Board was in Executive Session prior to meeting for litigation matters.

Public Comment

Janette McMillan – Thanked board for the work they did in the housing plan she lives in.

Donald Conley – Also thanked board for work and cleanup they did in the housing plan he lives in. Asked if they would consider paving the roads in the plan. Proposed they use potential Marcellus Shale money coming in to help pay for it.

*The board goes on to discuss money they expect to receive from the casino ($300,00.00 a year), and the potential for money from that or Marcellus Shale to be used for road work. Board is hesitant to tar and chip the roads since it has been done in the past, but the issues continue to occur.

Sarah Pannell – Introduced herself as running for County Controller.

Marty – Waste Management Issue. Lengthy discussion about road crew picking up bags left on the side of the road from volunteers cleaning up roads and highways. Went on to discuss opinion that Valley Waste is being sloppy and irresponsible by having garbage fall out of their trucks onto the street.
*President of council stops citizen from speaking due to time constraint.

Cynthia – Neighbor has dug a ditch that leads to her property and she wanted to know if she would be allowed to fill in or reroute the ditch. Solicitor informed her it is a private matter and would have to be dealt with between the two neighbors.

Marianne – Thanked council for work done on roads in her housing plan. Feels if they had the road department come out and clean up the dirt and debris off the street one more time it would eliminate the issue.

Cheryl – Thanked council for work done in her housing plan. Expressed concerns about future of road and what will be done.

Buddy – Building a house and wants to know if he can clear debris and brush at the end of a “paper street.” Council said that they can not say no or yes to the cleaning.

Financial Report [40:15]

– March Financial

– April Bill List

– COG Contracts – Accepted (President explained to citizens what the COG contracts contain and mean)

– Ratify March 6th pay for M. Nelko (as discussed in Executive Session)

Streets and Roads [47:15]

– Request to hire another person for summer work. Motion was tabled due to lack of information about how much the employee would make.

– Generator for garage doors wanted. Would allow the borough to open the garage doors where the trucks that do plowing and other road maintenance are stored in case of a power outage.

– Road Tour to be started soon. Engineer explains that this tour is where the council and himself will get in a car and take a “tour” of the borough and rate and rank the roads based on traffic and condition so that they can properly plan on what roads need done in what order over the next few years.

Parks and Recreation [55:00]

– Disc golf course is in the works. Group is up to hole 14 in clearing and setting up.

– No update on work being done to the covered park bridge.

Public Relations [58:00]

– Discussion about whether the borough wanted to put an ad in the Blackhawk football program. Council agreed not to due to the team not being in their borough, would rather put an advertisement in for Beaver Falls.

Solicitor Report [59:00]

– Cell Tower is getting closer to having a finalized agreement.

– Discuss issue of a citizen wanting to house chickens in a Residential 2 Zone. Going to research ordinances and ask other boroughs that allow this how they have it written in their code.

Planning Commission [1:05:00]

– Discussion on new building and plan details. Lengthy discussion about things being altered and added on lots 4, 6 and 7 in the Westgate Business Park.

– Discussion about whether the borough wants to allow for private roads in new developments. The concern was if emergency crews needed access but the roads were not plowed due to it not being the borough’s responsibility to clear them.

Municipal Authority [1:14:15]

– Auditing needs improved.

– Wants to have a monitoring system for each pump house. Right now the alerts go to Beaver Falls, instead wants alerts to be sent directly to him.

Public Safety [1:19:30]

– Discussion about whether the borough should give money to help offset the cost of a new truck for the VFD. The amount of the truck is $40,000.00. Motion was passed to pay $20,000.00 to help offset costs.

Zoning [1:25:50]

– Discussion about the roller rink on Route 18 and the progress being made on it.

– Zoning has been receiving complains from citizens that the racetrack is having exceedingly loud days and it is disturbing them. Discussed that the issue is more of a civil one due to the racetrack noise being within the use of the area.

– Issue with the Turnpike Distribution Center. The center has an advanced fire suppression system that requires high water pressure. Center wants to put in its own forty foot water tank to resolve the issue themselves.

Engineer Report [1:47:10]

– Motion was passed to approve the Westgate Commonwealth Drive Subdivision Plan.

– No update on the casino plan or the bridge replacement plan.

– First energy communicated they will be working on replacing an overhead line on Sylvania Street set to begin in August.

Matthew LaComb
Matt is a multimedia contributor. When he doesn't have a camera in his hands, he's often conducting research projects for the site.

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