel

Beaver Valley Chief of Police Association , cry me a river of tears, I was given a verbal agreement as well , with a hand shake that i could shoot anytime i wanted, within the first month that all changed , took my money an took advantage of me, hows it feel ?

stop buying new toys for your Departments that are not needed, (this is not Nazi Germany)
an pay the range fee’s why should “ONLY” the general public members pay to have upkeep an maintenance , target backboards replaced , when YOU the Police are causing most of the damage .


Been like that for DECADES!!!! That is why I quit that club more than 25 years ago. Was NEVER allowed to shoot indoors. “The POPO is coming. They have preference.” Ok. See ya!