Note: A discussion about the “MS4 Program” was moved on the agenda to the top of the meeting. A number of residents attended the meeting wanting more information about the new MS4 stormwater fee they are being billed by the township. The township’s engineer explained why the new fee was implemented and how the money is being spent.

Meeting Agenda:

1. Call to Order.

2. Public Comment – Agenda Items

3. Minutes of February 11, 2019 Regular Meeting.

4. February Reports:
A. Treasurer’s Report
B. Building Permit Report
C. Road Department Report
D. Police Department Report
E. Fire Department Report
F. Report of Tax Collectors
G. Report of Fines
H. Recycling Report

5. Personnel Actions.

6. Township MS4 Program

7. Seasonal Maintenance.

8. Accept Proposal for Geotechnical Investigation.

10. Beaver County Regional COG 2019 Spring Commodities Bid.

11. 2019 Roadway Improvement Program.

12. Fire Department Social Hall.

13. DCNR Grant – Diana Property – Hardy Field Park Addition.

14. DCNR Grant – Two Mile Run Park Trails.

15. Application for Public Education & Involvement Credit.

16. Excess Maintenance Agreement 2019-02.

17. Ordinance No. 220 Adopting An Amended Official Zoning Map.

18. Loose Plan of Lot Revision.

19. Bond Release Request No. 1 – Evergreen Heights Plan of Subdivision

20. Aspen Fields Phases I & II.

21. Aspen Fields Plan of Lots Phase V.

22. Brighton Fields Phase 1 Storm water Pond Restoration.

23. Additional Business.

24. Public Comment.

25. Ratify February Bills List.

26. Adjournment.

Matthew LaComb
Matt is a multimedia contributor. When he doesn't have a camera in his hands, he's often conducting research projects for the site.

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Connie A
Connie A

I think he’s just rambling alot of bullshit! Mr Reed seems very bored!


Whoa! No chaos. No fights. Some smiles, A shared chuckle. Coats and ties. A Polo shirt. No village idiot slamming the cops and corrupt politics. Three syllable words. No fist pounding. A solicitor that isn’t an MMA referee. What’s up?

The fireworks usually seem to accompany meetings with lots of prayers and religious piety rantings. Not here. Keep it up, BT. This was the most civilized meeting yet. A complete success would have been Harry dozing off from just doing business of the township.

If I have to bitch about anything, it might be the sign-in sheet for a public meeting. “Required?” Or, just optional record-keeping? Or, just wishful thinking?


Before you think that the discussion (presentation) is BS, when MS4 violations are truly policed, enforced and penalties assessed, you Mr or Mrs Business Owner or Homeowner, can be fined up to $25000 per violation per day. That will ruin your day big time. Its the law, good or bad. Spent many years of my professional career working on MS4 issues. Think twice before dumping anything down the catch basin or drainage ditch under your purview except uncontaminated rain water.