Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Wednesday, January 22, 2020
35.6 F

Beaver County Board of Commissioners Work Session 12-11-2019

Mr. Wooley announced that Bob Smith had passed away

Department Head Reports

– None

Solicitor Report [03:45]

Reassessment Contract Update [06:20]

– The Reassessment company requested a space that can hold eight to ten desks to work from. Since there is no place in the Courthouse or the Human Services building, Fedeles suggested a property across from the parking garage. The property at 617 Third street can be leased for $1500.00/mo.

– An executive session was requested for personnel matters.

Budget Report [11:25]

Board Questions on the Budget [13:10]

– Discussion about Faith Restorations and if the money the county budgeted for them could be increased to help cover some of the expenses. It was stated that Faith Restorations pays $6,000.00 per month in expenses such as rent and utilities. Commissioner Egley suggested the county meet them halfway in their yearly expenses, raising their funding from $10,000.00 a year to $36,000.00 per year.

Audience Questions on the Budget [20:20]

BOC Report [25:15]

Other Business

– None

Public Comment [27:35]

– None

Announcements [27:35]

– The courthouse will be closed starting at 12:00pm on Friday, December 13th for training. This closure will be for the remainder of the day.

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Matthew LaComb
Matthew LaComb
Matt is a multimedia contributor. When he doesn't have a camera in his hands, he's often conducting research projects for the site.

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