Council announced that an executive session was held prior to the regular meeting to discuss personnel, real estate and legal matters.

Presentation [02:00]

– PA State Association of Boroughs presented an award to Councilman Bob Dunn for ten years of service. They also presented Ambridge Borough with two awards, one recognizing the borough newsletter, and the other for the borough’s budget plans.

Public Comment

Tom: Discussed a sticker he discovered online that alerts people approaching a car or a house that someone inside is living with Autism. Tom thought this would be a good suggestion for people in the borough to implement so that if they get approached by the police, officers can properly assess the situation.

Kathy: Discussion about Merchant Street.

Approval of Minutes [10:45]

Consent Agenda [11:50]

The following motions were passed under one vote:

1. Acknowledged receipt of the Borough Treasurer’s Report.

2. Authorized the closure of Melrose Avenue and Glenwood Avenue from 8th to 7th Streets, beginning Monday, August 26, 2019 through Monday, September 2, 2019 for the annual Good Samaritan Parish Festival. Also authorized the hanging of event promotional banners over 8th Street.

3. Granted an on-street dedicated handicap parking space at 818 21st St. as recommended by the Chief of Police.

4. Granted an on-street dedicated handicap parking space at 822 13th St. as recommended by the Chief of Police.

5. Authorized the renumbering and reissuance of address of a residence at 825 21st Street to become known as 815 21st Street. The change was made to correct a standing chronological numbering error.

New Business [12:35]

– Adopted Ordinance No. 1313, which relates to the establishment and maintenance of Police Employees’ Pension, Annuity, Insurance and Benefit Funds.

– Authorized the execution of a renewed Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Ambridge Firefighters Union for the period 1/1/2020 – 12/31/2023.

– Authorized a Memorandum of Understanding between Ambridge Borough and the Beaver County District Attorney’s Office in regard to Automatic License Plate Readers.

– Accepted resignation of part-time patrolman Mustafa Mahmood effective July 24, 2019.

– Hired school crossing guards.

– Approved disbursement of $186,033.85 to Baiano Construction INC. for pay application #11 for the Merchant Street Streetscape Project.

Committee Reports [22:40]

Code Enforcement:

– Updates on how violations will be dealt with.

Public Safety

No report.

– Councilwoman Caldarelli asked if the police department had any interest in looking into purchasing body cams and dash cams for the police department.


No Report.

Public Works

– Described jobs they have completed in the months of July and August.

Engineer [32:40]

Unfinished Business


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