Department Head Reports

District Attorney David Lozier: Request for Executive Session regarding Union Negotiations

Director Of Recreation and Tourism Tim Ishman:

– The Relay for Life run will be happening at Bradys Run Park this weekend.

– A Greek Food Festival is taking place in Aliquippa

– Beaver Pool has seen 120 passes purchased so far this year, compared to 167 from the previous year.

– Electricity to provide sound and audio at the food truck festival will likely not occur this year due to time constraints.

– Discussion with Board about a shut-off switch that is going to be tested for Bradys Run Ice Arena. If this switch does not work, the replacement part can’t be ordered off the shelf. Concerns were raised about the potential price of this switch.

– Discussion about potentially moving the horse arena to another location in Bradys Run Park.

Solicitor Report [10:50]

– The county’s reassessment appeal was denied. County waiting to have a meeting with a judge to determine the new timeline for completion.

– The county has sent in the remaining documents regarding the outstanding IRS issues. Solicitors will be working with Congressman Conor Lamb’s office on what can be done to appeal the penalties and remove the levy against the county.

– The Bureau of Elections reached out to concerned citizens from last meeting about alleged polling location issues in Ambridge.

– The county is having to bring in an outside company to do the 2019 delinquent tax postings; in-house workers cannot complete the amount of work required. Between 3,000 and 4,000 postings will need done.

– Request for Executive Session regarding litigation.

BOC Report [21:25]

Commissioner Sandie Egley:

– Met with Kathy Nairn to discuss transportation of individual to veteran services. Discussed potentially paying volunteers, either a daily rate or a stipend, to transport veterans to Oakland and back for their appointments. Concerns were raised about the long days these volunteers are putting in. A suggestion was made that the county could get shutter the satellite office in Aliquippa and using that funding to help pay for transportation costs.

– Suggested creating two special parking spaces in the courthouse parking garage specifically for disabled veterans. Also to potentially have some sort of “trigger” to let people inside the courthouse know if they need assistance so someone could help the veteran make their way into the building.

Commissioner Dan Camp III

– Discussed saving the farm of a terminally ill man. A provision exists that relates to the situation that has caused Commissioner Egley to reconsider her position.

Audience Participation [29:10]

Genealogy Class Update: Class was successful and the group is hoping to add an additional class in the fall.

Vicki Ramses: Discussion about what the horse arena group will be doing in Bradys Run Park, expressed concerns with moving the arena’s location in the park.

Note: Commissioner Tony Amadio is on vacation and was not present at the meeting.

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