The Beaver County Republican Committee is urging party members to protest tonight against the Beaver Area School District, while counter-protests are being planned by groups that feel the district is being unfairly targeted.

Beaver resident Luke Berardelli organized the initial protest, claiming the school has been persecuting district employees who belong to the “Young Life” ministry. Young Life is a nonprofit Christian organization whose members are dedicated to befriending and then proselytizing to students.

Berardelli, 37, is active in the Republican Party and manages the Beaver County Young Republicans Facebook page. In a series of Facebook posts calling for the rally, he also noted that he plans to run for school board next year.

Beaver Area School District released a statement to last week vehemently denying Berardelli’s accusations, and saying the suspension of Principal Steve Wellendorf had nothing to do with his religious beliefs.

In an interview on Friday, Beaver Valley Young Life (BVYL) Ministry Director Shannon Essick refused to answer questions about whether she believes her organization is being targeted by the district as Berardelli asserts. BVYL’s golf outing fund-raiser for camp scholarships was sponsored in part this year by the Beaver Fort McIntosh Club. Berardelli is a member of the club and secretary of the Fort McIntosh Foundation, the club’s philanthropic arm.

The BVYL webpage has undergone changes since’s initial reporting, deleting names of board members and the listing of golf outing sponsors.

The Beaver County Republican Committee issued a countywide “citizen call to action” on Facebook Saturday, urging members to attend the protest, which it described as a “rally against attack on First Amendment Religious Freedoms at Beaver Area School District.”

It linked to a copy of a Beaver County Times article published last week that originally publicized Berardelli’s unsubstantiated claims about religious persecution.

Pamela Hupp, committee communications director, told that she made the post after receiving a message from Berardelli.

“I had an alert given to me by the president of our Young Republicans, Luke Berardelli, who was asking for support,” Hupp said. “I put it up in order for that message to get out. As conservatives, I think we need to be aware what is happening in our community, especially with our school boards, so I think we should be attending to learn more about what is going on and see if this is something we should be getting more involved in.”

Newly elected committee Chairman Jim Christiana told that the “call to action” was issued without his knowledge or consent.

“I don’t know why the principal was suspended,” Christiana said. “From my perspective, I don’t have enough facts to reach a conclusion why he was suspended. That is probably the same reason many students and parents are frustrated with this process.

“However, I always support the public being involved in the issues affecting their schools and municipalities, and rallying to support their First Amendment rights and religious freedoms. Elected officials and public employees should always provide the public as much information and transparency that is legally possible.” received messages from community members speaking in favor of Wellendorf and the demonstration and against Beaver Area School Superintendent Carrie Rowe. Rowe is gay and some expressed concern that she and other gay or non-Christian faculty members may be trying to indoctrinate their children.

Young Life publications express an explicit anti-gay message, saying that, “with regard to the delicate matter of homosexual lifestyle and practice, in the light of the biblical data regarding creation, Young Life believes such activities to be clearly not in accord with God’s creation purposes.” The romantic lives of LGBT people are therefore classified as a “rejection of the divine creation purpose to reflect the glory of God.”

Gay individuals are strictly forbidden from serving on staff or as volunteers.

Berardelli sent a response to the article published Saturday and also posted it publicly to social media late Sunday night, characterizing the story as a “hit piece.”

“I, nor ANY of the supporters of this rally, ever correlated any anti-gay sentiment with this rally, school board meeting, or Dr. Rowe personally,” Berardelli wrote.

“This is an obvious attempt by outside forces to distract the taxpayers and the community from the matter at hand, which is the poor leadership and decision making by the superintendent and the complicit school board. When in fact, we believe that no one should be discriminated against and this is the very reason we are holding this rally in respect of all people’s rights being protected.”

Berardelli went on to stress that he is in no way affiliated with the Young Life organization.

Under the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act, which regulates public meetings of governmental bodies, personnel matters are normally discussed by school boards in an “executive session” that is not open to the public.

However, the employee involved has the option of asking that the board discuss the matters in an open meeting instead. Wellendorf has made no such request to the Beaver Area School Board as of the time of this report.

“Under my leadership, I want people to know that these are the local issues I want our committee to be involved in and they are encouraged to bring them to our attention,” continued Christiana.

“But they should know that I will always demand that we treat each other respectfully and not rush to premature conclusions.”

Berardelli’s protest is at 6:30 p.m. by the Beaver Area High School flag pole. Word of counter-protests being planned popped up on various Facebook pages this weekend.

The Beaver Area School Board’s regular meeting will take place at 7 pm.

Editor’s Note: This article originally listed Luke Berardelli as the secretary of the Fort McIntosh Club, when he is in fact secretary of the Fort McIntosh Foundation, the organization’s philanthropic arm. The article has also been updated to note changes have been made to the Beaver Valley Young Life’s website following’s initial reporting.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.

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If their own publications proclaim them as discriminatory, then what is the point of Berardelli denying it?
And if the rally isn’t about their assumption that the Principal was fired for being a member of this discriminatory group, then what is it about ? Just firing up angry old white evangelicals who scream discrimination while they want others to sanction their own discrimination.


I thought the principal the Republicans are protesting for was named in the lawsuit filed in Ambridge by the families of girl students who were taken advantage of by students. Do Republicans know for sure that isn’t why this guy was suspended?

Christiana is trying to use this issue to divide the public and drum up support for Rothfus who wants to join forces with Paul Ryan to cut Social Security and Medicare before the end of the year. Then you have PA Republicans who are pushing for school choice which would ruin Beaver school district.

Marsha moore
Marsha moore

This protest is based purely on an assumption. Perhaps they are convinced the truth won’t come out because it’s a personnel issue. We might never know if Mr. Wellendorf was suspended for hiding an underage drinking offense at a school function. One thing we all know, high school students never drink at school functions, right? Especially in Beaver.


So members of the BC GOP committee are already distancing themselves from Luke’s assumptions as to why the principal at Beaver is on paid leave of absence. From everything I have read, Luke has made nothing but assumptions. Between his facebook post and the article that he had published in the Beaver County Times, it appears that he is doing this all for himself and his own agenda. It’s too bad that he is creating such a distraction for the faculty, staff, administration and students at that school. Instead of vague assumptions I would love for Luke and his followers to show proof of the poor leadership at Beaver. From what I understand, the school is thriving on many levels under Dr. Rowe. Sure, not all people may agree with what she does, but she and the board appear to be looking out for the best interest of the school district and the kids who attend those schools. And JP, while I respect your reporting of this issue….I have seen a call for people to attend the meeting but not a counter protest. Though after that comment by Janet Hedge, I wouldn’t blame them if they did have one.


This was posted in the comments yesterday on the Beavercountian. I believe this is a counter protest.
Beaver student Sep 16, 2018 at 6:09 pm
The contents of this article are extremely unsettling to me, and I’m sure to many of you as well. These comments are literally saying they want to fire Rowe because she’s gay and atheist, and that they know Wellendorf is a catalyst to push for religion in schools. We must not allow these blatant homophobic ideologies represent the core values that many of us stand by everyday. Let’s take a stand to this protest and show them that this hatred does not represent what the people of Beaver stand for. Make a change at the flagpole at Beaver HS at 6:00 pm Monday (tomorrow) wear rainbow


“Rejection of the divine creation purpose to reflect the glory of God.”

S Taylor
S Taylor

Lol yep but which God?
I still dig Zule he’s been around lot longer


We have moved into some weird alternate reality where far too many “adults” act like whiny little children. I find all of this bizarre.