Sheriff George David // Beaver Countian File Photo

Note: Beaver County Sheriff George David has just been arrested by the Pennsylvania State Police, and was led from the courthouse in handcuffs.

“Sometimes people think we’re Superman, that we can put on a red cape and just fly in and make everything ok,” I remember Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Joseph Olayer saying to me. “You need to know that we’re not, but we’ll still try. We’ll do our best.”

Not long before I had been in the basement of the courthouse, terrified as the elected Sheriff of Beaver County pulled out his service weapon and began threatening murder. Two of his deputies were there with him, but they would later deny the events that unfolded. It would be my word against three men who were now hiding behind their badges. I have never felt more helpless.

It has been almost a year since that night.

We as a society rightfully praise as heroes the officers who run into a school under siege by an active shooter. But while heroism is regularly celebrated, something just as important is often left unrecognized… dedication.

Over the past year I have seen that dedication in Corporal Joseph Olayer and his partner Corporal Daniel Mosura. Day after day, week after week, month after month, they have been working tirelessly to reveal the truth of what happened to me that afternoon, and of what has happened to so many others.

It is because of their efforts, I will be one of the last that George J. David has terrorized. Small town politics and cronies with big time influence had blanketed his misdeeds from view for far too long. It makes me physically ill when I think of how many he has hurt over his 40 year career, abusing both power and persons to achieve his own self-interests.

I am thankful for Corporals Olayer and Mosura, and we should all be thankful for the dedicated men and women like them — strangers who step in front of us when danger arises, who encourage us to follow behind until our journey becomes safe once again.

– JP

photo George J. David at swearing in ceremony / Beaver Countian file photo


  1. We sure have seen a lot of police and other officials abusing their powers lately; from this story here; to Nate Harper in PGH; to the supposed tazing and harrassment of individuals at the Southside St. Patricks day celebration; and the various road rage incidents we see on the news regarding off duty cops. I’ll say here that I’m sure the majority of cops are good and honest people, but if you’re on the wrong end of the gun of just one megalomanical cop, you’re screwed. They can essentially ruin your life forever.

  2. Amazing. The man has been a friend of my family for years – we attend the same church, and he’s personally known my grandfather for decades. It’s strange to see all the allegations and investigative reporting actually develop into something as concrete and final as an arrest.

  3. I agree that there are good cops and bad cops , Ive experience both sides of that but my question would be WHAT ABOUT THE TWO THAT LIED TO COVER HIS ASS? Im Hoping they are next.

    • They will be next they wouldnt sleep to good boy there family will be proud and more to come after them state just getting started. :smirk:

    • I agree with you we should see what happens before saying such harsh things. STOP ACTING LIKE YOU PEOPLE ARE PERFECT AND DO NOTHING WRONG its sicking how many people think they have a halo over their heads get over yourself and see what the courts decide befor you judge

      • I am not a perfect person, but I do not go around waiving my .38 special in people’s faces either while threatening to murder them. I do not lie on probable cause statements, I do not force people to my dirty work, and I do not expect women in my office to make me coffee. Therefore, I can comment all I want on our sleaze bag soon-to-be-ex-sheriff.

      • Yeah, lets just wait and see what our corrupt ass Beaver County courts have to say before we form any opinions on our own. Let’s just continue to be blind and wait for our corrupt legal system to tell us all is good or bad with our corrupt elected officials. Sounds legit to me. :stupid:

  4. Justice has been served. Congrats to you J.P. and the P.S.P. If you F–K with the bull’ you’ll get the horn. Guess Fratangeli and Tibolet are shitting their pants now. What does “the quippian” have to say now?

    • Come on…at best…AT BEST….they’ll ask him to retire…lol they had to give Blogger Bill here something to shut him up….my guess is all but onengets dropped…he pleads no contest, pays a fine, finishes out term and retires quietly …the county saves face with the public for taking “swift and just action” lol….and if im wrong im wrong….oh by the way… google your heros name now that its out….very interesting stuff… And go 6 or 7 pages in…you know know one deserves a gun in their face but this guy is no better than the people he’s out to expose. I’m not out for an argument and Georgie’s rep it was it is and if this happened there is no excuse. But Georgie’s temper is famous and not withstanding my previous sentence, is known to fly off the handle especially when PREVOKED. And what a story it would make to have the famous hot headed Sheriff flip out on two known antagonists. Wannabe journalists (unestablished), bloggers, and paparazzi are famous for creating stories that way…for example, paparazzi hounding a celebrity until they get punched in the face. Now its all over the news and the douche bag is now a martyr for his injuries in the line of duty. This type of journalism brings controversy and controversy is cash. That’s the point I’ve always tried to make…this isn’t for the greater good.

      • And before the comments start…I am in no way shape or form condoning any action of that kind….I am not suggesting that just because his temper is bad gives him the right to do what he is accused of….but you know the reputation of a lion and what could happen if you threaten a lion…it doesn’t justify what the lion does in return… But you knew going into that cage not to provoke the lion and you do…. Why is that…especially when prior to those visits the lion was FRIENDLY WITH YOU…if your not clouded with hatred and judgement…it’s a pretty valid observation

      • Most people would find it very difficult to NOT lose their temper at JD Prose. I have nothing nice to say about Prose or the political garbage the Times publishes.

      • Quippian, are you blind? His injuries resulted by a shootout at a home in the plan 11 area in Aliquippa in the early 70″s. The call came in about a domestic complaint. George David and officer Harold Cain responded to yhe call. Officer cain was standing on Davids left as the victim Harold Thompson answeredthe door. Thompson fired a 25 caliber weapon hitting David in the foot. David returned fire emptying his 357 Colt magnum at Thompson 6 times, missing his target. David then fled down the stairs leaving his partner to fend for himself. Officer Cain at that time took refuhe behind a bar-bue grill. As Thompson exited the home Officer Cain. Officer did what he had to, taking the victim down. David was found 0n 3rd ave screaming for help and was picked up by passerbys. He lost his service revolver and found out afterward that his partner survived. Hero my ass!I was present at the coroners inquest. Officer Cain was on the religious side and refrained from taking credit for the situation. GEORGE DAVID DIDN’T> I was there!

      • So you a retired police officer or innocent bystander that doesn’t like David there are many out there like you….and that story was unfortunate but it has nothing to do with what I replied….and if your referencing something I posted in the past…again I say…it has nothing to do with what i replied… I said all police regardless of past transgressions which I’m sure there are many, are heros just by going to work everyday…and I mean that…now in saying that…they ARE also jheld at a higher standard and are more publicized… Sheriff David, his entire career, has been a contrioversial figure head in Beaver County….there are no gray areas…either you love him or hate him. If your a blogger with aspirations of being a credible journalist…what a better way to make waves in the community than to target a man like this in a small town like this…. I have been reading this website for a while now…even before I started posting… I thought it was good reading and ill support him because he’s local and an up and comer. But then you start researching and find out who this guy is…the few articles on here speak volumes. The screen name avi88…under the article about bobby Williams threatening the mayor and others…left a link…. Read it…not to mention just google his name…to everyone on here…I know there are councilmen, police officers, public officials, business owners that post on here… And he knows who each and everyone of you are… Where you live…etc… He’s a pro hacker ousted from the hacking community… And sir, you can, and I repeat CAN do the same thing he’s is doing… Everything he reports on is public info.. He’s not cracking codes here… Anyone with a bit of time can find this stuff out all you need is a bit of time and a starting point. Be careful who you put your faith into…because it may be YOU who is targeted next.
        I love a good debate and respect people’s opinions as long as they are tasteful ( example: insulting someone’s kids because you don’t like the person) but do not make the same mistake in thinking that this is a simple blog.

      • The same BS happened to me with the Biatch 35 years ago. Tried to file official oppression charges against Georgie then…..Now I’m relishing in my GLORY
        Georgie NO MORE

      • When I read your comment, the one thing that stuck out the most with me was the phrase “Georgies temper is famous….and is known to fly off the handle especially when prevoked”
        Um, if you can’t keep your anger in check, and act in a professional and rational manner, no matter who or what is provoking you, THEN MAYBE SERVING AS A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER AND CARRYING A LOADED WEAPON IS NOT THE BEST CAREER FOR HIM! Just sayin’, of course….

    • And since you brought it up, your saying that David was shot ran out of ammunition…lost sight of his partner and got out of the house…. you said neither officer Cain nor the Sheriff took credit… I’m not sure what your talking about….however… I was in law enforcement and I know the training we went through….in saying that…I can’t imagine anything scarier than being shot at let alone shot. Officer Shaffer, bless him, still isn’t back to work. So unless you have been shot…. Know one knows how they will react after being shot…. And it makes no difference the location of the wound. So that was a poor example. It’s clear that you have personal feelings against this man so there is no point debating this. And again this subject has nothing to do with what I posted previously.

      • I took a screen shot of my posts and will have someone post in on the beavercountian Facebook page as well as text this around…I left two posts a significant time apart and the first one is still waiting to be approved while the second post was published…. I figured as much…

  5. I saw a short notice on Channel 4 news about this deveoping story. They reported that more arrests were to come. >>>>>
    I wanted to climb high to the tops of the trees and enjoy the sunlight with the monkeys, but, when I looked up, all I saw were A holes.

  6. Its about time great job arrest his little bitches for conspiracy or hindering an investigation.Calvin Washington for sheriff yes indeed.also great job beaver countian

  7. Lol….I’m hoping he’s singing like a bird now and even more corruption surfaces… just may be his purpose in life. Georgie, take them ALL down with you! It’s his only salvation.

  8. Please stop saying he’s the chief law enforcement officer in BC, he’s not. He is the chief civil paper pusher in the county, sheriff deputies mainly do the work of the court and have no actual law enforcement power and can only act with arrest powers if a criminal act happens in front of them can they exercise arrest powers. So here’s the break down for those who believe the sheriff deputies have court ordered arrest powers such as upon issue of a warrant. If you were at the mall and get punched or other criminal act done to you and the person walks away and you see a deputies driving by, they will call local law enforcement to handle the incident because the act or actions did not happen in their presence. They have no investigation rights and are certified under Pennsylvania act 2, not act 120 as all police officer with full arrest powers. This is the reason you have seen the recent stories of meetings with state reps and the sheriff to try and change how the state code doesn’t give the sheriff and his deputies certain powers. Read up on how our state, county and local government are suppose to run. The balance of law enforcement power is not under one person control. People of beaver need to wake up and see how corrupt our political system is. Look at all the nepotism and you rub my back I hire your son or nephew for this job goes on in this county. Look at all the heads of departments in our county government that are related to someone. This county is and always has been about who you know to get the job. That would make for a good investigation for you JP. I bet you’ll find out a lot just by asking some of the people who have toiled away at the county for years and should have gotten a promotion only to have it filled by a friend of a political connection. I’m done with my rant. I’m just laughing that people would think that the sheriff is the highest law enforcement in our county.

  9. Well I would like to see the “concrete evidence” is there videos or something showing this. Because right now its all he said she said. You should all not be so fast to judge I am sure non of you are perfect yourselves. We all make mistakes (not saying he actually did it because they are not saying what the concrete evidence is) I will revaluate my opinion when I see some hard evidence.

  10. @my opinion ill set the record straight on 1 thing I’m a convicted felon who paid his debt for my crime,its time this monster pays for the terror he’s caused in beaver is there anything else you may want to add like how about post your name instead of some gay fake shit

      • Sheriff David not granting our veterans preference in hiring is “Official Opression” as is denying the woman in his office he fired a hearing. Denying “due process” is “Official Opression.” And, his own records validate these criminal acts. Hard evidence this would be. Dennis McKee

  11. Yeah he held me in that basement too one day. Funny how he doesnt mind a man berating and threatening my wife,but when i go to knock him out im thrown in a cell because his kid was with him. She was there when he did that to my wife. Punk James Cervi had a kid 16 years ago and hasnt had to pay a dime since 2005 06 cause he never worked. Must of been doing something to buy mercedes after mercedes. But cops like this and his uncle have always wiped his slate clean of crimes. They deserve jail time too when they terrorize people and are abusing there power.

    • You may want to watch what kind of accusations you decide to throw around, especially since Mr. Cervi isn’t present here to defend himself. You obviously have some sort of personal beef with him, and while I find nothing wrong with that, you should at least give him a chance to defend himself. I count myself lucky to be able to consider myself a friend and count him among my friends. Whatever personal problem you have with him, you should probably take it off site here. And he has had many personal issues happen to him, that I’m not so sure that you are aware of. So before you decide to run your mouth, you should do your homework.
      Just sayin’

  12. You could break a hip jumping to so many conclusions! Misdemeanor charges? So what are they? He continued to provide security to businesses contracted with the county? That’s my guess.

    • Misdemeanor charges? What difference does that make? A charge is a charge! As chief law-enforcement officer for the county, he is held to a higher standard than the average Joe! Being led out of the courthouse in handcuffs is an embarrassment for the county. Its going to be interesting in the coming elections. Not only is the sheriff’s race going to be interesting, so will the election for Mr. Marshall’s seat. Not to mention what will be going back and forth in the Aliquippa races!

  13. You may want to watch what kind of accusations you decide to throw around, especially since Mr. Cervi isn’t present here to defend himself. You obviously have some sort of personal beef with him, and while I find nothing wrong with that, you should at least give him a chance to defend himself. I count myself lucky to be able to consider myself a friend and count him among my friends. Whatever personal problem you have with him, you should probably take it off site here. And he has had many personal issues happen to him, that I’m not so sure that you are aware of. So before you decide to run your mouth, you should do your homework.
    Just sayin’  

  14. My opinion….I’m beginning to think you have the hots for old Georgie, the way you are defending him. You need to let him know your true feelings now, before the boys in the big house wear him out! Have him put on his captain crunch hat and do a little role playing:). Maybe you can be the cookoo for cocoa-puffs bird!

  15. Ann u shitting me u still believe in Georgie what have u been smoking? Maybe Tim Finn smoking the same shit . Didn’t Tim Finn act like the pussy that I know new he was, misdemeanor my ass. 😆

    • @Phil…I can’t believe Tim Finn only charged him with misdemeanors AND allowing him to go back to work..with stipulations of surrendering his weapon and staying “out of sight” as much as possible..Are you freaking kidding me??? And did you see the interview he had with Chanel 11 Amy whats her face? This man is totally delusional!! As far as Myron goes, he used to be a stand up dude, but he’s lost total credibility lying for George David!! :erm:

    • Time to make Tim Finn’s life difficult until he does the right thing. Let the phone calls and emails begin about how you county residents don’t feel safe with a psycho for sheriff.

  16. Georgie,You crooked little 10 cent general. You belong in jail with “Bubba” to stretch your rectum.

  17. I’ve known Georgie basically my entire life…..personally I like the guy. I agree with The Quippian, he will probably be dethroned from his job. It’s his word against JP, and JP is a antagonistic slimeball. Like someone said in one of the previous comments, you mess with bull you’ll get the horns. Sometimes it pays to keep your nose in your own business.

    Keep it real Beaver County!!


  18. George is ordered to not carry a firearm, but yet he has a million dollar collection of guns, and if he shows up for work, with a firearm, who is going to stop him??? The deputies that are employed by him??? and once at work, he has control over the gun room at the sheriffs office which contains fully automatic weapons. Who is going to stop him then???? President Judge McBride needs to issue a court order to prohibit him from entering the court house. If he can’t do it, go to the federal court and have the United States Marshals serve the order. God Bless the people that work at the court house!!!!

  19. Why should any one blame john paul for what happened? He is a victim. The sheriff is a stinking law breaker and abuser. What if it was done to you? A grand jury investigated for a year, and wanted him to be arrested and so did alot of other people in the complaint, for God’s sake his own deputies said the sheriff wanted them to lie he sunk his own ship. I ALSO FEEL BAD FOR THE LADIES IN HIS OFFICE AND AT THE COURTHOUSE,and all the people he threatened and stood up and did the right thing. GOOD FOR YOU………

  20. I have no side in this argument. I would like to ask a question only for the purpose of seeing how the public at large feels. In my opinion the law enforcement in this area that has had charges filed against them are going to have the book thrown at them. If this was an ordinary Beaver County resident these charges would have gone by mail. If for some reason a ordinary resident would have these charges before Judge Finn they would have been released on ROR. If the was an ordinary resident the plea agreement would be similar to 3 years probation and anger managment. I have seen multiple post about jail time. In Beaver County for these charges you would only see jail time if you had an extensive criminal history. Now I do believe that david will see jail time because of who he is/was. Just wondering if everyone feels that cops/officers should be given harsher penalties then everyone else.

    • Yes. They are supposed to stand for something. They took an oath to protect and serve the people. Not to abuse that power. So, YES! :sadly:

    • Law enforcement that has been charged and convicted of any crimes absolutely should be given higher penalties than citizens, due to the fact that they are held to a higher standard than what you or I are. They have taken an oath and swore to defend and protect the citizens, but when they abuse that power, they need to be punished accordingly. All law enforcement are held at a higher standard, and because of such, their punishment should rightfully be more harsh than some regular guy off the street.

  21. Me again: The goverment (president) wants to disarm the criminals from posessing firearms. Magistrate Finn, you went against the P.S.P by allowing this nut case to enter the B.C court house. How the hell do you think these victims feel? Would you let your family members go to work under theseconditions? Bet not. You’re assuming responsibility if he cracks, and he’s totally capable. What do you owe him ? Apparently, your dirty-YES DIRTY. Live with it.

  22. I wish someone would just answer my question! This is a question that has to be answered. In the County of slaps on the wrist, is it going to be ok when they nail officers who did the same thing that would land anyone else ARD or probation. Everyone says cops can get away with anything. The Beaver County Court system is about to prove you wrong. A man beats his old lady half to death a dozen times and still gets anger managment. If John Doe pulls a gun and puts it Bob Smith’s head, in this county that will get plead down to harassment with probation. I’m not saying right or wrong. What I am saying is a DA’S office that is so concerned about it’s statistics it gives everyone a nice plea deal, and now they are gonna be the “hammer.” People please tell me what you think.

  23. @Quippian do you rally think this is a joke? who are you telling to relax? How would you like it if it was done to some one in your family? no so funny any more…. alot of witnesses came forward there not lying, investigated by the grand jury for a year, told his deputies to lie, well what about them? they did the right thing and so did every one else who came forward. This is a serious situation for the people that were threatened. What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. Quit blaming the VICTIMS.

    • I didn’t realize voicing my opinion like everyone else makes me an asshole, but whatever mr screen name, reread what I posted, this isn’t a joke and I’m not defending the sheriff in any way. Im simply throwing my bet in on the outcome. Now… anyone who has grown up in this county knows the Sheriff has been this way all his life…even more so when he was younger….exactly the same way….again that doesnt make it right but there it is….he isn’t going to crack and slaughter everyone in the court house for Christ sake. There is no doubt he needs to retire…His old school ways are out dated meaning you can’t get away with the things you could have in the 70s 80s or even the 90s…he’s an old timer who is set in his ways just like all of our grandfathers. People don’t like him…I get it… He needs to retire… I get that… But he’s not going to slaughter anyone.

  24. I have known the sheriff for many years and he even helped me get a job at the jail, he is a good man and as far as im concerned, is doing a hell of a job as sheriff!!! Just because someone decided to run their mouth about him, and sheriff david voiced his opinion to the man, which by the way he has the right to just like any other person in beaver county, gets ridiculed because he is the sheriff and i guess shouldnt be aloud to voice his opinion. I think people need to get a life and start writing about more important things like the shitty job our so called president of the united states is doing!!! Why dont u got interview him and bash him up one side and down the other and see how he likes that and what becomes of it!!!!

    • Pulling a gun and threatening people is “voicing an opinion”? I thought your posting was “voicing an opinion”Dennis McKee

    • Yeah, all nice guys point guns while expressing the intent to blow someones head off or beat the like “I used to beat those niggers in Aliquippa”. If we all followed this leaders example, the world would be a better place. And also, haven’t you been out from under your rock since the first time you ever heard Barack Obamas name? No one else in American history has been publicly or privately interviewed, bashed or any other dumb comment you can come up with than him. You’re doing it with your comment. Idiots like you give regular idiots a bad name.

  25. @ Quippian , your right and free to voice opinion think that this site at times is great other times I question, but this guy was violated beyond.

    But please Lol quit the law enforcemen schtick.. you are no Blueline maybe cutting hair of few makes you think you connect , but playing on a boat learning how to weld, yeah and playing with steroids go fart in tge cushion of your coach watching NFL network, why you should its freedom of speech, got to go my shoes are getting worn time to stimulate the economy and check out the customer service

  26. I didnt think acknowledging the men and women of law enforcement and their duties were anything but that. I don’t agree with some of his view points, however, As much Shit as people talk about about the police officers in beaver county he certainely has been consistent in praising these people. Just a thought

      • Oh and at the risk of pissing off this meatball ding dong… God bless you all and stay safe out there…..I don’t know what you men and women do on a day to day but while “playing on my boat” I was deployed sporadically a total of over 3 years in my first 5 years of marriage… I was deployed longer than that prior to marriage but I acknowledge my married years because that stress isn’t mine alone but my wife a children. Just like the husbands and wives of officers in this county… So my friend I may not connect to the blueline…I have have enough friends and family associated with it that I care enough to say thanks.

  27. @fiire, Nice that he helped you get the job at the BCJ, but if you weren’t able to get the job without his help there might have been a reason behind that. I mentioned how you have to know someone to get a job and how this county is full of people who are friends of people who get the jobs. If JP began to look into this you will see that this county has been doing this type of hiring for years and giving people jobs because of political connections or friends of friends. I believe that if these jobs were properly advertised we would have a lot less problems than we do. But if you need a job talk to someone, who knows someone, that owes someone and your in. This happens at all levels within our county and local goverments that its sick. Clean up the its who you know system and place checks and balances on the hiring pratices of the county and local goverments and we will drawl more qualified people into this county and not the sister,cousins friend running a department in our county because they have been faithful to or helped get someone elected. Our county goverment and local goverment is like looking at peoples family trees, everyone hires there people the owe or know and then those people get there friends hired and so on and so on. JP look at the family tree and it would be nice to see who got who hired and who is connected to who and who is qualified for what job>

  28. Really masterful diligence, JP. The “hook” has been firmly set, and others will apparently follow. Unfortunately, it took a long time, and I am sure, a toll on you that will take time to resolve. It took someone with expertise and tenacity to reveal what has been happening. Regardless of what is commented upon here, it will come out in court, and it will probably have a significant impact upon some members of Beaver County law enforcement and politics. It’s a beginning, not a cure, but these historical problems must be addressed at some point if anything is to change. Thanks for all of your efforts. They certainly have not been in vain.

  29. Forget prison for him just give JP some handcuffs and he can have his way with him save tax payers alot of money and JP gets a new playmate to keep in his basement 😆

      • I have read hundreds of statements here on this site, and yours, by far, is the most ignorant, pointless, and homophobic thing I have ever read.
        No, I wasn’t praising you for it, by the way.

  30. I still can’t believe all the improper usages of your and you’re. It’s not that complicated. They’re going to their house, not yours, because you’re not there. Good thing you’re not police officers that work for that one guy who fired people for their lack of proper grammar and spelling.

    The sheriff- isn’t the problem. It’s the handling of the problem that’s the problem. ANYONE in a position of law enforcement should be held to a higher standard, as we are handing over, for protection, our most prized possession of (what little we have left) freedom. When those lines become blurred or they’re intentional with defiance crossed, then how are we to behave? Are we to then, turn our heads and hope it goes away, because it didn’t affect us? What if you’re the next guy he comes after because he doesn’t like the way you’re looking at him? This behavior, as exhibited by the sheriff is exactly why we have certain guaranteed rights.

    • Yes, police are held to a higher standard. Just like teachers are. That higher standard is why a teacher cannot sleep with a student who is 18 regardless of the fact that the student is 18 and an adult. That higher standard is also why a police officer cannot waive a gun in someone’s face when they are pissed off at them, force their employees to lie, threaten to cut off people’s hands and eat them, and bitch to union reps when the women in their office refuse to make them coffee anymore. I don’t understand what part of this is difficult for people to understand.

    • In time it will but my kids came home from school and they are talking about whats going on in class and SHERRIF is topic of the school.They where at lunch today the one boy told the other boy you touch my lunch I will eat your hands he ask me what that was I told him it is a sick man that needs help.This is sad that all those men stand and lie for him and ruin there lives for what when its all over it will be to late. :sad2:

  31. I seen LYING MYRON SAINOVICH on the news blaming the charges on the commissioner and controller. Myron people aren’t stupid NOT one of the 11 charges have any thing to do with them, do your self a favor shut your lying mouth, your a joke and you better be careful telling deputies that they better get there stories straight, cause they may be hauling your ass off next……

  32. The news said The only way to remove the Sheriff from office is to have the legislature IMPEACH him…we all have a better chance of getting struck by lightning!!! The commissioners hands are tied!! So he’s collecting a paycheck to do nothing!! It was awfully quiet at the BCCourthouse today..gee, I wonder why? :annoyedreply:

  33. Shame on you Finn if you knew it was his constitutional duty 2 work who said he had to be at the courthouse he hasn’t turned on his computer since the day he was elected. Why can’t he conduct his business as the Sheriff at the jail where there isn’t as much public traffic and people involved are not at risk. There could have been an alternative plan.

  34. David is sad caracture (sic) of the movies wild west sheriffs. Fueled by the unofficial power structure while making appearances of doing the right thing for “his people” he certainly couldn’t have starred in High Noon, not with that childish temper.

  35. If you think he is getting paid to do nothing, he did nothing at the Jail other than pander to his cronies, drink coffee with friends who dropped by and yelled at some of the people who worked there. He is not a professional, I was so embarassed to be working at the jail knowing he was “Chief of Security”. But in his life, Sheriff David did some marvelous things: He fathered a son that he still does not recognize, and my personal favorite he went after the bear in the woods with a belt. Yes this “great” man thought he could capture a bear with only his bare hands and a belt. He is one sick person. He will not act up in the courthouse, because he is a frightened little boy. Until his cronies do his job getting at those who hurt him, he will be quiet. When J.P. or the guy he threatened in Monaca get hurt in this process, he will again strike out. I pray for all the people who have testified against them, they will need it.

  36. Did anyone notice the picture in the times a couple days ago with the picture of the Sheriff holding his firearm? Notice he has his finger on the trigger? Anyone that has ever taken a firearm safety class knows you never put your finger on the trigger until you have made the decision to use the weapon. He is more than irresponsible he is dangerous. I wonder if his finger was on the trigger when he threatened JP? Dennis McKee

  37. Look captain crunch is getting convicted if aleast 3 counts, so that might be jail time if not , better yet he won’t be able to carry a weapon yep wtf Wii he do when he can’t hunt, ohhh he will use his belt



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