WATCH: Beaver Borough Council Meeting 4-9-2019


— Beaver County Council of Governments Meeting set for July 31st

– Zoning Meeting is set for 7pm on April 10th

– No Police Report – Council requested that police bring a report every month instead of quarterly.

– General Govt report shows that air quality in beaver is “very good”.

– Recreation is looking into planning a “night swing” event

– Columbia Gas to pave the back parking lot in full [14:00]

– Mayor reported that the town qualified for Tree City again.

– Approved Youngblood bid for road paving. Will receive $120,000.00 from Columbia Gas to help pay for it. Columbia gas paying due to lateral breaks it caused in roads.

– Parking meters to be removed from entire borough and instead will be set to a two-hour parking. Post office parking will be lessened to 15 minutes, from the previous two hours. Parking restrictions will not be enforced on weekends.

– Borough to sponsor Beaver County BOOM with a $1250.00 “Silver” sponsor, up from $500 in previous years.

– A memorial for the War on Terror is being drawn up and will be shown to the board.

– A Q&A discussing upcoming work on sidewalks and pavings will be thirty minutes before the next work session.

– Borough approved the purchase of an F350 truck for $23,500.00 to help with salting and paving.

– Collective Bargaining Agreement discussions were held during a 30-minute executive session for contract issues. The board voted 5-4 against approval.

Matthew LaComb
Matt is a multimedia contributor. When he doesn't have a camera in his hands, he's often conducting research projects for the site.

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