Editor’s Note: The Board was found by BeaverCountian.com to be in an “Executive Session” prior to the public meeting for a minimum of twenty minutes. Officials failed to announce the reasons for the executive session during the regular meeting as required by law under the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act.

Work Session

– Resolution was discovered concerning PennDOT property. Old Brighton Stein Road was vacated by the state and is now owned by the township. Plans to construct a salt shed were discussed.

Engineer Report [02:55]

– Discussion about the 2019 Road Program and which roads need work.

Audience Participation

– Maryjane Meadows asked permission to use the township buildings for the upcoming election on May 21st.

Regular Meeting

* A roughly five-minute time period at the beginning of the meeting was spent creating copies of the agenda for the audience.

New Business [06:50]

Consent Agenda

– Board approved agenda items in one vote, excluding letters A, B, C, H and J. The accepted items were listed on the agenda as follows:

D) The Public Safety Committee recommends that the Manager issue a letter of support to the Chairman of the House Transportation Committee for the adoption and passage of the HB 352 which would authorize the use of radars for local traffic enforcement by Pennsylvania communities. This is a measure supported by the Allegheny League of Municipalities (ALOM).

E) The Building and Grounds Committee recommend the adoption of Resolution No. 2019-4-17, acknowledging and accepting the vacation of a portion of Old Breitenstein Road.

F) The Building and Grounds Committee recommends that the Solicitor and Township Manager be authorized to prepare the required documents to acknowledge the abandoned and vacated Old Breitenstein Rd, abandoned by the PA Dept of Transportation in 1935 and 1962, and relay said abandoned property in its entirety to the Township, except for the portion vacated to the Vol Fire Dept.

G) The Building and Grounds Committee recommends the appointment of T Squared Site Services as the consulting engineer and design professional for the Public Works addition and the Municipal Building Renovations subject to the submission of an acceptable cost and services proposal. All costs to be paid from the 2018 GO Bond Issue Series.

I) The Building and Grounds Committee recommends the authorization of T Squared Site Services to develop the plans for the Public Works Garage addition for submission to the Township Engineer for the issuance of a Building Permit. All costs will be consistent with the not to exceed proposal.

K) The Road Committee recommends the Township Manager to be authorized to advertise for competitive bids for the 2019 Road Program, Rice Avenue, Woodland Road, and 10th Street and Webb. All costs to be paid from the 2018 GO Bond Series Fund.

L)Motion to approve Sewage Account adjustments as presented.

Matthew LaComb
Matt is a BeaverCountian.com multimedia contributor. When he doesn't have a camera in his hands, he's often conducting research projects for the site.

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John Q Taxpayer
John Q Taxpayer

It looks to me like they should form a Harmony Twp Men’s Hat And Haircut Club.

Inch high private eye
Inch high private eye

What a joke this town is. Look how these people are dressed 2 out of 7 people have hats on the other one need a hat or a haircut.
Executive Session was illegal under the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act.
Someone should of ask why did Bob V got fired from Ellwood City and Central Tax Bureau and why the hell is Richard Start still working for harmony twp when he is under investigation. Why are they donating tax payers money to Ambridge Fireworks?
What’s going on with everyone suing Harmony Township so far 5+ people or ex-employees someone needs to look into this. Paula Winne and Frank Presto needs to be investigated, how is “Frank Presto” buying property on his salary
Sewage account adjustments I bet there was a lot because Hedy Marinaccio is always making adjustments.

Thanks Beaver Countian for doing what you do.

Get a life
Get a life

Sounds like a mad ex-employee saying those things. Most of it is only half truth. I do agree with John Q Taxpayer though.


Correct on the Twp donating to fireworks. You’re playing with taxpayer money, what right do you have to give it away? This twp’s elected officials are a joke, just look at what they let the police Dept get away with. The support of the use of radars for the local yocals has been going on for years. Just something else the local police will abuse.