Approval Of Minutes

– Commissioner Sandie Egley notified the Board she needed additional time to review the minutes before voting on their approval.

Department Of Public Works [00:15]

– Update on Hill 12 at Bradys Run. Landslide was larger than expected and is now causing the road to fall apart. It was suggested the board consider replacing the entire length of the road, because going forward the problem is going to happen again. Discussion of who would be doing the work and when it would need done.

– Another landslide occurred along Silver Mine Road in Old Economy Park. Road is only open to local traffic and damage is expected to be worse than what happened at Bradys Run. A suggestion was made to get new shelters, which would cost roughly $100,000.00 each.

Solicitor Report [10:50]

– Discussion about extending contracts for county cleaning company [Terrace Cleaning]

– Resolutions are marked in the wrong spot and have spelling issues, as pointed out by Commissioner Egley.

– An Executive Session was requested regarding personnel matters. No need to reconvene.

BOC Report [16:25]

Sandie Egley

– The gate at the 911 facility has a faulty mechanism and is closing on its own, hitting cars as they enter and leave the area.

Dan Camp III

– None

Tony Amadio

– Discussion about reimbursement through bond issue that Governor Tom Wolf has talked about.

Other Business

– None

Public Comment [18:20]

Roger Thomas – Jury Compensation:

– Lengthy discussion about the statutes and law surrounding the pay a juror receives. Suggested that if the county followed the right procedures they could write off up to $35,000.00 a year. Asked commissioners to send a letter to State Rep Rob Kauffman about the possibility and seeing if he can help them.

– Commissioners ask questions about the presentation [31:00]

Dan Page and Rick Rosenburger [42:35] – Crows Run Landmark:

– Asked Commissioners to consider helping them get approval of a historical marker for the former location of gunsmith Thomas Allison’s workshop. They have been denied by the state for lack of public interest, but the two still think it holds local importance in history. They expressed a willingness to pay for plaque themselves and have already gotten permission from PennDOT to put the plaque there, which PennDOT will do for them.

Marion Township Representatives [57:20] – Brush Creek Park:

– The group, along with the Sheriff and members of the DPW, met on May 9 to discuss alleged issues with Brush Creek Park. Their issues have not been fixed and asked why the county is not spending money in Brush Creek Park like it is other parks in the county.

Commissioner Egley discussed how she did research in the past and found the county has spent over one million dollars in the park over the past three years. Most of this money has gone to repairing the bridge which had been washed out multiple times from flooding. Brush Creek sits below the flood plain and has frequent problems with drainage and flooding.

It was also asked that the county get new playground equipment for the park. DPW responded equipment costs would total about $300,000.00.

The idea of giving Marion Township the park was proposed; the park is currently owned and maintained by the County. Discussion was had about possibly talking to North Sewickley Township to see if they would be interested in taking it.

Mr. Wooley [1:22:25]:

– Asked for an update about union negotiations.

– Asked for an update about how the budget for the year is going. The commissioners said there would be a formal update during the July 24 meeting.

– Asked about delayed payments on college budget.

Matthew LaComb
Matt is a multimedia contributor. When he doesn't have a camera in his hands, he's often conducting research projects for the site.

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John Q Taxpayer
John Q Taxpayer

100K for each picnic shelter? 300K for playground equipment? Where do these prices come from? Are they coming from Donald Trump and include gold plating? You fucking people are out of your stinking minds. I’m glad you will be all gone pretty soon. You are the worst administration in Beaver County history and believe me, there have been some bad actors before you people.