Public Comment

– Boat club discussed issues with insurances.

– Children Community Garden Project
This discussion took place over a 50 minute time period (the following notes were taken in sequential order):

— Group wants to get Rochester involved in their projects. Asked if the borough would consider leasing or selling them property at the corner of Ohio Avenue and Reno Street.

— Motion put on the table after lengthy discussion about what the garden means to the group and what it could mean to the families and children of the community. Motion failed to get seconded and no vote was taken.

— Discussion continues, now about why the council did not approve the measure. Residents note the lot in question has been empty for at least twenty years, some say more. It had been put up for sale in the past but no bids were received for it.

— Councilman Becker said he believes it may not be the best use of the parcel given its location.

— Councilman Howe said he would consider it more if a survey of the neighbors and surrounding community was conducted to see if they were in favor or against it. With approval, the chief of police offered to go around the community and ask.

— [52:00] Mayor comments about how the garden situation was handled.

– Citizen upset with the parking situation on George Street, having received tickets numerous times for parking on the sidewalk. She said she fears her car will be hit due to the narrow amount of room available when cars are parked on both sides.

Beaver County Boom [1:11:40]

– Motion to donate $500.00 was passed

Manager Proposal [1:12:00]

– Manager presented a bench and trash receptacle program to be started in community. The bench will cost will be $1,020.00 and the trash receptacle will cost $1,330.00.

Purchase of Bobcat Skid Steer

– Borough discussed purchasing a used Bobcat Skid Steer from New Brighton. New Brighton would “probably expect $13,000.00 to $14,000.00.” The motion was approved.

Review [1:17:00]

– Review minutes of township Join Sewer Authority Meeting

– Review minutes of township Development Corporation Meeting

– Review Fire Department Report

Public Safety [1:18:40]

– Discussion about public comment parking issue and if there is anything they can do to resolve it or attempt to determine why there are so many cars parked at the location.


– Park bid opens April 30th.

Mayor Report [1:22:50]

– Discussion about alleyways that need repaired due to deep pot holes.

Solicitor Report-[1:24:50]

– Recognized Board for being patient and not limiting the public’s opportunity to comment.

Code Enforcement Officer [1:24:50]

– Discussion about whether to begin demolition on the house on Reno Street that burned down. Bids will be gathered for pricing.

Treasurer/Manager Report [1:26:20]

– There will be an event to recognize emergency services on June 15th in the old K-Mart parking center. A car and bike show will be held at the same time.

Old and New Business [1:28:30]

– Approval for Police Chief to conduct a survey to determine public opinion about a public garden.

– Addition discussion about the garden project.

Matthew LaComb
Matt is a multimedia contributor. When he doesn't have a camera in his hands, he's often conducting research projects for the site.

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