* There was an Executive Session prior to the meeting regarding personnel, real estate and legal matters.


– Presentation recognizing the Ambridge Veterans Service Center for their hard work. A troop banner program was presented as well.

– Steve Roberts, Chairman of the Ambridge Downtown Development Committee, had a presentation about the Merchant Street Ambassador Program which will help people trying to start a new business with going in front of council and the work that goes into it. He also talked about a Celebrate Merchant Street event that will have volunteers clean up the front facades of the buildings along main street.

Public Comment [15:25]

– Mike Rogers: Would like to see a no turn sign at the intersection of 4th Avenue and Route 65.

– Doug Mccombie: Thanked Council for the work they’ve done in the community. Asks the mayor about trying to get a grocery store in town.

– Kathy Holler: Questioned about outside services such as Youngblood Paving not giving notices about road closures and leaving equipment in front of the access to her house. Discussion about issues that have happened to her property. Kathy said she had called earlier in the week and asked to be added to the agenda when she was told her five minutes to speak was up.

– Nick Diamantis: Complaints about houses on Mantis Street, how long they have been vacant and how he wants the borough to do something about them.

Approval of Minutes [27:00]

Consent Agenda

The following matters were approved under a consent agenda. The Agenda read as follows.

– These matters are deemed self-explanatory and are not expected to require further review or discussion. Items will be enacted by one motion. If discussion is desired by any member of Council, that item must be removed from the consent agenda and considered separately.

1) Borough Financial Report – acknowledge receipt of the Borough Treasurer’s Report

2) Authorize the Ambridge Crime Watch to use PJ Caul Park, Thursday evenings, starting June 20, 2019 through August 8, 2019 for Movies in the Park.

3) Authorize the closure of Merchant Street between 8th and 14th Streets and the use of PJ Caul Park on Saturday, July 20th from 10AM to 5PM for the Ambridge Rotary Club Car Cruise and further authorize the disbursement of $250 towards event dash plaques.

4) Grant a dedicated on-street handicap parking space at 1701 Lenz Avenue as recommended by the Ambridge Police Department.

5) Grant a dedicated on-street handicap parking space at 601 Beaver Road, Apt. 2, as recommended by the Ambridge Police Department.

New Business [28:45]

The following motions were passed with no discussion and were written in the Borough Agenda as follows:

A) Consider action to approve the Land Development Plan of Phase 2 of the Harmony Storage Facility at 1201 New Economy Drive, as recommended by the Borough Engineer, Ambridge Planning Commission and the Beaver County Planning Commission.

B) Consider action to approve the Land Development Plan of a Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Fueling Station at the Waste Management Facility, 2097 Duss Avenue, as recommended by the Borough Engineer, Ambridge Planning Commission and Beaver County Planning Commission.

C) Consider action to adopt Resolution No. 2019-3, a Resolution of the Borough of Ambridge authorizing the application for Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program Funding for the Henning Street Park Development Project.

D) Consider action to hire Dennis Baker as a part-time Firefighter/Code Enforcement Officer.

E) Consider action to hire Jordan Turner as a part-time Firefighter/Code Enforcement Officer.

F) Consider action to enter into agreement with Reed Oil Company for the purchase of Diesel Fuel at Pittsburgh OPIS Rack Average Price, plus $0.04 per gallon as they were the lowest responsible bid received by the Beaver County Council of Governments.

G) Consider action to enter into a Preventive Maintenance Agreement with Tudi Mechanical Systems for the service of the Borough Building HVAC system at a cost of $1,968 per year.

Code Committee [43:50]

Public Safety [44:30]

Police Comment [49:30]

Public Works [53:25]

Parks and Recreation [58:30]

Engineer Report [59:25]

Unfinished Business

– Councilwoman Caldarelli asks for donations to fire and police centers of teddy bears for a program that would place a teddy bear in fire trucks and police vehicles in the event that an emergency involves a child, in hopes that it will calm the child down and help them deal with the situation.

Matthew LaComb
Matt is a BeaverCountian.com multimedia contributor. When he doesn't have a camera in his hands, he's often conducting research projects for the site.

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